Why Are Hybrid Casino Games Becoming So Popular?

It’s become well-established by now that society runs in trends and that over time, certain things will experience a steady rise to the top of a respective discipline. In the world of online casinos, a more recent trend is hybrid games. When you combine two different disciplines into one. Here’s why that’s happened.

A good example to illustrate the sustained popularity of hybrid casino games over the last few years is that of ‘slingo’ or in other words, the combination of bingo and slot games. The principle of bingo slots for instance has been ushered as a result of the online casino industry’s technological might.

Whilst there are some practices such as perpetually-rising jackpots, otherwise known as progressive jackpots, that have been given a new lease of life thanks to casinos moving into the online sphere. The likes of ‘slingo’ have only entered the fold as such an idea may not have been able to have been executed in a physical setting. Intriguingly, the operations for the actual business behind the game has been in operation since 1994. This shows that such innovation has only appeared since the first online casino opened in Liechtenstein in the same year.

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A case in point when it comes to seeing how hybrid games work in the real world is to look at sites such as Bubble Bonus Bingo. This has been tied in the aforementioned ‘slingo’ with popular British television series such as both The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent. In more traditional spheres, it is game shows that have been tied in with casino games; Noel Edmonds’ Deal or No Deal is an obvious example. It is increasingly rare to see casino games such as bingo be tied in with more entertainment-driven shows, although the changes here may reflect the more modern and engaging direction that hybrid games look to be pushing the industry in.

On the point of hybrid games in general there are wider issues to consider, according to Sue Dawson of Best New Bingo Sites, “Slingo, the combination of bingo and a slot machine, has been appearing at more and more online casinos and bingo sites over the last few years and now several other hybrid games have followed it. For example, the very popular Fluffy Favourites slot game, together with its 4 sequels, has spawned two types of bingo game and a Slingo game, all of which incorporate bonus rounds from the slots. We’re also seeing the rise of hybrid games which combine slots or bingo with live casino. The first of these was Evolution Gaming’s seminal game Dream Catcher, in which a live dealer spins a wheel of fortune, and now there’s Mega Ball which is a bingo/lottery style game and Playtech Live Slots, where a live dealer plays a giant slot machine on behalf of the players. Exciting stuff, and very popular with players!”

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There’s no doubt that the popularity of hybrid casino games is rather indicative of the way the industry may be heading in the future. If providers can continue to conjure up such inventive blends of different staple games, then this will add not only another string to their bows. Yet this also adds another dimension to the playing experience that might make it even more interesting than it can be today.