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Continuity & Support for Gaming Payment Systems

Now in their fifth decade of continuous operation in the global Gaming Sector, the Eurocoin team are justifiably valued by their many clients for the quality of their service during momentous changes in payment methods & technologies. Few companies have provided continuous service from the era of the mechanical coin mechanism and gaming token, all the way through to our current world of ApplePay and contactless cards…but Eurocoin can certainly tick that box!

The company has expanded their sales, service and support operations considerably across Europe during these years, and now has office locations in 11 different cities. “As our name confirms, we continue to be immersed in the business of payment processing!” explained Gaming Divisional Manager Nathalie Redon, whose own 20+ year journey with Eurocoin has coincided with the industry’s transition from coin-in -coin-out to the current range of mobile and electronic payments. “Our business has evolved continuously to keep up with and reflect the changing demands of the gaming sector’s preferred payment solutions. What started with coins & tokens has now already moved through bank notes & TITO and into the full mobile-pay & contactless era. And Eurocoin remains right here beside our customers, providing products, experience and technical back-up, every step of the way!”

The pathway towards cashless gaming has not been straightforward & nor has it been universally adopted. However, the Eurocoin product range has been carefully selected to meet both operational and compliance requirements. Of course, the gaming operators’ preferred payout method continues to be TITO – Ticket In, Ticket Out. After more than 15 years of dominance, this system continues to be popular with players and venues alike, and forms a core part of Eurocoin business. “Our extensive partnership with the inventors of the slot machine ticket – Slot-Tickets Inc – continues to be hugely successful,” confirmed Redon. “Whilst lower grade, non-approved paper tickets are being marketed now, our own clients quite correctly prefer to protect their businesses by staying with Eurocoin – their established, trusted supply partner. None of our clients want to experience the type of printer and bill acceptor jams & problems that are associated with tickets that do not meet the Kanzaki TO-381N quality standard.”

New payment product introductions naturally form an important part of Eurocoin’s working life, and 2017 is no exception. “A number of hard- working bill acceptors and TITO Printers are scheduled to go end-of-life in the near future” explained Redon, “and right now we are very busy introducing clients to all the benefits of the new GEN5 Ticket Printer”. As an Authorised Sales & Service partner for JCM Global across Europe, the Eurocoin team sell, support and repair the entire range of JCM bill acceptors and printers, providing essential spare parts and return-to-base service for UBA, iVIZION, iPRO, GEN2U and all the other JCM core components. “This type of support is greatly valued by our customers, especially during the challenges of new currency introductions, such as the new 50 Euro note, or the emergence of fraud notes,” added Redon. Overall, then, Eurocoin remains a forward-focused business that continuously extends support and assistance to gaming operators and OEMs seeking an established and reliable B2B supplier. In this vital area of payment processing and technologies, the company has an almost unrivalled experience, and continues to be the first-choice supply partner of leading companies across the gaming industry.

Innovative Technology NV200 Spectral

The most technically advanced note validator in its class!

The NV200 Spectral is a highly secure and technologically advanced banknote validator. State of the art spectral sensors offer complete note image capture by scanning over 4.8 million datapoints to authenticate the validity of notes. The unit boasts 99%+ first time acceptance of new and street grade notes with a note to note processing time of two seconds.

The unit contains a number of security features including new optical anti-trimming technology that delivers outstanding fraud protection. The NV200 Spectral’s cutting-edge note centring mechanism, together with four-way barcode acceptance bring the user exceptional note handling and increased ticket acceptance rates. Add-on modules are available; SMART Payout to allow superior mixed denomination note recycling or SMART Ticket to allow ticket in/ ticket out capabilities. The NV200 Spectral has received independent validation from the European Central Bank (ECB), Bank of England (BoE) and the Central Bank of Russia (CBR).

Crown Tec

Crown SlimChange: optimal cash handling for your casino and arcade business

One of the biggest challenges regarding payment solutions is to implement cashless concepts e.g. TITO / CITO. Not because the technology isn`t ready, much more because operators do not yet understand the positive effects of this new solution. Nevertheless many operators are interested in their own specific solution for the connection with AWPs, slots and jackpots installed in their arcades or casinos. This is always a question regarding the standard we offer and the unique solution they want to implement. In this case we have to find the best solution for every requirement that guarantees a sophisticated solution with the right price tag.

