The Facts and Figures Behind the Growth of the Online Gaming Industry


The internet has been a godsend for people looking for entertainment. Gamers have found a whole new world of multiplayer games that allows them to play against competitors from all over the world. Platforms such as Canadian iGaming authority Grizzlyg have seen huge growth in recent years. With the huge growth of online casino sites, multiplayer services on consoles, and social gaming it seems we’ve an unlimited choice for fun.

With that in mind we’ve take a look at some shocking facts about the growth of the online gaming industry, that may surprise you.

Online Gaming Has Trebled Since 2005

The online gaming market is seeing good growth at the moment, and this has been created by years of growth. With the size of the online market hitting $41.4 billion dollars, you have to admit that this is an impressively huge amount of money being made. Comparing this value with the $13.8 million the market stood at in 2005 it also shows just how much growth there has been in a relatively small time.

Online Sales Are Huge and Continue to Grow

As gaming turns digital, the amount of money made through online sales is growing at an impressive rate too. In 2012 it was set as $24 billion, and is predicted to hit $40 billion by the end of 2017. These are numbers that the industry can’t ignore.

Where has this rise come from? One area of gaming that may have influenced this rise is the “free-to-play” games that offer in-game transactions. With gamers getting used to putting money into games in this way, huge amounts of money are being made by companies leading to them having more confidence in this style of game. This leads to even more games being made, with the potential for even more profit for the gaming companies.

Over 50% of Gamers Are Female

Often stereotyped as a “boys” pastime the times are changing and people are waking up to the fact that female gamers do in fact exist. With more choice in games, it seems we all have chance to play games now and to enjoy them. With it said that 52% of gamers are in fact female, this is a good sign for the industry as it shows that gaming is inclusive, even though the big controversies we often see online tend to argue against this.

Online Gambling is Pushing Social Gaming to Huge Successes

The fact that the UK online gambling sector alone is worth $2 billion shows that there is huge influence in gaming from gambling. With online play making it easy to play a few games of roulette or online slots, it looks like the industry has fully utilised the power of the online world to become a success.

These facts we see may seem shocking, but chances are you’ll find even more shocking facts the more you look at the success of online gaming. In an ever evolving world of technology we can expect more shocking facts