Online payment solutions


ecoPayz is a global payment solutions provider offering instant, safe and convenient payment services to customers and businesses
across the globe. With a decade and a half of expertise,
ecoPayz prides itself on an ever evolving and expanding list of payment products.

The ecoAccount e-wallet and range of prepaid cards provides customers with the freedom to make secure online payments worldwide, while the ecoPayz Business and Merchant accounts give businesses the opportunities to accept and make payments in over 45 currencies. Now businesses can also start earning money with a guaranteed revenue share by joining the ecoPayz affiliate program.

ecoPayz has recently unveiled its own local voucher product called ecoVoucher, which will enable customers to purchase an 18 digit ecoVoucher PIN at local physical outlets and then top up their accounts or spend their funds online. It’s perfect for those who don’t have credit or debit cards or don’t want to disclose personal details online. The core team behind ecoPayz consists of Jonathan Amrani (Director of Operations) together with the UK head office and the satellite operational and development teams.


ECommPay creates bespoke payment solutions on behalf of e- Commerce clients worldwide. The international payment service provider and acquirer attributes its success to two important factors: a personalised, individual approach paired with the ongoing development and enhancement of proprietary

Founded in 2011, the FCA Authorised Payment Institution has offices in seven countries, from London to Singapore. Facilitating merchant access to new regions and offering legal support for receiving the required certification, ECommPay’s advanced payment gateway is tailored to client specifications, ensuring profit maximisation through increased conversion and optimum security.

Each gambling merchant is immediately assigned a personal account manager, whose familiarity with industry nuances has been cultivated over years of extensive experience working with market leaders, to oversee the integration process and offer technical assistance. Close cooperation with clients allows the account manager to connect processing services more quickly, apply the relevant e-Commerce solutions, and offer personalised advice.

ECommPay’s tailored service is complemented by collaboration between departments to create targeted tools and technologies. Risk analysts partnered with developers to devise the highly effective risk management system FraudStop, while internal research informed the layout of the Conversion+ payment page. ECommPay’s payment solutions are engineered to address merchant concerns and negate risk.


Betcade is the first app store for real money gaming on Android. We’re exclusive to real money gaming and will offer apps in every category: sports, poker, slots, casino, bingo, and lottery as well as newer types of gambling apps like skill and e-sports.

Betcade will work very much like the major app stores; players can browse apps by categories such as sports, slots, poker, etc. We’ll have algorithmically-driven lists such as most popular, fastest rising, what’s new, and promotions of events such as slots and poker tournaments, or sports matches. Store search will also be a very strong component of app discovery. Finally, there will be editorially driven features like “editor’s choice” overall and across the store categories.

It’s easy to set up a Betcade account. Players only need to enter their payment details once. They can make a deposit into any game they’ve downloaded with just a few taps, without ever having to leave the game. The Betcade store and overall business model are tailored specifically to the gaming industry and the needs of gaming operators and players of real money games. Betcade will operate with an industry standard affiliate & payment processing business model, and as licensed payments institution working in the gaming industry.


Easy Payment Gateway (EPG) has offices in Gibraltar, London and Spain and is principally an online gateway for multiple payment solutions and credit card acquirers. With over 200 different online payment methods and worldwide acquirers, it offers any online merchant everything they need in order to process online transactions via a very simple yet heavily secure API integration. EPG also offers a powerful and patented back office which can easily maintain and configure payment accounts, create payment routing rules or prevent fraud based on any data or parameter. Its key management team are: Alex Capurro, CEO; Rubén Fernández Peña, CTO, and Jose Peral, COO.

EPG is a gateway with the guiding principle to provide non-IT staff within complex online gambling and retail environments with the tools they need to efficiently run the day to day operations and third party integrations of their business. This includes the ability to add new customer payment methods and other third party service providers, define and implement rules and workflows to utilise them efficiently, define real-time customer communications and messaging methodologies, and monitor the entire system to ensure that all components are fully optimised. And all whilst being fully PCI DSS Level 1 compliant.

To achieve this, EPG has developed a flexible service platform capable of integrating an almost limitless number of third party solutions using sophisticated workflow, rules, monitoring and messaging features. Users interact with the system through a highly configurable back office.

