Side Bets

SET Production

Our company always focuses on live gaming, especially Roulette. Our key product for this particular game is the CYCLOPS displays. In the beginning CYCLOPS displays were intended to provide the gambler with information on game statistics and history. Now the CYCLOPS is not only an additional feature for live tables but also a connection (“Hub”) between live game and slot area or/and online gambling. Any live table equipped with a CYCLOPS display can be easily (with zero investment) connected to a multiplayer machine from a slot area. This concept helps to attract more gamblers from the slot area to the live game area.

Beside this very important feature and other standard features the CYCLOPS now has a new side bets feature called TripleSpin (or Betty). The side bets addition is not something new for live Roulette, however TripleSpin was developed based on traditional Roulette concepts and rules. The rules of TripleSpin are very flexible and can be adopted depending on a casino’s needs and rules.

The TripleSpin is inspired by the classic Roulette game. All colours, signs and winning events are newly designed and are not borrowed from other casino games. That way, TripleSpin will not confuse players but will allow them to quickly understand TripleSpin and keep them within the traditional American Roulette atmosphere.

The idea of this Side bets game is very simple: additionally to the live wheel, two virtual wheels spin simultaneously on the CYCLOPS Roulette Display and randomly generate two winning numbers about five seconds before the ball drops in the live wheel. The combination of all three winning numbers creates  side bets events (with fixed pay-outs) such as: All black; All red; All different colors; All same numbers; two same numbers, etc… Only players who place an additional wager on at least one of the TripleSpin options are entitled to win a TripleSpin pay-out.

The TripleSpin is a brilliant feature to attract more players to live Roulette tables and significantly raise both drop and casino hold.

Gaming Entertainment Systems


Lucky Ball Roulette


Lucky Ball is an innovative new side bet for Roulette developed by Gaming Entertainment Systems (GES), which has proven to attract more players to the game while also increasing the house edge. The DNA of the game is all about delivering bonus payouts from 60 to 1 up to 120 to 1, triggered by the winning number.


GES was established in 2014 by Simon Witty and Harley Jackson, both of whom have extensive experience in developing table gaming systems and have important insights into what makes a successful side bet for Roulette.


Simon Witty explains: “Game developers and casino operators have been trying for years to the find right formula for a Roulette side bet. There are few if any side bets that have proven to work and that’s because previous attempts have been overly complicated and have disrupted standard play.


“In developing Lucky Ball we focused on a set of Golden Rules that must be met in order for the game to succeed: –


  • The side bet cannot slow down or interfere with normal play
  • It must be easy for the dealer to manage and payout
  • It must not put off players who are not interested in side bets
  • A bonus result must be determined every game and not be dependent on sequences or runs of games
  • It must be all about the winning number and deliver higher payouts than a standard straight up bet
  • It needs to be fun, exciting, and easy to understand
  • It needs to provide for both impulsive play as well as players’ favourite numbers.


“Lucky Ball achieves all of the above.”


Lucky Ball Layout


Lucky Ball works as follows: when the dealer spins the ball, four random Lucky Balls are displayed. Each Lucky Ball number has a different paytable and is colour coded to its betting area on the layout, typically located adjacent to the zero bets. Players can place bets on any or all of the four Lucky Ball numbers. Players can either bet blind (when the Lucky Ball numbers are yet to be revealed) or they can choose to place a bet after the Lucky Ball numbers have been shown.


As soon as “No More Bets” is triggered, an animated bonus sequence selects one of the Lucky Ball numbers as a Bonus Pay which can range from 60 to 1 up to 120 to 1. If the winning number matches any of the four Lucky Ball numbers, any bets on the winning Lucky Ball colour are paid.


The game is fully automated and connects to any electronic roulette wheel or reader head, making it easy for the dealer to manage.  Optionally the Lucky Ball betting grid can be illuminated with an under-layout light box, which offers an attract mode, reinforces No More Bets, and lights up any winning bet. The house edge on the Lucky Ball bets is around double that of the standard game.


Lucky Ball is distributed in Asia and Australasia by Paltronics Australasia, in Europe by Abbiati, in South Africa by TCS John Huxley and for live-online by Authentic Gaming.




Score Gaming has a library of side bets for multiple casino games. The benefits of side bets for the casino operator, is the fact that side bets enhance the gaming experience for the guest and increase the table games hold percentage without changing the play of the main game. The attraction of side bets to the player, is the opportunity to win a much larger payout then the standard 1-1, 6-5 or 3-2 payouts on a Blackjack table. Side bet pay tables can start as low as 1-1, but quickly rise to 2-1, 5-1, 10-1 and with many side bets, can go to 30-1, 50-1, 150-1 and higher. These potential high payouts attract gamers that are bored with the standard game of Blackjack. There are side bets for other casino games and Score Gaming has created side bets for non-Blackjack games, but Blackjack side bets are the “craze” at this time.

