Record-breaking Clover Link installation at Les Ambassadeurs Casino in Northern Cyprus

Amazing number of 7 Clover Link Wall Editions adorn this great casino


APEX gaming proudly reports of its record-breaking installation of its Clover Link jackpot solution at Les Ambassadeurs Casino in Northern Cyprus. This extremely stylish casino offers the best of gaming entertainment and for this reason management decided to place an amazing number of seven Clover Link Wall Editions – each with 5 APEX Pinnacle Curved 43” slots.

Mr. Ibrahim Esen, General Manager at Les Ambassadeurs Casino, pointed out the significance of Clover Link to this casino, “There is no doubt about it – everyone is talking about CLOVER LINK. The game concept is so convincing and brings much joy to our customers. We wish only the best for our guests so we decided to make this strong investment and place 7 Clover Link jackpot solutions in our casino. The decision has proven to be right as all 7 are very busy.”

“2019 is the year of Clover Link. The Clover Link games are touching the hearts of players around the world and the number of installations continues to grow. The management at Les Ambassadeurs Casino knows exactly the games their customers need and that explains why we have been so successful here. People want to play Clover Link and the best way is to ensure that Clover Link is available throughout the gaming floor”, concluded Mr. Kubilay Özer, Global Sales Director at APEX gaming.

Les Ambassadeurs Hotel, Casino and Marina is set at the seafront of the picturesque village of Kyrenia in Northern Cyprus. The hotel has a 5 star rating. APEX gaming offers four separate Clover Link versions – Wall Edition, Big Island Edition, Round Edition and Slim Edition. The Wall Edition is expandable – meaning more slots can be added to it.