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SUZOHAPP provides a complete range of payment solutions, including banknote reading technology, coin handling, changes machines and coin/note counting and sorting machines. Whether playing with coins, notes, tickets or card – SUZOHAPP offers the right solutions. SUZOHAPP has practically all the payment solutions a manufacturer or operator needs with dedicated support and service.

The MFL is a front-load bill reader, meaning that the notes are entered from the front into the multi-sensor technology. The MFL utilises a patented alignment mechanism, so straightening the note and ensuring an even higher true note acceptance rate. The beltless bill path guarantees a very long working life – as corroborated by customers on the gaming floors. The MFL offers all that is needed of an electronic bill reader – a lockable and secured cashbox (for 600 or 1000 notes), the ability to link with multiple protocols and be simply updated (by smart-stick memory card or the machine host).

SUZOHAPP, through Italian subsidiary Comestero offers a wide array of solutions to satisfy change machine requirements with the range of ‘PRO’ Changers such as Dual Coin, Twin Jolly & Easy Pro to name but a few.

Referring to coin acceptance: With well over one million units already produced throughout the years, the Comestero RM5 has been continually developed and the RM5 HD is the multi-coin electronic validator that is ideal for amusement machines.

For gaming machines with pay-out – then SUZOHAPP offers a variety of coin pay-out hoppers – including the FLOW, CUBE and EVOLUTION hoppers. Each has been designed for a specific application.

With so much cash to handle, operators need to be able to efficiently and effectively count and sort their coins and bank notes. SUZOHAPP has a wide range of solutions from SCAN COIN including the DTC9 Coin Counter and Newton Bank Note Counter.

The SCAN COIN DTC9 is the business solution for all requirements revolving around a heavy duty coin sorter, encased in a durable metal casing, it can count up to 600 coins per minute and sort the coins into boxes, bags or coin tubes. Indeed, it counts and sorts up to nine different coin denominations. It incorporates the latest technology and embodies extreme security and quality and unlike other Coin Counters on the market it also authenticates the coins. Furthermore, the SCAN COIN DTC9 is extremely user-friendly. The touchscreen and in-built keyboard ensure that users can easily familiar themselves with it and work quickly and efficiently.

Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology Ltd. (ITL) is a leading provider of cash handling technology and has over 23 years’ experience in the gaming industry. We design and manufacture a broad range of state of the art products for casinos and adult gaming centres, including multi coin hoppers, banknote validators/recyclers and ticket printers. ITL’s flagship product, the NV200 banknote validator delivers market-leading performance at a cost-effective price – making it the ideal solution for gaming operators.

The NV200 banknote validator maximises cash efficiency, offers low cost of ownership and boasts 99%+ field proven acceptance rates. The NV200 is ideal for applications within the casino industry due to its exceptional high volume note handling, security and fraud detection rates.

Andy Bullock, ITL Business Development Manager said “Since its launch, the NV200 has established itself as a key product for the world’s leading manufacturers and operators, and has proved to be a perfect note validation solution for the rigorous demands of the industry. The product is designed for high security, high volume applications and is capable of storing up to 1000 notes in its secure cashbox.”

The modular design of the NV200 allows for the unit to be modified to offer additional features. A note recycler can be attached to the NV200 to form the SMART Payout creating an unrivalled mixed denomination note recycler that maximises cash efficiency and reduces the coin float level required to keep machines operational. Similarly, the SMART Ticket combines the flagship NV200 with a ticket printer module, which can be mounted on the top or rear of the unit for TITO capability, loaded with fan fold or continuous roll tickets.

Andy continued to say “In the latter part of 2016, we will be releasing brand new technology that is set to revolutionise note validation. The technology has been in development for a number of years and will truly demonstrate our core value of innovation.”

Giesecke & Devrient

Large resort casinos usually take in various currencies at each of their operations. Traditionally these receipts used to be processed at different in-house locations, involving the typical downsides of manual handling, moving boxes around, coordination, and wait times. With the availability of high-speed counting and sorting solutions, all cash processes can now be consolidated into one.

With an innovative end-to-end solution, banknotes are counted, identified and authenticated, then sorted by denomination, series, orientation, and fitness for circulation – all in a single run. Gaming tickets are processed in the same run. As an important extra, used player cards and table chips can be shredded if required.

The Giesecke & Devrient system produces customized, intelligent reports which management and accounting can access at any given time, since cash processing is integrated with the casino’s back-office systems. To check on the progress of cash operations, managers and supervisors just need to log in to the server from wherever they are.

