StylGame group has been operating in the gaming industry since 2001 when it opened the main office in Italy. It later expanded in 2010 with the addition of StylGame USA in Las Vegas.

Since StylGame was founded, its mission has been to bring improvement in all aspects of the player gaming experience. In these years StylGame has demonstrated how if the player is placed in a very comfortable environment his distractions are reduced to a minimum. The player experience will be enhanced therefore increasing the time spent playing and the profitability of the machine.

With the goal of bringing maximum comfort to the playing station, StylGame has commissioned specific ergonomic studies, which along with a profound knowledge of the industry, has allowed the company to create a wide range of successful products.

StylGame product offering includes, but is not limited to, customizable hi-tech sound chairs, a range of slot stands with unique features, and “Service Call”, an integrated device that increases the efficiency and the quality of the service provided to the player.

Products with unique features and the ability to completely customize them according the customer requirements, allowed StylGame to work together with some of the major international slot machine manufacturers and with prestigious casinos around the world.

Focusing on research and development, material quality, and Italian design, all while keeping attention on the customer needs, StylGame is an industry leader that keeps growing on the international scene.