TCSJH supplies world’s first ‘Ocean Blackjack’ table in Vanuatu

TCSJOHNHUXLEY recently delivered the world’s first seawater Blackjack table to Iririki’s Jewel Casino in Vanuatu. Set in the glistening waters of the South Pacific Ocean, the recently refurbished Iririki Island Resort & Spa is set in the stunning Port Vila Bay in the beautiful island nation of Vanuatu.  The boutique Jewel casino’s venue features an expansive view overlooking the bay, however the operations team felt they could offer their players, something even better. Not wanting to waste the incredible view, the casino came up with the idea of the world’s first ”Ocean Blackjack” table, allowing players to really savour the location.

Renowned for their custom built gaming equipment and always ready for a challenge, TCSJOHNHUXLEY set about designing and producing the world’s only swim-up seawater table, aptly named ‘Ocean Blackjack’. Featuring high grade steel metallic fixings to resist corrosion, as well as a traditional-style wooden frame made from Marine grade material, TCSJOHNHUXLEY was able to ensure no swelling or distortion of the table from the surrounding dampness. Once all of the parts were assembled, the entire leg arrangement was fully sealed to further prevent moisture ingress.

Rebecca Kingswell, Managing Director APAC for TCSJOHNHUXLEY commented: “We were given the brief to manufacture a table for use in the Sea. To do this, we had to review the materials, fixings, furnishings and sealing principles of the table to ensure we gave it the best lifespan possible in light of its unusual conditions. It took some experimenting, but in the end we were able to develop an innovative and durable table that reflects our high quality standards; we’re very proud of the final product.”

First opened in 1986, the iconic resort has been refurbished to include the new Jewel Casino, featuring a wide selection of slot machines along with standard casino table games and a double-ended roulette table. With a focus on entertainment, the resort includes a jazz lounge and private karaoke room, in addition to an all-new five-star luxury spa. As part of the long-term plan for the New Iririki, a sister Integrated Resort is planned and will be constructed over the next four years, becoming Vanuatu’s first 6-star property.

Bernie Millman, Director of Casino Operations, added: “There are lots of iconic casinos around the world that offer glitz, glamour and excitement, however none of them can boast the world’s first seawater game. TCSJOHNHUXLEY rose to the challenge of designing and building a unique table that can now probably boast to be the most photographed blackjack table in the world!”