Through this, the different functions of the business can access the information and tools that they need to fulfil their specific objectives. Since EPG is built around the plug and play methodology, it is able to perform extensive customisation for any merchant around the stable core functionality. The EPG team is confident that it can deliver a solution that meets any merchant requirements, and can continue to layer on additional value as required.

We have many differences between EPG and other payment companies. Firstly, our team has more than 16 years of experience developing platforms for gambling, patent technology to do the routing based on any parameter and without any code via a simple drag and drop solution. The cashier is 100% customizable and can be easily optimized for multiple channels including mobile and tablets. We have a real one stop solution, with all the tools in one place including real time KYC checks. Essentially, what EPG offers is a bespoke and flexible service where we provide the merchant with full control – not the platforms.


PayMagnet is a disruptive and innovative new player which is shaking up mobile payments. Our NFC-based mobile app allows casino, gaming and sports betting operators to accept credit/debit card payments directly via a customer’s smartphone at next-to-zero integration costs. It is a game changer for the industry.

Our product has completely shifted the concept of NFC payments. A lot of people told us they didn’t want wallet- based solutions, but also found pre-paid to be clumsy and complicated. We found the perfect solution by turning your phone into an acceptance device using the NFC sensor already built into it. It is a disruption which means casinos and sports betting providers don ́t need to build a new payment infrastructure. For table games, we supply a tablet so the host can see incoming payments, and for terminals and slots we provide an API which notifies the casino’s backend when a payment completes. Our approach is going to kill off some of the older, less agile payment providers.

PayMagnet was founded by Martin Glettler, a computer scientist and former national IT security agent, a team of skilled IT professionals and LasVegas-based Stephen A. Crystal, who has more than 20 years’ experience in the casino and gaming technology sectors.

We are already rolling out onto thousands of land-based terminals and recently agreed an important deal with omni-channel provider Mediatech Solutions. Many first- movers and large vendors are embracing our approach, and PayMagnet is fast becoming the go to solution for the industry.

PAGO: It pays to be alternative

Once upon a time in casinos that might be far, far away there were only two or three methods a punter could use to fund their flutters. Hand over some cash, maybe write a cheque or hand over a credit or debit card. Payment made, punter bets; what could be simpler?

Then along came Tim Berners-Lee inventing the World Wide Web and everything changed. Instead of merely entertaining people in physical premises, online casinos were omnipresent with access to millions and then billions of potential customers. Here was a previously unimaginable opportunity but nothing is ever that simple and one of the many challenges casinos faced to make the most of this it was how to take payments.

A key question facing casinos is how to make their service available to the highest number of customers globally and the answer is to offer as many payment options as possible. But the importance of local knowledge is key here. Take normal credit and debit cards out of the equation and there’s a ridiculous number of payment methods that can be used, from the most modern examples of digital currency like Bitcoin, to the opposite end of the spectrum where consumers in many countries complete online payments by going down to their local minimarket and handing over cash. Within that spectrum there are myriad methods from vouchers to ATM payments to digital wallets and it is important to understand the options available but more specifically which of those are relevant to the territories you are targeting.

As Dan Fernandez, Head of Global Sales for Pago, says “The marketplace for anyone taking payments online is now truly global, but at there is no one- size-fits-all way of approaching it. In a global world, local knowledge is key. Understanding the legislative situation is vital, but equally important is to understand the trends and demographics in any given territory.”

New solutions are appearing all the time so being aware of the status quo is one thing. Being aware of the changing status quo is another, whether it’s the introduction of methods such as Apple Pay or Direct Bank Transfer options using bank emulation.

In truth that shouldn’t be the casino’s primary concern – a good payment provider should have an advisory role as much as a service one to educate clients in latest developments and opportunities to cash in on the global market.

About Pago

Pago is a Payments Services Provider processing credit card transactions and alternative payments from around the globe and settles where merchants want, as often as they want. As the world becomes more connected, merchants from around the globe are looking to facilitate transactions from more territories.

Pago’s bespoke payment gateway allows merchants to process transactions using a variety of payment methods, including evouchers, ewallet, prepaid cards and bank transfers, ensuring swift, efficient processing and quick settlement. Pago offers global credit card processing with settlement in 25 currencies to anywhere around the world. As an EU non-bank financial institution holding an EU passported eMoney license, Pago guarantees funds from the time of the transaction until settlement in the nominated account. Its offering includes both Visa and Mastercard credit solutions and other major card chains.