Wazdan latest games provider for BOSS. Gaming Solutions

Wazdan has announced a new partnership with BOSS. Gaming Solutions, bringing Wazdan games to the partner’s platform. 

Today, Wazdan becomes one of the leading game content providers for BOSS. Gaming Solutions, offering players some of the best slots around, well-known for their vivid graphics, rich narratives and unique Wazdan Features that make Wazdan games customisable to suit a diverse range of players.

Wazdan has been designing innovative slots for more than a decade, stacking up a portfolio of more than 120 HTML5 games, reaching audiences across the world who enjoy their technically advanced gameplay.

With a focus on innovative and impeccable gameplay, BOSS. Gaming Solutions strives to offer its customers the best games on the market, making sure they cater for every category of their player base.

Starting the year with a series of brilliant agreements, BOSS. Gaming Solutions has high hopes for this most recent partnership with Wazdan. This content agreement will expand the portfolio on BOSS. Gaming Solutions’ platform by further enhancing the list of games available, and without a doubt, it will provide great benefits to all its partners and players.

Wazdan’s entire portfolio of slots is available to BOSS. Gaming Solutions partners via a single API.

“We are proud to partner with an independent software developer and provider of high-class gaming solutions, such as BOSS. Gaming Solutions that demonstrates the same passion that we at Wazdan share for gaming. We look forward to see what the future holds thanks to this great partnership with the team at BOSS. Gaming Solutions,” said Andrzej Hyla, Head of Sales at Wazdan.

Jeff Letlat, CEO at BOSS. Gaming Solutions, added: “Innovation has always been our main key focus and today we are happy to bring Wazdan onboard to maximize it. We look forward to a long fruitful partnership with Wazdan.”