Diversity is the key for African lotteries, says EMIRAT AG

“Lotteries will be one of the core building blocks of the African gaming industry” according to Andrea Bargholz COO of EMIRAT AG as major investment in both state and secondary lotteries continues to grow across the continent. With governments and regulators in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, and other territories keen to create robust and entertaining lotteries, EMIRAT AG has highlighted the need for unique approaches to each individual lottery in order to drive the sector forward successfully.

Commenting on the sector’s growth, Andrea Bargholz explained: “We’ve seen a steady rise in the number of enquiries from operators across Africa asking us to insure their lottery jackpots and this is testament to the burgeoning position of the sector and the industry. With more and more countries developing gaming legislation and the development of both state and secondary lotteries in the region, we feel the timing is right for EMIRAT AG to help African lotteries stand out from the crowd and to bring our expertise to established state lotteries, new online lotteries or even mobile lotteries across the continent. In our experience, standing out from the crowd is the biggest challenge of every business and we aim bring a distinct approach to each individual country and each individual lottery whether by developing new, thrilling lottery games or by helping operators cover spectacular jackpots which set them apart from other providers.”

The company, which is one of the leading risk management and insurance companies in the world, exhibited at the inaugural ICE Africa to discuss how their non-typical approach to lotteries and other gaming offerings will benefit the region for years to come. Bargholz commented: “We are keen to work with African operators as we truly believe lotteries will be one of the core building blocks of the African gaming industry. As the world‘s leading risk management specialist in covering lottery jackpots, we hope to work with decision makers across the continent and internationally on the most effective means of creating, marketing and managing their lotteries.”

She concluded: “At this time of growth across Africa we’re delighted to be bringing our unique marketing strategy to lotteries and the industry as a whole in the region, from redemption games to hole-in-one through to sports betting and more. No matter how big the jackpots are you want to offer your players, we’ve got it covered!”