About Us

We know a lot about publishing and making our readership aware of growing trends, new developments and the experiences of like-minded people in an industry that is global and yet uniquely personal.

We try to strike an equal balance with our editorial – appealing in the main to the operator, but also raising issues that a modern manufacturer of gaming equipment would also find pertinent.

We pride ourselves on being independent and so do not align ourselves with any particular trade event as an “official sponsor”- instead preferring to visit events and report back on their success or failings without fear of compromise.

Finally, we are here to reflect the industry and will always try to cover innovation, newsworthy stories and developments in the industry throughout the world.

Regular features include: details of new products, dates and contact details for trade shows and conferences, and interviews with key players in the industry.

In addition, we preview, attend and review the main international trade shows.

Special features are related to: specific countries; types of gaming, gaming machines, and advice for operators on a wide range of subjects from security to training.