Renewal of SEGA SAMMY CREATION’s brand logo

SEGA SAMMY CREATION INC. have announced the renewal of their brand logo, as of October 1st, 2018, along with the renewal of the Sega Sammy Group’s brand logo. The new logo will be used in SEGA SAMMY CREATION’s products accordingly.

“We will implement the thoughts of challenging to create new business put in the new brand logo in our actual business activities, and provide players with innovative gaming machines that they have never expected.” said Hisao Oguchi, President of SEGA SAMMY CREATION INC.

  • Creative concept
    “Genuine Inspiring Moments”

  • About the logo
    The design created based on a universal font possesses unique characteristics in its upper- case and lower-case styles. In addition, the Sega Sammy Group’s strong unity is expressed through the letters that are connected.

  • About the graphic design
    Elements of SEGA blue and Sammy green with edges angled at the earth’s axis implicit of upward movement as well as stability embody the Sega Sammy Group’s continuous growth towards the future while also symbolizing its will to maintain and further expand businesses. Connections among people and that between society and the Sega Sammy Group are also expressed in the design.

    SEGA SAMMY CREATION INC. is a Japan-based company established in June 2013. With the spirit of “MORE FUN, MORE EXCITEMENT”, we manufacture exciting and never-before-seen gaming machines by utilizing the diverse resources from the Sega Sammy Group. For more information, please visit or connect with us on .

SEGA SAMMY CREATION INC. Yuka Kikuhara, Business Promotion Dept. E-mail: Phone: +81 45 594 9268 Fax: +81 45 444 7589