Table Games

Abbiati’s RFID Poker Tables

Abbiati’s RFID Poker Table system allows the operator to accurately monitor their Chips and Rake calculation by using an antenna on the table that will read 800 value chips per second automatically counting and identifying the value of each chip in the pot.

This is achieved by using RFID 13.56 MHz PJM tag technology that is embedded into each value chip; this microchip uses the radio frequencies together with tracking antenna and management software, which allows the customers to optimize speed of the game, identify counterfeit chips, accurately and automatically count the value of the pots and Rake percentages.

Abbiati chips, plaques and jetons

Abbiati is one of very few companies to hold a license to use the Magellan Technology, offering the RFID solution using 13.56 MHz PJM RFID enabled tags for their value and non value chips.
The main benefits to the end user are Total Chip Security, Chip Movements, Player Tracking.

The 13.56 MHz PJM RFID Value chip can read 800 pieces per second with the information being recorded showing the number of chips of each value, the total value per denomination and the sum total.

All chip movements are recorded in real time, allowing the operator to have total visibility and information of all chips in play.

Interblock’s Hologram Gaming Lounge
Interblock presents the spectacular Hologram Gaming Lounge platform (IBHGL), which is set to be the future of gaming entertainment. Built together in partnership with UK based Musion Systems, the exclusive master global licenser of Musion Eyeliner, its holographic projection system, Interblock has the honor of holding the exclusive agreement for gaming holographic technology. The technology behind the holographic projection effect creates the illusion of life-size, high definition, 3D moving images on stage. All of the images used on the system are three-dimensional, but projected as two-dimensional images into a 3D stage set. The mind of the audience creates the 3D illusion via Musion’s patented modern twist on the Victorian stage technique, Pepper’s Ghost.

Interblock Hologram Gaming Lounge (IBHGL) is a perfect gaming solution, which incorporates Interblock gaming devices and the high definition holographic video projection system (Musion Eyeliner).

IBHGL consists of the following devices:
• Interblock Play Station
• Interblock Game Generator
• Interblock Animation Generator
• Musion Eyeliner System
Holographic video projection can be also used as additional Player Information Display (PID) to the existing Interblock gaming devices

Interblock is the first in the industry to offer this kind of projection and we are very proud of this achievement. Product was showcased at G2E 2012 Las Vegas show behind the VIP doors and premier unveiling for European market was made at ICE Totally Gaming 2013 in London. The product has been immediately very well accepted and has won the title for Innovation of the Year 2012 and is one of the 20 Top Innovations of the year 2013 selected by the US magazine Casino Journal.

The new Hologram Gaming Lounge is definitely a product to watch in 2013!
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Apex: Quikker

QUIKKER is a new innovative table game – available as electronic, semi-electronic or as a live table game. QUIKKER can be instantly understood and thus instantly enjoyed. It is played with a 52 card deck. The game itself is unique to APEX gaming and can be interpreted as a mixture between black jack and roulette. A true attraction alongside this is that the potential maximum win is three times higher than with roulette – at up to 100 times the bet.
The objective of the game is to bet on the outcome of the drawing of two cards. QUIKKER offers a variety of betting options. Players can bet on the outcome of one or two cards, the sum of the cards, their colour and even specific combinations.
The QUIKKER electronic version consists of individual player terminals (the number can be combined at operator choice) and the large results display. The semi-electronic version includes the QUIKKER table. The QUIKKER live table is equipped with the Shuffle King II electronic card shuffler – also from APEX gaming – that shuffles cards at an amazing speed of approx. 30 seconds.
The QUIKKER game itself can be ordered in two versions – international and a version specifically for the Asian market.

Fournier: PVC playing cards

Fournier Playing Cards have been renowned for decades for supplying the finest casino playing cards. But in the last years one of their products has specially stood out,  becoming company’s flagship.  This is no other than Fournier 100% PVC Plastic Playing Cards. Originally conceived and developed in the early 90’s to offer a solution that would work with the first shuffling machines, the special features of the revamped Fournier Plastic Playing Cards are today in great appreciation as they offer the best possible perfomance in all shufflers
The principles to manufacture a fine-tune machine like Fournier 100% Plastic Card seem simple… in principle. A raw material with unique fiber lenghts that provide consistency, longer durability and resistance. A precise cut that guarantees that all cards are exactly the same with perfectly rounded corners. And a special coating developed in-house that ensures that playing cards stay flat, clean and crispy after hundreds of shuffles and deals.
All these features have also been widely appreciated in the poker world. One highlight of 2012 saw Fournier design special edition playing cards for the 43rd annual World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. It provided its 100%PVC playing cards for the tournament tables.

