Successful launch of Dallmeier Smart Casino Solutions

Dallmeier, a worldwide acknowledged solutions provider for the casino industry, has just returned from G2E Asia show where the company have had a successful launch of their new innovative Smart Casino Solutions, extremely well received by the visitors.

“In recent years we have worked diligently and invested heavily in Research and Development, aiming to create innovative flexible solutions for the gaming industry as a whole, delivering comprehensive real-time hands on results.”, said Konrad Hechtbauer, Project & Application Development Director of Dallmeier Electronic and Managing Director of Dallmeier International. “We aim to establish ourselves as a complete turnkey solution provider with a wide offering of innovative Smart Casino products, that can easily be combined or presented as individual modules and/or interfaced with third party technologies to meet the needs of the end user in their environment.”

Dallmeier’s vision is to create innovative operational systems which could in real-time manage different business areas and concepts, giving the operators complete control of all areas of their properties, such as Gaming, Security, Surveillance, Hotel, Retail and Strategic Marketing, etc. “Security, traceability, overall operations’ management from every angle and aspect, and a complete detailed analysis of the obtained data are the key elements building our innovative systems”, added Konrad Hechtbauer.

During G2E show Dallmeier’s Casino Team had conducted dedicated personal demonstrations, where invited guests could see and experience all new developments recently introduced by the company.

“For years Dallmeier was worldwide known for their advanced surveillance technology and we are now ready to pursue different business opportunities and strategies, aiming to place Dallmeier as a leading strategic partner for the casino operators. In the coming years we’ll continue to develop our product offering to support overall casino operations management, creating new systems for live gaming, solutions for various security aspects, and options and modules to enhance operators’ strategic marketing”, finished saying Konrad Hechtbauer.