Making your voice heard in a crowded marketplace

Not a minute goes by without the buzz of a mobile phone going off, with everyone pretty much contactable seven days a week, 365 days a year. It’s why customers are inundated with messages from a huge variety of businesses, hoping they’ll take them up on their latest offers.

When the digital era swung into action at the turn of the millennium, emails soon took over postal letters as the primary source of marketing campaigns for businesses. However, open your inbox now and there’s a very high chance that you will be greeted by dozens of these unread promotional emails. The likelihood of customers reading every single one of those messages is now slim, particularly if they hold multiple accounts, meaning that getting your marketing message to hit home on a sporting event or widely-played game everyone is promoting can be very tough.

That’s not to say email marketing campaigns are no longer fit for purpose; they still have their place for opted-in customers. However, users can be targeted in different ways too, such as web and mobile push notifications, as well as inboxes within native apps. And with all these channels, it’s all about targeting users with the right message, at the right time and with their preferred communication channel.

In previous years, businesses have segmented consumers based on demographics and interests. The problem with this, however, is your messaging fails to resonate with your entire audience as these can be too vague.

Cohorts, which segments users based on a variety of factors including betting patterns and the preferred channels in which they consume messages, are an effective solution to improve customer engagement and increase lifetime value. For instance, at Other Levels our messaging services including web push notifications which can interact with players who have previously opted out of email marketing or failed to complete the registration process.

We can build up a cohort consisting of mainly anonymous users, allowing operators to identify, engage and convert them. This is particularly effective, as it removes the expensive costs involved with paid for media re- targeting. These messaging techniques can engage with your entire audience, and can add another twenty per cent of customers with similar click-through rates. And with the backing of sophisticated data analysis, operators can decide in real-time which channel a customer will respond to best by using the multiple cohorts at their disposal.

Marketers come up with brilliant ideas for content campaigns, but it’s crucial to send these communications to the right people at the right time. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen despite many believing they are sending effective campaigns.

You may think a spike in visitors or revenues following the delivery of an email or push notification proves a content campaign has been successful. However, that rise in hits and wagers may be the result of activity elsewhere, and you won’t know unless you can pinpoint exactly how your customers consume the messages they receive. That’s when data, and more importantly the way in which we analyse such information, becomes a key factor.

What sets us apart is our in-house team which can implement methods to help operators maximise opt-in and engagement rates by cleverly analysing data. Furthermore, they also allow operators to tailor content to individuals, something that is far more appealing to modern-day consumers who’ve grown used to the personal touch.

Email campaigns still serve their purpose, but it’s now time to supplement them with more sophisticated tools. By creating multiple cohorts, operators will be able to engage with their entire audience, and crucially be able to maximise revenues and loyalty.