The online overhaul

The mobile casino market is in the midst of technological change. Casino operators looking to reap their part of $390 billion real-money gambling revenues, know that mobile apps offer an immersive and relatively affordable way to attract gamers. “In Q3 2014, online gambling industry heavyweight PokerStars saw over 50 per cent of new registrations come through mobile channels,” reads a 2014 App Annie report on the industry. “Mobile is now a key channel for expansion to new users, driving considerable growth of the online gambling industry as a whole. A prominent position in the mobile market is, therefore, likely to translate to growth in other sectors for gambling and social casino companies.”

A 2015 mobile gaming market trends and analysis blog post attributes the rise of mobile in gambling to a new “on the go” culture. The same resource cites research on mobile gaming reports to be an estimated $64.1 billion in projected revenues from app usage, up from a $44.1 billion peak in years prior.

But mobile apps alone aren’t the only new interface for gamblers. Forward-thinking casinos are overhauling their websites to be responsive to mobile devices. Responsive web design content and flow must be suitable for this variety of devices, making popular the single RWD format that enables design-in features to be readily administered and updated. The demand is so high for web redesign, that DIY site owners can select from an entire library of ready-made website templates. Serving up a site based on what device a client is using – whether it be a laptop, smartphone, or tablet – helps attract, and maintain user relationships.

Casino marketers want their web design to convey the familiarity and association between the online experience, and its real world counterpart – building anticipation for it. “If a prospective customer is searching for a casino at home, they like a more contemporary customer experience because that’s what they get with other websites,” writes Sean Murphy, VP of public relations at casino website experts, Social Media 180. “And when game-goers walk through a casino searching for shows, specials, and transportation and dining options, the very least the casino can do is provide them with a mobile site that’s responsive and easy to navigate.”

Understandably, there’s a major role for web designers and developers in the next generation of mobile casino site creation. Developers, in particular, are helping casinos launch new and innovative ways to integrate social network integration into casino apps. It makes since, though. Because after all, the web beholds the very face of shiny industry that supports more than 1.7 million jobs and $74 billion in annual income.

MGM Resorts International’s Mlife loyalty program, uses social media integration to help personalize the way it rewards members for social sharing. Members receive credits when they virtually check in and share photos on Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, and Twitter from participating Las Vegas resorts.

Change has been rewarding for an age-old, traditional casino industry. Both digital, and brick and mortar, players have created a new and rewarding marketplace for investors, and more personalized and exciting experience for gamers.