iSoftBet: Quick as a flash

iSoftBet has been supplying online casino software for around five years now, focusing primarily on Flash-based online games and more recently shifting its focus onto the popular mobile gaming market. 
Led by CEO Nir Elbaz, the iSoftBet team has grown from strength to strength, and includes a dedicated account management team led by Federica Faggiano, Luci Apostolou heading Sales Management and an expert team of designers, developers and compliance staff to ensure that all of iSoftBet’s operations run smoothly and efficiently.  
I ask Luci what were the key achievements for the company in 2013? “2013 was a fantastic year for the company, with an incredible selection of new game releases alongside a number of exciting agreements signed with a range of big name platforms and operators. 
“Our branded game collection was a big focus for 2013 and over the last 12 months we’ve released a number of branded games including Basic Instinct, Beverley Hills 90210, Platoon, Rambo and Bruce Lee. We’ve also worked hard to ensure that all of our newest releases are available on mobile and we’re adapting our older content for mobile release in 2014. Our most exciting news came later in the year though, when iSoftBet was awarded a Category 2 Alderney licence. This has allowed us to offer all of our content to a brand new selection of UK-facing online gaming operators.

Twenty Fourteen
iSoftBet has big plans for 2014, diving headlong into the smartphone revolution by adapting its existing content for the mobile market as well as bringing all of its newest additions to the mobile gaming arena.
“Not only will this include our original content,” explains Luci, “but also all of our latest and greatest branded games including our recently-signed 24 slot machine; thus enabling players to take our games with them wherever they roam. We’ve been thrilled by the response we’ve received from our customers on the quality of our mobile and branded content and we’ve got some fantastic new titles in the pipeline for the rest of 2014.
“On top of this, our Alderney Licence accreditation means that we’ve got a lot of work to do to ensure that all of our games are certified in this jurisdiction and we’re hoping to have all of our games ready for Alderney customers in the very near future.” 
I ask Luci to explain why branded slots is such an area of interest for iSoftBet: “We couldn’t be more proud of our branded content, and we’ve received great feedback from our customers on the quality of the branded games we’ve been able to offer them. Aside from being big fans of the franchises we’ve adapted ourselves, we find that our branded games tend to evoke a sense of nostalgia among players. There’s nothing quite like hearing the music from one of your favourite movies or TV shows, and we find that players really respond well and rank our branded games among some of their favourites. 
“We’ve made every effort to ensure that our branded games collection caters to all tastes and includes titles from classic movies and TV shows like Basic Instinct, Bruce Lee and Beverley Hills 90210 to more contemporary names such as Rango, Kobushi and our newest addition based on the hit TV series, 24.
“What’s more, the timing for the release of our 24 slot couldn’t be more perfect as Fox are currently filming 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY: a two-hour TV event based in London reuniting all of the TV series’ biggest characters, so it’s a really exciting time for us.”

Moving into regulated territories is high on iSoftBet’s radar right now, with a number of agreements focusing on Italy having been made in recent months as well as over 90 games being certified there. “We’re really thrilled with that,” says Luci. “Over the years we’ve built a great track record over there so we were keen to make ourselves more widely known in the Italian markets. Aside from Italy, we’re currently integrating tier one customers under our newly-approved Alderney licence and we’re looking forward to building relationships with customers licensed in the jurisdiction.
“Looking ahead, we’re hoping to move into Spain once the new slot draft becomes available, at which point we’ll be working to get our slots certified for the Spanish market as quickly as possible.” 
The opening of the UK regulated market will also mark another important step in iSoftBet’s development and once the UK license has been approved you can be sure it will be at the front of the queue for UK customers.
“We’ve also recently signed distribution deals in New Jersey and our compliance manager is currently keeping himself busy with US regulation; again, with any luck we’ll be offering our games to customers across the Atlantic very soon.”
Beyond the aforementioned territories, iSoftBet is also keeping a very keen eye on the opening up of various jurisdictions across Europe. “Now that we’ve managed to build and maintain a solid reputation in Italy, we’re confident that we’ll have the competitive edge to open many doors for us across Europe in 2014 and beyond,” says Luci.

With all this positivity I have to ask if there’s anything about the rest of 2014 that Luci expects to frustrate the company’s progress: “Honestly there isn’t too much for us to be concerned about so far this year! Obviously each year comes with its own set of challenges and we’ve got a very busy year ahead with a number of integrations and releases lined up for the next few months. Luckily we’ve got a crack team of account and integration managers to ensure that it all goes without a hitch!”
Right now iSoftBet’s designers and developers are busy pushing the release of some of the company’s most hotly-anticipated mobile games. “We’re really thrilled by how well our current mobile releases have been performing and we’re working hard to release at least another four mobile titles by the end of April 2014.
“It’s been another whirlwind year for iSoftBet; we’ve signed with some of the biggest operators and our content is ever-improving and our games are fast-becoming some of the most coveted online and mobile casino gaming software available. We’re always working hard to ensure that our customers get the best they possibly can out of our games. All of our games are tailored to ensure that they’re user-friendly and that our mobile games make efficient use of space to enhance the player experience. Our development team has been piloting some really exciting projects for 2014 in both the mobile and online arenas, and we can’t wait to share what we’ve got up our sleeves.
“The performance of our mobile slots has blown us away, and the feedback we’ve received from our customers has been really flattering. The positive feedback we’ve received has allowed us to constantly improve our offering and give players the high-performing and attractive games that they want to play.