Side bets

SET-Production – TripleSpin

One of SET-Production’s key products for live gambling is the CYCLOPS Roulette display. This product, unlike most of similar products, is not just a game indicator but also a connection between the live game area and the slot area. Any live table equipped with CYCLOPS display can be easily (with zero investment) connected to a multiplayer machine from the slot area to enable players to remotely bet on live roulette. This concept helps attract more gamblers from the slot area to the live game area. Beside these very important features the CYCLOPS displays now can be equipped with a side bet option – the TripleSpin.

TripleSpin is an addition for live Roulette tables to attract more players and raise both drop and casino hold. TripleSpin was inspired by the classic Roulette game. All colours, signs and winning events are newly designed and not borrowed from other casino games. That way, TripleSpin will not confuse players but will allow them to quickly understand TripleSpin rules and keep them within the traditional American Roulette atmosphere.

The idea of this side bet game is very simple – in addition to the live wheel, two virtual wheels spin simultaneously and randomly generate two winning numbers about five seconds before the ball drops in the live wheel. The combination of three winning numbers creates various side bet events with fixed payouts: All black; All red; All different colors; All same numbers; two same numbers, etc. Only players who place an additional wager on at least one of the TripleSpin options are entitled to win a TripleSpin payout. The rules of TripleSpin are very flexible and can be easily adopted depending on casino needs and rules.

To launch the TripleSpin it’s only needed to add a special markup in the layout, no other modifications to the Roulette table or wheel design are required. The game itself (two virtual wheels and game events) can be implemented in a Roulette display.

Cammegh Spread-Bet Roulette 


Spread-Bet Roulette is a side bet that makes use of the game’s winning number and a second Bonus Number. The Bonus Number is determined by a combination of the ball speed and two concentric number rings on the Billboard Display. These two numbers, when added together form the Spread-Bet Roulette number. Players are able to see how the Spread-Bet number is selected by watching the table’s Billboard display, which shows the two concentric 0-36 number rings spinning in opposite directions.

The Bonus Number is taken from the inner ring which is indexed by the traditional roulette winning number, radially adjacent on the outer ring. When No More Bets occurs, the two rings stop spinning thus placing the respective numbers rings into random alignment. The roulette ball drops, giving a traditional winning number and this number is highlighted on the roulette ring, together with the Bonus Number it is radially adjacent to. These two numbers are added together, the sum of which is the Spread-Bet number, which will be between 0 (roulette 0 + bonus 0) and 72 (roulette 36 + bonus 36).

Table Layout – Single Zero

Spread-Bet Roulette adds 7 betting spots to the standard roulette layout, each representing a number spread. Betting spots are located amongst the outside bets, closest to the players and the remainder of the roulette layout is unchanged. NB. The Spread Bet Roulette buy-ins could be located on the dealer side of the table.

The ranges are colour coded to make identifying the winning spread on the layout as easy as possible for the dealer. The set of number spreads above has been selected to give a good balance between odds and house edge, plus they include 0-0 which has the lowest probability of 1 in 1,369 (on a single zero wheel). However there are several alternative number spread combinations available subject to operator preference.

Since the Spread-Bet number is made by adding together two random 0-36 values, the total range in which it could fall is 0-72, with a probability curve that peaks at 36 (36 being formed by the largest number of combinations) and troughs at 0 and 72 (both of which can only be formed by one combination – 0 and 0, and 36 and 36 respectively). The use of the seven betting spots, which cover certain number spreads within this 0 – 72 range, simplifies betting for the players and also allows the operator to customise odds to suit local player preferences.

Billboard Layout & Result Generation

The Spread-Bet number result is selected by the Billboard display with complete transparency. The screen displays two concentric 0-36 number rings, which start spinning in opposite directions after the previous game ends and continue to spin until the moment ‘No More Bets’ event occurs. At the precise moment of ‘No More Bets’, both rings stop spinning and snap into alignment so each number on the inner ‘Bonus Number’ ring lines up with its closest radial neighbour on the outer ring. Since the time span between the end of the previous game and ‘No More Bets’ of the next game is different each time, this has the effect of putting the concentric number rings into a random alignment.

The traditional game continues as usual until the ball lands in a pocket. As well as dictating the traditional winning roulette number, this result also gives the first half of the Spread-Bet number. This number is highlighted on the outer of the two concentric rings. The aligning number on the inner ‘Bonus Number’ ring is the second half of the Spread-Bet number, which is then formed by adding the two numbers together. The Spread-Bet number is shown in the middle of the rings, alongside the highlighted constituent numbers on the rings themselves, enabling players to clearly see where the winning result came from.

Security Features

Because Spread-Bet Roulette generates its result ‘mechanically’, using elements that are visible to players on the Billboard display, measures have been taken to remove the risk of predictable croupiers and wheel clocking. Since the side bet can potentially include higher value pay-outs than regular roulette, the importance of neutralising this risk is important. To neutralise the risk of wheel clocking and predictable dealers, several security features have been built into Spread-Bet Roulette:

Rings spin at a base speed of 18rpm in either direction, which is fast enough that it takes just 1.5 seconds to go through a complete pocket alignment cycle.

Outer ring speed (s) is randomised by adding a value based on the previous winning number (n): s+=(n/36)10rpm

Rings are concealed from view at ‘No More Bets’, so the alignment happens unseen by players. This is done by fading in an image over the top of them on the Billboard display. Underneath the image, the spinning and alignment of the rings happen precisely as described, maintaining the side bet’s integrity while ensuring the game is secure.