Pragmatic Play donates to Gibraltar wildlife sanctuary

Pragmatic Play has made a £6,850 donation to Gibraltar’s only wildlife sanctuary, the Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park (AWCP), home to several native and exotic animal species.

Situated in the Gibraltar’s Alameda Botanic Gardens, the AWCP cares for unwanted exotic pets and animals confiscated by customs, such as the cotton-topped tamarin, to raise awareness of important endangered species through conservation education.

Pragmatic Play’s donation will help the park support its exciting new North American turtle exhibit, funding the refurbishment of its turtle ponds that require running, filtered water to ensure the health and cleanliness of the animals they house, as well as its outdoor spaces.

A key purpose of the AWCP is the conservation of threatened species in the wild, partaking in international conservation projects to ensure their survival. Through selected captive breeding programmes, they also hope to play an important role in the international effort to conserve rare and at-risk groups.

Julian Jarvis, CEO at Pragmatic Play, said: “As the only wildlife park in Gibraltar, the AWCP fulfils a crucial part in the protection of rare animal species, and we’re extremely proud to be able to support the restructuring of its outdoor spaces and turtle ponds.

“Up to four species of turtle will be housed in a specious pond in a prominent area of the park thanks to our donation, and we look forward to establishing new ways to support the conservation group moving forward.”