Mr Gamble and PartnerMatrix join forces

Mr Gamble has secured a partnership with PartnerMatrix. Under the deal, Mr Gamble will add all of PartnerMatrix’s casino brands to its site. Mr Gamble currently has more than 27 PartnerMatrix casinos and a total of 930 casinos listed on its site, with new brands added each week.

Mr Gamble and PartnerMatrix will also collaborate to identify, highlight and overcome issues that can arise between affiliates and their operator partners, and drive awareness of these across the industry. This includes concerns around security and transparency, specifically relating to the platforms and back offices that affiliates use to track clicks, FTDs and revenues. PartnerMatrix has developed an Anti-Fraud Intelligence tool to assist with this. Mr Gamble and PartnerMatrix will also discuss these issues and challenges across a series of articles that will be posted on the PartnerMatrix website and published across the B2B iGaming media.

Silver Portugov, chief business officer at Mr Gamble, said: “A major factor in the success of an online casino affiliate is the brands that they recommend to their players – they must be reputable and offer an unrivalled experience and that is certainly the case when it comes to PartnerMatrix.

“But we wanted to take our relationship to the next level by identifying some of the issues encountered between affiliates and operators and then work together on how they can be overcome. Of course, we wish to share these learnings with the wider industry.”

Levon Nikoghosyan, CEO of PartnerMatrix, said: “Mr Gamble is one of our top affiliate partners so we wanted to strengthen this relationship for the benefit of both businesses as well as the online casino brands that use our solution.

“We are also looking forward to working closely with the Mr Gamble team when it comes to tackling issues around security and transparency, as well as other emerging trends, and to bring these topics to the attention of a much wider audience.”