Side bets need to be simple for the dealer to explain and the player to understand to be successful. There are side bets that win or lose based on the players first two cards and there are side bets that combine the players first two cards plus the dealers up card. Another popular side bet is for the player to make a bet that the dealer is going to “bust” their hand, with a total over 21. Although those are the most common Blackjack side bets, there are many other side bets that pay on different combinations of cards and totals.

Our most popular side bet is Raise the Roof, which is a dealer bust bet. The player makes their normal Blackjack bet and then the optional bust ante bet for any amount (per house limits). After the dealer delivers the player’s two cards and exposes the dealer up card, the player has an additional optional bet. After seeing the dealer’s up card, if the player thinks the dealer will bust they can bet up to five times their original bust ante bet in the Raise the Roof betting area. If the dealer busts the player will be paid according to the posted pay table on both their bust ante and their Raise the Roof bet. If they did not bet the Raise the Roof bet, they would only get 1-1 on their bust ante bet. There is a sliding pay scale based on the dealers “bust” card.

Rocket Poker is another Blackjack side bet that is based on the player’s original two up cards. The player makes a Blackjack wager and an optional Rocket Poker wager for any amount (per house limits). After the dealer delivers the player’s first two up cards, they win or lose based on the posted pay table. If the player’s first two cards form any pair; except aces, they are paid 8-1. If the player’s first two cards are a pair of aces (Rockets), they are paid anywhere from 30-1 to 150-1. They win 30-1 for unsuited aces, 75-1 for suited aces and 150-1 for diamond aces.

Bonus 3 is a Blackjack side bet that pays based on the players first two up cards and the dealer’s up card. The dealing procedure is the same as mentioned above. The player will win or lose based on whether they have any poker hand starting with a pair or better. The higher the hand, the higher the payoff.

Pay Me Too is a unique side bet that pays a player on the number of Blackjacks dealt during a normal round of play. The player makes the optional side bet and after the dealer delivers the cards, if there are any natural Blackjacks dealt to any player and/or the dealer you win. It is paid on a sliding scale based on how many players are betting on that round and how many Blackjacks are dealt.

Ride the Line is a craps/dice side bet that is very simple to explain and understand for the dealer and player. The bet can only be made on the “come out” roll (before a point is established). The player can bet any amount (per house rules) and they place the bet behind their Pass Line bet, in the designated betting area. The player is paid based on the number of “passes” (number of winning rolls) the shooter makes. The pay table starts with only two pass line winners and gets progressively higher with each winning roll the shooter makes. It only loses when the shooter rolls a “7 out”.




Big Bang Blackjack

Big Bang Blackjack is an exciting new progressive side bet, which gives players a chance to win one of three incremental jackpots.

Big Bang Blackjack is easy to play and to deal. From the players’ perspective, all that’s required is to place a side bet on the flashing bet sensor located in front of the bet box, in addition to plaving their regular Blackjack bet. For dealers, there is virtually no additional training needed. Any Blackjack dealer can learn and understand the game in just minutes.

In Big Bang Blackjack, all of the jackpots increment when a bet is placed, but only the winning jackpot ‘resets’. This means that if one jackpot is won, the other jackpots remain in play and continue to increment until they are also won. With Big Bang Blackjack, jackpots can grow to be even larger and more exciting for players than ever before!

Since Big Bang Blackjack is powered by the GFL Bonusing system, casinos are able to design the game to suit their unique needs.

Operators are able to set custom contribution ratios and choose fixed percentage payouts that satisfy their players as well as their specific business goals.


Raise ‘Em Poker Plus

Raise ‘Em Poker Plus is a new progressive side bet for Raise ‘Em Poker – a fast and simple spin off of the ever-popular casino table game, Poker.

The aim of the base game, Raise ‘Em Poker, is not to beat the house or other players, but instead bet on the strength of ones own three-card hand in combination with the two community cards held by the Dealer. A player wins according to the paytable if their five-card hand results in a pair of tens or better.

The ‘plus’ in Raise ‘Em Poker Plus, stands for an exciting side bet that can only be played if the player has already placed an Ante bet on the base game. To participate, players must wager on the illuminated GFL Bonusing bet sensor in front of the bet boxes before the deal commences.

The game will carry on as per the regular Raise ‘Em Poker rules and, should the player have a Straight Flush, Four Of A Kind, Full House, Flush or Straight hand, they will be paid out according to the jackpot’s value at that time.

The Plus bet loses if any other combination is dealt. Jackpots are displayed directly at the table. The top three jackpots increment everytime a bet is placed and ‘reset’ once they have been won.

The top three jackpots in Raise ‘Em Poker Plus increment every time a bet is placed and ‘reset’ once won. If one jackpot is won, however, the other jackpots remain in play (don’t reset) until they’re also won.


Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pairs is both fast and easy to play. It has great player appeal and significantly boosts game turnover without affecting playing strategy.

