Gaming Partners International

RFID Poker

GPI offers a full suite of RFID products and table game solutions.  When RFID tags are installed in gaming currency, it provides a secure and reliable way to track and record each chip’s movement throughout the casino. Because each RFID tag is encoded with the chip’s value and other valuable data, it is instantly identified and validated when it comes in contact with an RFID reader and antenna. This makes RFID chips an ideal way to improve the accuracy of chip counting and inventory procedures while also providing a level of currency security that is practically impossible to breach.

Our RFID table stakes poker solution increases game efficiency and speed while simultaneously eliminating costly calculation mistakes. When wagers are placed on the scanning area located in the center of the table, a concealed reader captures the total pot amount and transmits it to a computer that instantly calculates the casino charges and round-ups. This eliminates calculation errors while reducing the downtime between games.

GPI’s RFID Poker combines a chip tray, a touch-screen display and an RFID reader that quickly reads and validates all chips being played. This fast pot scanning reduces game down time by minimizing delays, making it possible to generate additional rounds per hour. It also eliminates dealer errors by instantly calculating rakes and more, protecting assets from human error while identifying counterfeit chips. What’s more, by automatically counting all chips, dealers have more time to focus on the players.  

Casino’s can create additional player excitement and drive incremental play by adding a progressive that offers players an additional side bet where they can win all or part of an incrementing jackpot.  The extra rake can either be a fixed amount or a percentage of the pot and the winning hands are customizable.   The progressive can be operated on an individual table or link multiple tables to drive a higher jackpot.

APEX Gaming


APEX gaming entered the market for multiplayers five years ago. With a completely new innovation – a game unheard of – that has developed and patented by us at APEX. This was the reason behind the market entry into the multiplayer segment. APEX gaming has amassed great experience in the research, development and manufacturing of gaming solutions. Furthermore, APEX gaming is an important operator of gaming halls in several eastern and southern European countries. Thus, APEX is extremely well positioned to tap into player requirements and desires. The requirement and desire was for a completely new type of table game, a multiplayer that brings new excitement yet was still to exist. The result is QUIKKER. Quikker is the table game from APEX gaming that brings a new buzz to the gaming world.

The technological milestone has been to create a product like nothing else on the market yet make it instinctively attractive and understandable for players. Quikker is a card game multiplayer. It can be played as a live game, semi-live or fully electronic. It combines the thrill of roulette with the excitement of blackjack. This means that players bet on the outcome on two cards just like blackjack. Then it moves more towards roulette as there are a whole range of outcomes to bet on. You can bet on the colours, the numbers, the range of numbers, whether they will be a pair and much more. The potential win relates to the mathematical probability. Whereas roulette only allows a multiplier of up to 36 times the stake – Quikker goes up to a multiplier of 100 of the stake. Thus, this is practically three times the potential win for Quikker over roulette.


As the originator of and still the leading provider of modern electronic multiplayer games Novomatic is at the forefront of sophisticated product development. Novomatic electronic multiplayer products offer the guest an authentic live gaming experience at reduced costs for the operator. With a constantly growing choice of available games Novomatic provides operators with top quality solutions for maximum electronic live gaming entertainment in great style.  

Today’s Novomatic electronic live games are based on the innovative NOVO LINE Novo Unity II platform. The unique feature of the NOVO LINE Novo Unity II system is the flexible interconnection of a great variety of electronic live games and slot games on a virtually unlimited number of individual player stations. This multi-game functionality allows the operator to link any chosen number of terminals to any number of different games such as Roulette, Baccarat, Bingo, Black Jack, Poker and Sic Bo as well as a great slot games offering all within one installation: thus choosing the best from server based slot gaming solutions and electronic live games.

The choice of Novomatic electronic multiplayer games comprises: the fully automated game versions (such as the Novo Multi-Roulette), the semi-automated, dealer-operated versions (such as the Novo TouchBet Live-Roulette) as well as the virtual game versions (such as the Novo Flying Roulette). The respective game versions are available for a great range of electronic live games such as Roulette, Baccarat, Bingo, Poker, Black Jack as well as Sic Bo.

The latest additions to this great range of electronic live games are the Novo Multi-Black Jack and Novo Multi-Baccarat, both of them employing TCSJohnHuxley’s innovative Infinity Auto Dealer – a revolutionary utility device that offers continuous, fully automated, real-time, card shuffling and dealing using standard casino playing cards.

Another innovation in the world of electronic live games is an amazing unique variation of the traditional game of Roulette with odds up to 1,200 : 1! Novo TouchBet Live-Roulette Double Action and Novo Flying Roulette Double Action deliver two winning numbers from one single spin of the wheel. TCSJohnHuxley’s special Double Action Roulette Wheel features two counter-rotating number rings, each with a traditional set of numbers situated in opposing order. Each spin of the wheel generates two winning numbers: one on the inner ring and one on the outer ring.

Popular cabinets such as the Novo-Bar (available in slant top or bar top configuration) or the NOVOSTAR SL1 slant top cabinet have a perfect ergonomic fit and display the game ideally for maximum player experience.

