Putting the customer at the centre

Personalisation has been a buzz word for a number of years, yet no one in the industry seems to have mastered the art of delivering personalised content to their players. The online casino industry is becoming more and more competitive and customers are becoming increasingly selective about where they play. With similar game content and bonus offerings, companies need to find a way to differentiate, with personalisation being one such way to stand out from the competition, while showing the customer you know what they want.

For years’ digital businesses such as Amazon, Netflix and Spotify have been a great
example of this, delivering one to one experiences through tailored product recommendations and messaging to each individual customer, enhancing their user experience. I believe that this level of personalisation is one that everyone in the online casino industry should be looking to achieve.

We reacted to the trend at GalaCasino.com, with our recent brand and website relaunch which focused heavily on personalisation. We made sure that our whole promotional strategy was based on ‘what you want’ and the element of choice. Taking a customer-centric approach, we wanted to give our players the opportunity to pick the bonus they want, to pin the games they want to play and make recommendations based on their playing behaviour, all to improve our customers’ user experience.

Personalisation should also be adopted in all CRM communications. Too often we see messages delivered to players which are not relevant to them. If you are purely a Blackjack player then why should you receive an email about the latest slots releases. What should be relatively simplistic personalisation is rarely applied today.

We’ve used in depth research and insight of our target audience to allow us to understand what users play, when users play and why they play. We have all the information on their preferred payment method, how much they deposit and their betting behaviour. Knowing a player’s behaviour, we can enhance their experience on site, for example, personalised navigation and filtering, as well as deposit based on the player’s average deposit amount.

With this vast array of player data at our finger tips the casino industry should be looking to present the appropriate games, promotions and offers to the players, the correct way, via appropriate channels to engage their customers.

I believe there are countless opportunities that the casino industry should be using to its advantage. Using a personalisation strategy to deliver a one-to- one experience is becoming essential in such a competitive market in order to differentiate and build on new customer acquisition, increased retention and brand loyalty. The ‘What You Want’ brand proposition for Gala Casino is designed to give ‘cut through’, differentiation and personalisation in the busy UK market. Historically in the industry we’ve always tried to drive what we think’s best but now it’s about putting the customer at the centre.