Speaking about the best solution, there is still a clear trend for compact, customized machines which are no all in one solution but highly reliable and characterised by their ease of use. Crown Technologies will further invest in product development for its cash management business and the optimal customisation of its existing SlimChange products to further meet the needs of operators and guests. On the one hand we are offering clear concepts for specific markets but on the other hand we develop and offer modular concepts that are configured to the specific requirements in the arcades and casinos.

We believe that TITO applications will increase worldwide. Many aspects speak in favour of playing without money while the player remains anonymous at the same time: A perfect combination for operators of casinos and arcades, but also for the player himself. Using TITO systems has a couple of advantages for arcades and casinos. First, using a TITO system reduces the amount of tied capital. Secondly the gaming equipment does not have to be filled with money. This provides a higher level of security, takes pressure off the service staff and thus improves the overall service. And last but not least a TITO system reduces waiting times and offers a high degree of discretion. In our experience the result is often an increase in sales. But there will be a place for hard cash in the casino, too. There are still players who like to play with hard cash because it’s part of their gaming experience. But more and more they seem to realize, that cashless gaming is a very safe, comfortable and anonymous way to play. The acceptance for cashless gaming is growing. Because of that, Crown Technologies is penetrating markets all over the world – for example we have around 300 installations of SlimChange in the UK, mostly in arcades e.g. Talarius and Luxury Leisure, but in the casino sector, too. They are very reliable and doing a perfect job 24 hours, seven days a week as a part of a TITO solution for more than two years. Currently we have some test-systems in Argentina as well. And of course Crown doesn’t stop developing SlimChange. Right now we are planning to implement new interfaces for TITO and cashless Solutions with our SlimChange. Currently we have implemented the IGT interface System2Go/Qpon Cash. But our development team is still working on new cash systems and cash concepts that we will present in the near future. With our Crown SlimChange, customers will always be prepared to meet future changes.


Microcoin and Global Bill Acceptor (GBA) are well established brands that are recognised within many markets worldwide. Manufactured and distributed by Astrosys International Ltd, the versatility of the coin and note validator range on offer ensures that a wide arena of applications are supported, providing reliable and cost-effective solutions for the casino, gaming and amusement sectors.

The UK operation, Astrosystems Ltd, is based in Oxfordshire, and efforts are focused on sales, support and service to EMEA. The Company specialises in the currency handling business, and has done for over 20 years.

When considering a reliable and robust coin mechanism for the casino market, the Microcoin QL is well known, and unrivalled. This product offers a high speed multi-coin and token validator, with a significant global presence, being specified as the default product in some of the world‘s most prestigious casino machines. The Microcoin QL is award winning, with particular recognition given to the high speed validation – up to 10 coins per second. Alongside this benefit, the coin mechanism offers a strong protective barrier against fraud attempts.

Astrosystems Ltd is also able to offer the Microcoin H2S, a revolutionary four-way coin sorter which works hand in hand with the Microcoin QL, providing the market with the first truly high speed multiple sorting option.

With the recent launch of the new £1 coin, Astrosystems Ltd were prepared well in advance, with versions of software available for both the Microcoin QL and the Microcoin SP, enabling existing customers to upgrade their machines in plenty of time. For those who have still to carry out the software update, the data files can be obtained from Astrosystems Ltd at any time. If preferred, the update can be completed by the After Sales Team situated in Oxfordshire. For further details, either call the office on +44(0)1235 772201, or email

Whilst Astrosystems Ltd will always remain focused on customer satisfaction, the team of engineers based in Australia and China, are continuing with ongoing product development. Going forward, the group of companies intend to provide customers, current and future, with an even greater range of products.

Crane Payment Innovations

CPI Continues to Expand EASITRAX Cash Management System

EASITRAX Web is a recent software extension of EASITRAX Soft Count, the RFID- based cash management system from CPI that is now installed in more than 200,000 games worldwide. Like EASITRAX Soft Count, EASITRAX Web works by gathering data from multiple SC note acceptors and funnelling that information into a secure remote database that can be accessed to track revenues, analyse slot performance and, ultimately, make smarter and more profitable business decisions. What differentiates EASITRAX Web from the standard Soft Count package, though, is that it provides even more flexibility and control to operators. The data it collects can still be used to streamline the drop process, facilitate asset evaluations and conduct preventative maintenance programs. EASITRAX Web simply makes it easier to import that data, and convert it into customizable reports, from anywhere in the world with secure intranet access. It also has the functionality to grant security levels.