Through its innovative server architecture NOVO LINE Novo Unity II holds a vast potential for further developments of an extended product range and new functionalities.


Grand Jeu Double

The latest AMATIC electronic roulette – the Grand Jeu Double – incorporates two roulette wheels. This is all fully automatic. Thus, the player does not need to leave his or her seat to bet on another wheel. This wheel remains in sight and does not have to be shown on screen from a different position. Seeing is believing and players react positively to this. If the jurisdiction allows this and operators wish to implement it – then a player can bet on both wheels at the same time. Therefore, the Grand Jeu Double also has four integrated large monitors above the wheels. Operators can make great use of this. As standard we show key statistics – for example the list of previous winning numbers and hot and cold numbers. Furthermore, the screens can also portray the games we have on offer.

This brings me to another key benefit in choosing the AMATIC Grand Jeu electronic roulettes. We believe that players should be given more choice. Therefore, our Evo platform allows the integration of slot games. We have been offering this option for several years now. For example, let’s take a busy casino on a Saturday night. The player prefers playing electronic roulette. After enjoying the gaming on the Grand Jeu, he wishes to play some slot games. However, he knows if he leaves the AMATIC roulette, his seat will be taken. Thus, he remains seated and just chooses the games option on the monitor. Now the Grand Jeu is a slot machine for the player. He can switch between playing electronic roulette and slots at any time. Another example – a group of friends arrive at the casino. They wish to stay together – yet some prefer roulette, some slots. The solution – play all together on the AMATIC Grand Jeu as this offers both solutions! In addition to this, we have the capability to link our Grand Jeu electronic roulette as a live feed with traditional roulette wheel(s).

AMATIC Industries are continually supporting operators to make the most of our Grand Jeu electronic roulettes. The Grand Jeu Double is a crowd-puller and we advise our customers to place this in a prominent position. Due to its style, colour and sheer size with dual roulette wheels, it is perfect to place in the most prominent position for larger casinos, even resort casinos. In a continually competitive environment, operators need to offer their customers more choice and state-of-the art quality to create an even better gaming experience. That is our focus.

SET Production

SET-PRODUCTION is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of casino equipments for both live & electronic games.
We develop and produce:
*American and French Roulette wheels (Solaris & Altair lines);
*Roulette displays (CYCLOPS family) with instant video detection of winning numbers;
*Electromechanical Roulettes (SET-Engine);
* Electromechanical Roulette wheels (Olga);
*Betting terminals for live Roulette (Alaska);
*Roulette & Cards tables;
*Accessories…. etc.
The rich experience of SET-PRODUCTION team along with our own patented technologies allow us to meet our clients expectations and to provide them with high quality & reliability casino equipment, and with qualified technical support.
All our products are GLI approved and can be easily adapted and modified to meet any local rules and standards.


TCSJOHNHUXLEY is renowned for providing some of the best Electronic Multiplayer Gaming systems in the industry, offering a wide range of games, perfect for any gaming floor. All products feature hybrid electronic gaming platforms and live game content, allowing players to compete against a live roulette wheel, dice shaker or card shoe whilst striking the perfect balance between the thrill of live gaming and the advantages of electronic betting.  This is a trend that is shared in all major gaming territories.  The added game security, increased speed and ease of play guarantees excitement for players and improved profit for operators.

TCSJOHNHUXLEY working with Novomatic pioneered the introduction of the world’s first live electronic multiplayer Roulette system in 2000.  Since it was launched, Novo TouchBet Roulette has changed the face of gaming floors worldwide and is now the market leading electronic terminal based product. This range of products has significantly increased operator profitability in all major gaming territories and its success has led to a demand for Baccarat, Sic Bo, Poker and Blackjack based games to be added on the platform. This product definitely unleashed the start of the phenomenon.

Since then TCSJOHNHUXLEY has been the market leader in hybrid game technology – As a manufacturer of both traditional live gaming products and cutting edge electronic gaming products we have been ideally positioned to harness our core skills to development future gaming technologies ourselves.  As a result the last few years have seen TCSJOHNHUXLEY launch a broad range of new table game products that have been widely acknowledged for their innovation and patented technologies.

Not only are new intuitive user interfaces now available that better engage with players, TCSJOHNHUXLEY platforms now boast the ability to deliver multiple live game content to players through one playing position.  This allows players to compete against a live roulette wheel, dice shaker or card shoe whilst striking the perfect balance between the thrill of live gaming and the advantages of electronic betting.  For operators the difficult decision of what games to position on the gaming floor and what the game ratios should be are simply negated.

The introduction of hybrid games was definitely one of the best product advancements.  An example of this is TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s award winning MultiPLAY system, one of the most technologically advanced table game products available. Featuring patent pending Touch ID technology, MultiPLAY is unlike any other touch screen system currently available today as it is able to identify up to 8 individual players and specific bets on the same MultiTouch screen, placing bets with a touch of a fingertip.

