One hand, two chances – new Eyecon Hit Me! Baccarat

New twist on casino classic where players can win on a losing hand.

Eyecon – part of Playtech, the world’s leading omni-channel gaming company –  is bringing a new twist to the classic casino favourite Baccarat with its exciting new Hit Me! Baccarat game, giving players a chance to turn a losing hand into a winner!

With the Hit Me! Bet, a losing hand can still win. Players can purchase an extra card using dynamic odds for a chance at success and win up to 12 times their stake (less commission). Launched earlier this month, Hit Me! Baccaratoffers extra excitement for seasoned players and gives newcomers to Baccarat another reason to try out this timeless classic.

A favourite with card players since the 19th Century, Baccarat has become a truly iconic casino game. The chemin-de-fervariant is famously the game of choice for the world’s favourite special agent, James Bond, featuring in the opening scenes of Dr. No. Baccarat even caused a royal scandal in the 1890s, when an opponent of the future Edward VII was taken to court for cheating.

‘Baccarat has captured the imagination of players for hundreds of years, and we’re delighted to be adding a genuine variation to the gameplay with Hit Me! bets’, says Scott Murray, Eyecon’s founder. ‘While many online casinos have made visual enhancements or added side bets to Baccarat in recent years, Hit Me! brings something extra and innovative to the game itself. We’re confident thatHit Me! Baccaratand its extra chance to win will be a major hit with players, and will make an excellent addition to any casino’s table game portfolio’.

Hit Me! Baccarat is available to all Eyecon customers now.