A relatively young company founded in 1989 in Slovenia, a small European country, has proved that pro-active thinking, constant creativity and frequent innovation can lead to a globally respected brand in Interblock. Its precisely selected and experienced team has perfection in mind the entire time which differentiates Interblock from the competition. Striving for this perfection in all 25 years of operation has led Interblock to become a synonym for state-of-the-art gaming solutions with global market presence and technical support in over 80 jurisdictions.

Interblock puts special emphasis on the growth and development of new products. Its experiences indicate high demands of integrated solutions for gaming halls and casinos and so particular attention is provided to custom-designed equipment. In line with the company’s philosophy, Interblock has released the latest generation of products: Diamond line.

The main features of the Interblock Diamond family of gaming devices are modularity, efficiency and attractive player experience. Modularity, being the guiding principle in design, separates the Diamond products into two distinct groups: the Game generator where the game is conducted and the Play Station where the player interacts with the game. This principle allows customers to use their imagination and experience to custom build own designs of gaming devices. All Diamond products are highly adaptive to meet the versatility of design, pay system and space requirement needs of the customer – any desired number of Play Stations can be connected into a single gaming device with x-technology connection joints to optimally fill the space.

The features of Diamond line are:
• Multi-play concept that allows players to play multiple games simultaneously on the same play station
• Different Side Bets supporting players to experience more action while playing their favorite games
• Power meter, a bonus system which shows the success percentage to the player and in turn can be utilized as an external bonus feature organized by the casino
• Tournament mode, where competing against other players adds to the excitement for those with a competitive nature
• Progressive Jackpot systems to increase the amount of play on machines
• Tipping, an option for the player to express their satisfaction with service and is strictly the personal choice of the player.
• Reserve Table option so players can reserve a Play Station for a short time
• Video help, to describe the object of the game, how the game is played
• Time scheduled availability of active denomination that gives the player a choice to set the value of 1 credit and hence the value of the game. That means if a higher denomination is selected, higher bets and higher potential wins are possible
• Promotion support, a part of the software for the controlled execution of promotions. During the pre-organized promotion of the product, the players are fairly rewarded for their game play and this feature enables monitoring of promoters, total bets and other important numbers and ultimately the effectiveness of the promotion.

Part of Interblock’s 5th generation of products, MiniStar Roulette is the smallest and most highly performing product available on the market from Interblock’s newly launched family of gaming products. It is available with 5, 8 or 10 seats and with either a Single or Double Zero Roulette wheel. The MiniStar Roulette is built to accommodate any casino floor with a much smaller footprint. The product incorporates all of the same features of the Diamond Roulette. In addition, the MiniStar Roulette features color adjustable illuminated armrests, a Progressive Jackpot system (Golden Chip), faster result detection, additional side bets, excellent Wheel visibility and an ergonomically designed surface. Pay systems include all well-known Bill Acceptors, Bill Dispenser and Ticket printers, and the MiniStar Roulette also has a Coin handling system. MiniStar Roulette consists of a fully automated Roulette generator, which is surrounded by 5, 8 or 10 MiniStar Play Stations. The Roulette generator enables between 80 and 150 results per hour. 

Also available is StarBar that is an impressive new Play Station, which is playable directly from the bar’s counter and has been specially designed to maximize casino space and fit stylishly into any bar area. The StarBar is easy to install and offers the whole range of Interblock games as well as debuting some new video poker games. The StarBar can be connected to any Interblock Live, Video or Automated result generator, allowing casino owners to easily upgrade or customize play. With its own internal random number generator, it can be configured as a stand-alone machine, can be connected to external generators or can be a combination of both options. Not only does the StarBar have a beautiful facade and intuitive user interface, it is also Interblock’s first product to feature Multi-game with Multi-play functionality. Players can now enjoy more than one game at a time, switching between their favorite games with just one touch. The StarBar is the gaming device to optimize fun and enjoyment and connect players to the best casino games that Interblock has to offer. Thanks to its internal random number generator, which has been certified by a wide range of gaming institutions, the StarBar can easily offer more than 500 games per hour. Another great feature is the Power Meter Bonus system. The StarBar also offers Multi denomination, Autoplay and live or animated video results from the Roulette cylinder or Dice shaker. And for the Video poker games, the StarBar also features “Autohold” and “Double up”.

Interblock’s sales network is today extended all over the world. It has subsidiary companies in USA, Canada, Asia and Pacific. The company is constantly looking for new opportunities and markets, hence Interblock’s rapid growth and fast adjustment in every segment. 
A very important part of presenting the latest products are global exhibitions; a key event for the company is ICE Totally Gaming in London, which Interblock is attending for the 18th time, under the new slogan “Interblock diamonds are forever”.