Casinos will want to continue having products that satisfy the craving of the table game player whilst enhancing the playing experience simultaneously driving cost and error out of the operators business.   These types of products enable the dealer to interface with the player more and create a much better playing experience than just ‘sitting at a table’.  It is this kind of technology that operators are demanding to ensure accuracy, better returns on valuable floor space and secure player retention.

New advances in this area have included Xia Tablet, a server based solution offering tablet gaming in a live environment. The system allows gamers to play live gaming tables on a touch screen tablet device throughout the gaming venue, subject to gaming regulations. Xia Tablet is the perfect solution for delivering extra capacity and gaming to traditionally non-gaming areas such as bars, restaurants, and smoking terraces. It enhances electronic revenue by giving flexibility during busy periods, offering increased player positions without the need for additional staffing levels.



At Alfastreet we take great pride in all of our products, as we feel that each of them reflects our pursuit for the best innovative solutions, superior craftsmanship and total adaptability to our client’s needs.

Our signature single terminal design has been around for a while now and has become the reference product all over the business. Its level of adaptability, flawless ergonomics and undisputed quality has made it a benchmark for excellence in gaming. Over the years we’ve been constantly improving all aspects in order to provide maximum comfort and usability for the players as well as reliability for the clients. The latest incarnation is the  Alfastreet single terminal SL R1 with a huge 23” screen and beautiful presence, which made it one of the most popular terminals on casino floors of the world. The machine can be arranged in different settings and connected to almost infinite number of electronic or live cylinders, depending on casino layout and client’s wishes. It incorporates the special option “Multigame” and “Simultaneous play”, which enables a player to choose from a great variety of Alfastreet-developed games (Roulette, Sic Bo, Craps, Baccarat, Dragon vs Tiger, Big Six, various versions of Poker, Derby and more). Unique simultaneous betting option enables double play at the same time (courtesy of the big 23” touch screen), therefore maximizing the enjoyment of the player.

The patented solution for combining the live table outcomes enables the players to choose simultaneous betting option also in combination with live roulette wheel, which can be viewed through optional monitors on the terminal or video walls. Our efforts to strive for the highest level, complete customization and adaptation to our client’s needs has led us in preparation of a special, “buffed” version which was seen on this years G2E show in Las Vegas, one of the most important events in the industry. The terminal has received a brand new prestigious wood inserts, special color scheme and for the first time; fully adjustable RGB LED lighting with the added capability of individual control.
Both “Multigame” and “Simultaneous play” features are also available on our other products, the signature 8-station roulette R8 and the versatile table tops. The table tops are a very convenient and practical possibility to extend the gaming option and enjoyment to the other casino spaces – its light and versatile design enables our clients to put it on casino bars or in more restricted spaces, not renouncing to any of the options our other terminals provide.

At Alfastreet anticipation for the upcoming ICE London in February is rising, as we cannot wait to reveal to the world the latest versions of our products and some big surprises!


G5 HD Bubble Generator with Keno / Pop N Poker game
The G5 HD Bubble Generator is a newly developed electromechanical generator which generates results for our Pop’N Poker and Keno games. Balls that come out of the center tube of the generator fall through openings around the cone and trigger the sensor, which displays the result with accompanied LCD display. With this approach the generator is capable of displaying a large number of results very quickly. Several different games can be played at the same time. Interblock currrently supports Pop’N Poker and different variations of Keno game, which offers a huge posibilities of Bingo games


IB Hologram Gaming IBHG is based on 3D technology, which provides a new way of projecting video to create the illusion of life-size, full color, 3D moving images. It’s a stand-alone gaming machine, connected with up to 5 Play Stations. The mind of the audience creates the 3D illusion. Interblock offers two different options:
IBHG with 46’’ LCD generator and 3 G5 Play stations
IBHG with 55’’ LCD generator and 5 G5 Play stations

IB-HGL is the first gaming platform to combine gaming, entertainment and advertising into one spectacular experience. Interblock Hologram Gaming Lounge (IB-HGL) is an innovative  gaming solution which incorporates Interblock gaming devices and a high definition Holographic video projection system.
IB-HGL enables simultaneous gaming interaction and advertising on a single stage. The IBHGL stage can also be a very effective attraction for concerts and other shows. IB-HGL is the perfect media for Jackpot promotions, invitations, and information display. Holographic objects can be dressed or colored in sponsor colors and sponsor advertising can be attractively displayed during  game play.
Two games are currently available: Baccarat and Multihand Blackjack.

G5 HD Mini Roulette

Mini product line consists of Mini Roulette and Mini Dice. These new products will incorporate all of the features of G4 Roulette & Dice products, however in a much smaller diameter – approx. 2m (6.5 ft.). Pay systems include all known Bill Acceptors and Ticket printers, and both Single Zero Roulette and Double Zero Roulette are available.
The product incorporates all the features of the G4 Organic Roulette, as well as a color adjustable illuminated armrest. Players benefit from a mystery progressive Jackpot system (Golden Chip), fast result detection, additional Side Bets and excellent roulette wheel visibility. Newly added features and an ergonomically designed surface provide the G5 HD Mini with an imposing look on the casino floor.