Amatic’s Grand Jeu Double

The electronic roulette series from AMATIC Industries combine elegance and a sleek design, functionality and durability, security and longevity. The original Grand Jeu electronic roulette is still a favourite. Today it is joined by the Double which continues to attract players in any location. Depending on local requirements, players can either choose to bet on one wheel or even two. The high definition graphics and four large screens above the wheel further add to a heightened player experience.
Grand Jeu Prestige

‘Made in Austria’ stands for the combination of clever innovations integrated into unique engineering. This is why the Grand Jeu electronic roulette range from AMATIC Industries has been so successful. The elegant design made up of mahagony, the in-built security, the longevity, the many features allowing it to be combined with Satellite terminals, croupiers and much more – all this has placed AMATIC Industries in the limelight.

The single wheel, 8-player Grand Jeu Prestige is the electronic roulette that AMATIC Industries is best known for. Its reputation for drawing in players has made it a firm favourite in many countries, for example in Spain. Again, its excellent design, elegance, performance and longevity are all guarantors for optimal roulette entertainment.

SHFL: House Money

SHFL entertainment continues to deliver exciting table game content with the release of House Money, an exciting new side bet for blackjack. The player’s first two cards must be a straight, pair, straight flush, or Ace-King suited to win the bet, but the winning doesn’t necessarily stop there. All or part of the player’s side bet winnings may be added to their standard wager and play continues like a traditional game of blackjack. House Money has been described as an ordinary side bet with an extraordinary twist, which provides players with a new level of excitement and operators with a higher hold percentage.  The House Money side bet is also available for baccarat. Visit for more information.


Delivers a fast paced Asian Twist to Blackjack. It is a simple Blackjack Hybrid live table game that features two Blackjack hands (Tiger & Dragon) and gives players all the thrills of Blackjack combined with the ritualistic gameplay of Baccarat.
Dragon 21 is played one hand against another. Players have the option to bet on either the Tiger or the Dragon at the beginning of each game. Each hand will play out a hand of Blackjack based on simple house rules (hit all totals 16 or lower). The hand that is closest to 21 will win, and it is possible for a hand to win even if the total exceeds 21. There are three bet types in Dragon 21; Tiger, Dragon or Tie.
The simplicity of this game lends itself well to be themed or branded to any casino’s requirement, for example Cowboys and Indians, Stars and Stripes, Snakes and Ladders – the possibilities are endless.
TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s new fast-paced table game combines the thrill of Blackjack, a simple hand ranking system similar to Baccarat, and the adversarial elements of Poker. It can be spread as a casino (house) game as well as a peer-to-peer table game.
In the Casino Table Game version, BaccPo, each player plays their individual hand against the dealer in a similar manner to the play of Blackjack. The gameplay is similar to Blackjack in that each player is dealt two cards with one dealer card face up. In BaccPo, the object of the game is to obtain the hand closest to 9 and not 21 as in Blackjack. Unlike Blackjack, in BaccPo, you can never bust and your hand is always live until the very end.

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GPI: Total Money Management

GPI’s Total Money Management (TMM) combines the efficiencies of RFID with a high-speed bill validator.  With our integrated money management solution, casinos achieve an increase rounds per hour played by streamlining table game cash and chip transactions.  TMM also provides greater currency security through instant authentication and validation, reduces manual counting procedures and errors, and provides labor savings and increased accounting productivity.   

TMM aids in increasing rounds per hour by reducing manual calculation and validation procedures and by automatically balancing cash-in and chips-out transactions while providing perpetual drop box and chip float balances.  Automates table and shift open and close procedures by providing instantaneous float and drop box balances, and real-time sharing of information with casino management system.

RCD: Knockout Baccarat

“Knockout Baccarat (KOB)” is an exciting addition to standard Baccarat with a number of new betting options. This includes a player decision during the game to PLAY or FOLD, Commission free Player/Banker and payouts of up to 2-1.  KOB has no downside as the extra bets add additional revenue without sacrifice, while traditional players can still play the standard game. KOB widens the scope of the players inter-action by offering bets on the winning totals and on a natural win. With these new areas to bet, a casino can expect profits to increase significantly whilst offering a twist on the standard game to appeal to the younger generation of new players. Baccarat is the most popular casino table game worldwide with revenues well surpassing all other casino games, if operators are looking for ways to increase revenue and appeal to a wider demographic, adding the Knockout Baccarat Bets is the formula.
KOB is GLI certified, approved by the NVGCB for play in Nevada and is live for play with the Rank Casino Group UK. The addition of a player decision turns the lackluster game of Baccarat into an exciting game of skill and strategy which is fun for all. For more information visit
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