Neccton at centre of new RG online event series

Neccton has partnered with The Gaming Boardroom for the RG Mastermind online event, on May 3-4, where Dr Michael Auer will be a part of several key sessions.

The event programme will be moderated by Jon Bruford, and takes place over two days with intervals between sessions. Each session will be available shortly after it ends so people can catch up if they were not able to attend live.

Planned sessions include:

  • Two academic paper talks with Dr Michael Auer, with his co-authors. One paper is on AI tracking data. As you know, academic papers are peer-reviewed – with this we will make the papers available to view before the event.
  • Ethics panel – this is just the beginning of the conversation, as this will stretch across every other RG event we do. Initially we will look at harm and ethics – where does customer responsibility end and corporate responsibility begin?
  • From research to implementation – you’ve done a great academic paper, now what do you do with it? Discussing a real-world path to make academic research a fully-implemented reality.
  • Women as problem gamblers – do female players need a different language and mode of intervention? Do they need different treatment paths thanks to traditional social roles?
  • What do we call it? – is the terminology of problem gambling causing issues anywhere? Is there a universal term or should we use different modes of address?
  • A multi-agency approach to RG – as an industry, we need to own the problem but also help our critics see that PG is generally a symptom, rather than the root cause of the problem. How can the industry help real-world agencies affect true holistic change?
  • Brand strategy – looking at the visual and verbal language of RG, are we turning off the players that might need our help with clumsy universal messaging? How can we approach this as a marketing problem?