The Interview: Sean Bowen

PUSH Technology, the leading real- time, data streaming and messaging solution provider for online gaming vendors worldwide, has announced a new release of Diffusion Cloud – a real time, bidirectional data streaming platform available for web, mobile, and IoT applications that operate in the cloud. Push Technology powers £5.2 Billion (US$7.5m) in bets annually for leading gaming industry brands including: William Hill, 888 Holdings, Betsson, CrownBet, Paddy Power, RacingPost, and BetDaq.

Sean Bowen, CEO of Push Technology, was at Juegos Miami, which attracted a large number of Latin American operators, with many looking for new technologies to support a nascent eGaming gaming industry. Ricki Chavez-Munoz, asked Sean Bowen about how would Diffusion Cloud serve countries in Latin America, where eGaming legislation is mostly in process.

Sean Bowen: “In eGaming, regulatory requirements are an important factor. We have a number of clients who operate in highly regulated territories that are only able to transact locally. This is where our hybrid approach of cloud and on-premise is a good fit. Frequently, hybrid is the optimal solution to address the business challenges specific to eGaming companies.”

Casino International: How does Cloud technology help operations with Diffusion Cloud?

Sean Bowen: “Diffusion Cloud is the only streaming data solution available on premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid configuration, which allows companies to manage infrastructure and applications to best support their specific business requirements.

“Diffusion Cloud is “data aware” which enables it to minimize data packet size and transmission frequency, consequently reducing back-end infrastructure and bandwidth costs. Diffusion Cloud addresses the demanding needs of eGaming vendors worldwide where handling scale, performance, regulatory requirements, disparate geographies, and infrastructure efficiency, are vital to business success and delivering a captivating, real-time gaming experience for users.”

Casino International: What are the advantages of Diffusion Cloud over other systems and providers?

Sean Bowen: “The eGaming market has specific operational requirements. For example, eGaming companies favour tax haven locations for their operational infrastructure. This presents difficulties for cloud-only solution vendors wishing to sell products to eGaming companies. Problematically, data centres are rarely located in tax haven countries because these countries are low population geographies and not advantageous locations for data centre and cloud hosting vendors. Therefore, and despite some cloud-only providers’ ability to run across multiple data centre locations, for the eGaming market, cloud-only technology solutions cannot address the requisite business requirements of many eGaming companies.”

Casino International: Plainly speaking though, how could eGaming operators in Latin America benefit from Diffusion Cloud in jurisdictions where they are able to operate?

Sean Bowen: “The ideal solution for optimal eGaming operations is to implement a hybrid infrastructure configuration, combining both on-premise and cloud components. With on-premise, eGaming companies can solve the regulatory, location preference, and security issues, while Diffusion Cloud provides efficiencies of scale and cost for end-user client applications. “With ten years of experience working with eGaming vendors to understand and satisfy their exacting application requirements, Push Technology is well versed in the nuances of the business and operational challenges eGaming companies face to stay competitive. The demands specific to eGaming preclude effective use of generalist streaming data technology solutions used for less demanding operational environments such as social applications.”