A new Proactive Maintenance Alerts feature for EASITRAX allows operators to set their own ideal performance thresholds for their fleet of note acceptors and, later, receive automated email notifications based upon these critical metrics. This feature helps operators save time and interpret data so problems can be identified and prevented before they even occur.

CPI continues to expand the EASITRAX system with new features and functionality not just for Casinos but also for a wider range of Gaming markets – including VLT networks and route operations. In fact, thanks to a set of new reporting features that create efficiencies in distributed environments, EASITRAX is now being rolled out in massive numbers to VLT operations throughout Europe.

By continually expanding the functionality of EASITRAX, CPI continues to empower its customers with new ways to become more profitable and efficient.

Cummins Allison

What product innovations are driving growth in the cash handling sector?

One of the key drivers at the moment is the increased demand for the leisure and gaming industry to be able to process cash as well as T.I.T.O. (ticket in ticket out) tickets. Our JetScan iFX range can process notes and tickets in a single pass.

Are there any specific products that are performing well at present from your portfolio, and if so why?

Building on the success of the JetSortcoin sorting range, Cummins Allison now have a similar
extensive range of desktop note counters and sorters – ranging from our JetCount note counters for processing and batching notes of single denominations; to our JetScan iFX note scanners, capable of counting and sorting mixed denominations of up to 10 different currencies. They are ideal for processing notes and tickets from slot machines, change machines, ATMs, and recirculation within the arcade or casino.

How do you see the growth of contactless payments affecting the gaming industry, and what steps are Cummins Allison taking in relation to this?

It’s good for customers to have a choice in their payment methods, and from our experience in talking to our customers, people use a range of different payment methods depending on the situation. However, despite the increase in the use of digital payments, demand for coin and note sorters and counters is as strong as ever. As a major supplier of note counting equipment within the leisure and gaming industry, we have also seen how TITO has become a growth area. By working closely with the major players within the industry, we have developed note counters that can help process TITO tickets as well as notes; either standalone, or by interfacing them with slot-tracking systems to help reconcile and clear the tickets.

What impact do you feel the new coins and notes entering circulation have had on the sector, does it represent an opportunity for operators to upgrade as much as anything?

The release of the new £1 coin (in the UK) has had a huge impact on our customers as the dimensions of the coin were significant enough to affect the way in which all of the coin mechanisms in their machines authenticated and identified the coins, to the point that they either required an upgrade or needed to be replaced altogether. Likewise, the introduction of polymer notes not only meant that all the equipment required a software upgrade, but it brought about ‘static’ issues whereby existing note counting equipment also required additional hardware to counteract the static, which led our customers to either upgrade or replace their machines. We started communicating with our customers two years before the new currencies were introduced to ensure their businesses were ready and had a smooth switch-over.

Whatever the currency sorting and counting requirements of your business, we can provide a fast, accurate and reliable solution combined with excellent customer service and support. Change doesn’t have to be hard.

Paul Clay, Sales Manager

Giesecke & Devrient

Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) is one of the world’s leading providers of premium products and system solutions for banknote processing, offering an outstanding level of quality and ensuring true sustainability and durability. The BPS B1 is a smart and reliable solution that integrates perfectly into your workflow.

The BPS B1 is the ideal addition to any cash processing operation. It is highly versatile, easy and convenient to oper-ate, and supports an exceptional range of use cases. It can be readily configured for specific applications and offers rigorous security despite low processing costs.

The B1 is a great machine for cage environments because of its low cost and smaller footprint, but G&D has solutions for casinos of any size, big or small.

The BPS B1 offers:
• Secure authentication and value verification
• Rapid sorting by denomination, series, and orientation • Multicurrency processing for up to ten currencies (opt.) • Serial number reading (opt.)
• Barcode reader/TITO (opt.)
• Check processing (opt.)

The BPS B1 is powerful and compact. It combines ease of use with a small footprint, low weight, and high economic efficiency.