It has been proven to increase both cash drop and win/ hold percentages and is extremely popular with players. It is a great enhancement to any blackjack game.

A Perfect Pairs bet wins if the 1st two cards dealt to a player’s blackjack hand are a pair and it loses if they are not a pair.

Perfect Pairs bets are made prior to any cards being dealt and must be supported by a regular blackjack bet on the same betting box.

There are 3 different types of pairs:- a “Mixed Pair”, a “Coloured Pair” and a “Perfect Pair” and the payout odds vary accordingly.

Most side bets offer high payout odds and restrict the player to a flat $1 bet, which in turn limits table turnover to a few dollars maximum per round of play.

Perfect Pairs breaks this mould and allows players the opportunity to have some serious side play on a bet that has a high frequency win rate, and this is exactly what the players want. Consequently significant turnover is generated on Perfect Pairs and this additional turnover produces incremental revenue which, flows through to the bottom line.

The surge in the uptake of Perfect Pairs by casino operators in Australia & New Zealand is a great recommendation to any casino considering its introduction.


Casino Hold’em Poker Plus

Casino Hold’em Poker is similar to Texas Hold’em Poker, except that players compete against the casino instead of one another. The winner is the player or Dealer who can make the best five-card Poker hand using any combination of their two cards and the five community cards.

Casino Hold‘em Poker Plus is a side bet that does not change the dynamics of the base game. To play, all the player has to do is place an additional wager on the flashing bet sensor located above the Ante. To win, a player must hold one of five Poker hands – Straight Flush, Four Of A Kind, Full House, Flush or Straight. That’s it! Players are paid according to the progressive paytable.

The top three
jackpots in Casino
Hold’em Poker Plus
increment every
time a bet is placed
and ‘reset’ once
won. If a jackpot
is won, however,
the other jackpots
remain in play (don’t reset) until they’re also won.

Players find this highly appealing because lower hands, such as a Four Of A Kind or Full House, can end up being worth the most.




Roulette Side Bets

GOAL! Roulette (Single-Zero Roulette)

GOAL! Roulette is an exciting side bet based on international futbol or American soccer created specifically for Single-Zero Roulette. The GOAL! Roulette side bet is triggered if the result is a zero or lands on two consecutive numbers and is only valid if the player had placed a wager on the side bet.

When triggered, the player will be asked to select a red or black team. After selection, each game will last for three spins with a potential fourth shot on the goal. With each result the ball will move left or right depending on a red or black result and the number of the slot the ball lands in. When a red number wins the ball will move towards the red team’s goal and when a black number wins the ball will move towards the black team’s goal; the amount of yards gained will match the winning number.

The location of the ball after the third spin will determine the winning (Red or Black) Team. If the ball is within a predetermined distance from the ‘Goal’ line, a shot on the goal is awarded and both teams can multiply their wins. There are four different pay table variations that can be set by the operator.


Big Roulette Poker Side Bet (Single and Double-Zero Roulette)

The Big Roulette Poker side bet is a Poker themed side bet available on both Single and Double-Zero Roulette with settable minimums and maximums, and consists of three separate wagers: Black Flush, Straight or Red Flush.

The player can bet on any of the three positions and the bet cannot be removed or moved during the feature. The Black Flush bet wins when four consecutive spins result in Black numbers only and if the fifth spin is also Black, a bonus payout is awarded. The Red Flush is exactly the same as a Black flush except results are Red numbers. The Straight bet wins when four spins follow a sequence of numbers such as 1,2,3 and 4. If there is a fifth number in sequence a bonus is awarded!


Craps Side Bets

Lucky Shooter

Players can place a wager on the Lucky Shooter side bet before each come out roll. The object of this side bet is for the player to first establish a point, then roll the five other box numbers in any order during the next five rolls and then roll the initial point again on the sixth roll.

The player is paid on 2,3,4,5 hits or 5 hits plus the point. The side bet ends and the player is paid according to the level they reach when the same number is rolled again or a 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12 is rolled.


Baccarat Side Bets

Lucky Nines Side Bet

Lucky Nines is a simple side bet where the player places a wager on whether the first two cards of the Player hand and the first two cards of the Banker hand will hold one or more nines. The more nines that appear the more the player wins!

This side bet is available on all Interblock product lines with a maximum payout of 1000 to 1 with four different pay tables available.



Hi-Ti is simple side bet on whether the Banker and Player hands will tie. The wager wins when the two hands Tie (Egalite), and are in a specific range of outcomes.


Blackjack Side Bets

Lucky Aces

The object of the Lucky Aces side bet is to receive at least one or more Aces by combining the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s first two cards. The more aces that appear the more the player wins! Four pay tables are available with varying top awards for operator liability tolerance.


Big 3 Six Side Bets


3xSix is a side bet for the Big 3 Six game. A player can bet that the three symbols populated on the wheel will match. A screen below the three wheels will spin just like a slot machine and will stop on random symbols. If the three symbols on the line match, the player wins!