SiGMA Balkans deemed a success

The first SiGMA Summit held in the Balkan region provided new perspectives on gaming industry tactics and procedures. Delegates had the opportunity to attend conferences, see the exhibition floor, and participate in networking events throughout the expo.

Prior to the first day of the event, the SiGMA Awards Night celebrated the best of the industry in a record-breaking evening with a premium guest. This evening generated the sum of about €19,000 for charity in an auction held by Rick Goddard. Kelly Kellner, a poker champion, and SiGMA’s Marie Reyal, hosted the gala awards ceremony, where notable figures from the gaming, tech, and affiliation industries were honoured for their services to the industry.

Heated debates

Speakers discussed many topics that are of relevance to the gaming world and panels were divided into two different categories. The first cohort between 09:30 – 12:00 focused on the importance of regulation, compliance, and AML. Speakers dived deep into a broad discussion on the Balkans as the next iGaming hotspot.

The Balkans have seen a hotbed of activity when it comes to iGaming regulation in recent years. During this discussion, panelists gave a regulation overview of the Balkans region as well as put forward what advancements should be in the pipeline in order to make the Balkans a new gaming hub.

SiGMA/AGS Startup Pitch

The future-driven event also sought to provide starters with a launchpad and the opportunity to gain attention during the Startup Pitch. Among the creative young presenters were the thinkers behind Balkan Startup Winners 9tales who managed to beat the stiff competition from several other worthy competitors.

9Tales is a Trading Card Game that introduces a shift in the in-game economy. This Startup uses the NFT technology to allow true assets ownership and to unlock a new era for competitive gaming.

A compete-to-earn paradigm is a new approach to gaming that combines the financial incentives of a game like Poker with the fun gaming side of TCGs.

Othmane Safsafi CEO for 9tales, said: “Our use of NFT and Blockchain tech was not just based on buzzwords but on a realistic way of using them to improve the gamer experience.

“In the next year, the big thing will be the launch of the game. So we are going to push it to as many gamers as possible, whilst trying to retain them. This will be our biggest challenge but also our biggest accomplishment!”

Centurion FC – MMA Weigh In

Between conference discussions, 9 bouts with 18 fighters took the stage for the weigh-ins in preparation for tomorrow’s much-awaited Centurion MMA fight.

Top competitors, include Vlastislav “El Chapo” Cepo, a name known to all Balkan MMA fans, Jovan Marjanovic, a local MMA hero defending his 6-2 record, and Nikolay Grozdey, an up-and-coming fighter who is sure to soon be in the top 10 in Europe. These competitors made their way to SiGMA Stage to affirm that they are under the maximum weight limit for their particular weight class.

Taking place on the August 24, at KSC Pinki Zemun the LEO Rudit tournament promises to bring the best of MMA to Belgrade.

SEO and Digital Marketing

With SEO emerging as an integral part of digital marketing, the MMA weigh-in was later followed by the second part of the conference where the agenda focused on SEO and Digital Marketing. Running from 15:05 – 16:15, this set of panels provided delegates with a window into what’s in store for the SEO and Marketing worlds alike.