It also features:
• User-friendly color LCD
• Ergonomic buttons for simple selection of available operating modes, e.g. “count” and “sort”
• Fast machine availability
• Easy opening of the entire transport path
• Counts up to 1,000 BN/min.

Authenticity detection up to 1,000 BN/min.                                                                                                                    • Fitness detection up to 700 BN/min.                                                                                                                             • Serial number reading up to 700 BN/min.                                                                                                                    • Barcode reading up to 600 BN/min.                                                                                                                               • Feed capacity of 500 BN with continuous feed

Cash Support

After successfully introducing the CTM-ONE in 2016, Cash Support BV also developed the CTM-CD as a very small footprint terminal for complete cash desk transactions on the gaming floor.

The CTM-CD can be configured for smartcard, tickets and coin transactions.

• Tickets to Cash / Cash to tickets • Cash to Cards / Cards to cash
• Coins to Banknotes
• Banknotes to coins                                                                                                                                                               • Plus hand-pays and jackpot payouts.

It works in a similar way to the CTM-ONE but for a very competitive price and with a compact design.

In the last year Cash Support BV has proven to provide excellent support and service something which is essential to operate the equipment 24/7. That’s why the Cash Support motto is: ‘Uptime is the name of OUR game’! Next to very interesting project pricing Cash Support also offers rental possibilities, so it’s one monthly price for the CTM device including service and support.

Please ask for an offer and you will be surprised. We will showcase our new line of products at the Gambling Indaba, Johannesburg, South Africa, G2E in Las Vegas, and the Totally Slot Summit in Tallinn.


The roots of SUZOHAPP lie in gaming and the company was founded over 50 years ago in Holland. This enduring success stems from continued innovation, the most diverse product range in the industry and an excellent team that has very close links with both manufacturers and operators. SUZOHAPP reached out to casino operators many years ago to provide them direct support and advice. At the end of the day, many components fitted in slot machines are provided by SUZOHAPP. Thanks to this focus, casino operators can make better use of their gaming machines. Furthermore, the rate of technology transfer has increased as the SUZOHAPP team places much focus in ensuring that casino operators are well informed and trained on the latest innovations. This generally increases the acceptance level by operators who then in turn make quicker use of the latest solutions as they understand the value behind this for their customers and know that their team has been fully trained by SUZOHAPP.

SUZOHAPP is not only the global gaming industry’s leading provider of components and spare parts that include toppers, printers, monitors, touchscreens, locks, buttons and chairs. SUZOHAPP is a leader in payment systems. These include the SUZOHAPP casino-style MFL banknote reader, the Comestero RM5 electronic coin validator and the Evolution, Cube and Flow coin hoppers. The Comestero change machines provide excellent value for money. The SCAN COIN brand offers coin and banknote counting/sorting machines in the widest available range in the market. The CashComplete brand represents entire money-processing machines. There are three specific segments here: SDS (Smart Deposit Systems), SPS (Smart POS Systems) and RCS (Recycling Cash Systems). SUZOHAPP has a dedicated website for CashComplete at Here operators can find the right solutions for their needs and learn how these extremely secure machines can increase efficiency.


Using over 24 years of experience in the cash handling sector and in consultation with customers (and potential customers), GeWeTe have now introduced the Cash Center Compact – Casino.

This new model uses proven PC technology and many of the features of some of its other popular models, which are used throughout the World in a wide range of applications.

The high security compact cabinet special feature is its large note capacity offering up to 12,000 notes across four cassettes this was especially a request from the Casino sector who wanted up to four denominations of banknotes to be dispensed while maintain a large capacity.

Along with note dispensing the Cash Center Compact – Casino can also be fitted with up to four hoppers offering a coin capacity of approximately 4,000 coins and up to four denominations allowing tickets to be paid out in face value depending on the lowest denomination used.

In additional, or as an alternative to coin hoppers this model can also be fitted with a Ticket printer offering a “live” TITO ticket to be dispensed so low value credits can be dispensed as a ticket.
With having a high stock capacity this model is fitted with a banknote reader offering Bill Breaking as well as Ticket redemption and has an extended cashbox capacity of up to 1,200 notes / tickets.

The Cash Center Compact -Casino has a full accounting system, receipt / audit printer, remote access, staff Account function and may more features, for further details see our website ( or contact our offices throughout Europe.