Scientific Games signs agreement with Warner Bros

Scientific Games has signed an exclusive multi-year agreement with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment to bring HBO’s iconic GAME OF THRONES brand to digital and retail lottery games for the first time. The expanded partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment features limited worldwide rights on the epic brand. Scientific Games will offer innovative GAME OF THRONES branded player experiences with instant scratch games, Fast Play games and digital lottery games.

Scientific Games announces highly anticipated GAME OF THRONES digital and retail lottery games.

GAME OF THRONES digital and retail game designs from Scientific Games are immediately available to U.S. and international lotteries. In fiscal year 2022, licensed branded games created by Scientific Games for U.S. lotteries represented USD $2.7 billion in retail sales. Renowned for science-based products and solutions that drive maximum proceeds for lottery beneficiary programs, the company applied advanced consumer research techniques to assess GAME OF THRONES by Power Index, which is a measure of the intensity of ‘liking’ that a brand possesses. The property scored among the top brands available for lottery games today.

Kyle Rogers, vice president of North American Instant Products for Scientific Games, said: “Our global teams are ecstatic to add a powerful brand GAME OF THRONES to our licensed properties portfolio. GAME OF THRONES is already a proven property in the gaming and social gaming sectors. There is so much iconography associated with the TV series that it works creatively with our omni-channel lottery games. Although it appeals to a younger generation of players, multi-generations of viewers watched GAME OF THRONES around the world, so it has the potential to bring its massive fanbase and social media following to lottery.”

Rogers indicated that the insights gleaned from Scientific Games research positively supports GAME OF THRONES as a right-fit brand for the company’s next blockbuster lottery Linked Games which will be announced soon. The global lottery company offers the largest portfolio of licensed brands in the lottery industry with more than 100 properties for digital and retail games.

Scientific Games pioneered Linked Games winners’ events in 2007 and has since produced more than 30 major events for the lottery industry. To date, Linked Games have generated nearly $4.8 billion in retail sales and hosted more than 3,000 winners for once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Scientific Games provides retail and digital games, technologies, analytics and services to 130 lotteries in 50 countries, including nearly every North American lottery. The company is the largest instant scratch game provider in the world, and a leading global provider of iLottery solutions, digital lottery games, mobile apps, player loyalty programs and customer relationship management programs.