Spintec expanding its presence in Asia after MGS

2018 is slowly coming to an end, but Spintec is still in full motion. From November, 13-15 Spintec’s team was at Macau Gaming Show (MGS) to exhibit their products together with their distributor in Macau, Asia Pioneer Entertainment.

“Our exhibit at MGS will only enhance our presence and make our market share even firmer.” said Primoz Krsevan in one of the previous interviews. And how did Spintec perform? “Asia is one of the most important markets for us since it’s accountable for 40% of all deals we had so far in 2018 worldwide. And with every business meeting we have, we are growing and expanding our market share there. At this year’s MGS edition, we shook hands and made deals with operators in the Philippines and Vietnam. We already have a few installations in these two markets, operators know us and they are very satisfied with how our products perform on their casino floors so the next logical step was to expand.”

Spintec is one of the few manufacturers that has solutions for both compact and amphitheatre set-ups. And MGS visitors could marvel both. The majority of interest was on virtual stand-alone playing stations that Spintec presented for the very first time in Asia. Stand-alone virtual station is usually a great choice for smaller casinos, because it is space-efficient. But it is not only limited to small casinos, since it offers a player a sense of intimacy, which is a huge benefit also for bigger casino floors.

“We are always very happy to hear positive feedback from operators that already have our products installed. We had many visitors stopping at our booth that are impressed with Spintec’s first installations of amphitheatre multigame and we are already signing deals and making new orders for these set-ups.”

If you missed your chance to speak with Spintec’s team at MGS, contact Primoz Krsevan at primoz.krsevan@spintec.si or visit their web page www.spintec.si for more information.