Jim Goodwin, Market Segment Director in charge of G&D’s casino business, explained: “Casinos have particularly complex cash processes: often they deal with very large volumes and many different currencies – and everything must be processed extremely fast. In all of those cash operations, security is always a major concern. Now that global competition is getting fiercer, casinos need to look for ways to capture hidden efficiency potentials. Integrating their cash processing is an extremely powerful way to do that.”

When you combine systems and connectivity with the casino’s work-specific processes and room layout, what you have can be highly cost-effective with a surprisingly fast return on investment. Jim added: “One casino we worked with had three cash-processing systems installed. Each month, their count team – 25 people in total – reported 500 hours overtime. With our integrated solution, overtime went down to nil in the first month, and they could almost cut the team in half. Another client, who had 15 people on its count team and another six on the drop team, now works with just one combined team of six people.”


CPI Offering New Maintenance Alerts Feature for EASITRAX Web

EASITRAX Web is a recent software extension of EASITRAX Soft Count, the RFID-based cash management system from CPI that is now installed in more than 200,000 games worldwide.  Like EASITRAX Soft Count, EASITRAX Web works by gathering data from multiple SC note acceptors and funnelling that information into a secure remote database that can be accessed to track revenues and analyze slot performance.  And because cashboxes are no longer tied to specific machines, operators can save 20-30 seconds per cashbox on every drop – routinely resulting in a return on investment in less than one year.

What differentiates EASITRAX Web from the standard Soft Count package, though, is that it provides even more flexibility and control to operators – further strengthening the efficiencies that lead to a quick payback.  The data it collects can still be used to streamline the drop process, facilitate asset evaluations and conduct preventative maintenance programs.  EASITRAX Web simply makes it easier to import that data, and convert it into customizable reports, from anywhere in the world with secure intranet access. It also has the functionality to grant security levels.

Now, CPI has released a new Maintenance Alerts feature for EASITRAX Web that allows operators to set performance thresholds and receive automated notifications based upon these critical metrics. This will help operators save time and interpret data so problems can be identified and prevented before they occur.

By continually expanding the functionality of EASITRAX, CPI continues to empower its customers with new ways to become more profitable and efficient.

Cummins Allison

JetScan iFX i400 Multi-Pocket Sorter

With a highly configurable design that allows 3, 5, 7 and 9 pockets in a vertical configuration and up to 17 pockets in a horizontal configuration, the JetScan iFX i400 multi-pocket sorter is the most flexible sorter on the market. Casinos can realize substantial time savings by using this single, innovative device that can process and sort mixed tickets and cash on a countertop multi-pocket sorter at a rate of 1,000 documents per minute – 39% faster than the closest competitive unit.

In a single pass, the JetScan iFX i400 counts, identifies, authenticates and sorts bills according to denomination, series, facing, orientation, and fitness level. The ability to read and image mixed tickets and cash in a single pass eliminates the need to presort tickets and cash before processing, further enhancing productivity and efficiency. Imaging tickets also allows casinos to eliminate many of the costs associated with ticket storage and lets them quickly and accurately retrieve ticket information at a later date without having to dig through boxes. Featuring the most advanced counterfeit money detection in the industry, patented sensors and analytic software analyze each bill, catching counterfeits that others miss.

An intuitive touch-screen display lets users change operating modes or pocket configurations with the touch of a button, making the system versatile yet easy to use. The unique design can arrange up to nine pockets in a space-saving vertical configuration, utilizing significantly less space and effectively providing a high-volume, multi-pocket sorter in a footprint barely larger than a desktop counter. Available internationally, the JetScan iFX i400 is also uniquely upgradable, and its software-defined operating system can grow with your operation, letting you add new feature sets as they become available.


Microcoin and Global Bill Acceptor (GBA) are well established brands that are recognised within many markets worldwide.  Manufactured and distributed by Astrosys International Ltd, the versatility of the coin and note validator range on offer ensures that a wide arena of applications are supported, providing reliable and cost-effective solutions for the casino, gaming and amusement sectors.

The UK operation, Astrosystems Ltd, is based in Oxfordshire, and focuses its efforts on sales, support and service to EMEA.  The Company is a specialist in the currency handling business for over 20 years.

When considering a reliable and robust coin mechanism for the casino market, the Microcoin QL is unrivalled. This product offers a high speed multi-coin and token validator, with a significant global presence, being specified as the default product in some of the world‘s most prestigious casino machines. The Microcoin QL is award winning, with particular recognition given to the high speed validation – up to 10 coins per second. Alongside this benefit, the coin mechanism offers a strong protective barrier against fraud attempts.

Astrosystems Ltd has recently introduced the Microcoin H2S, a revolutionary four-way coin sorter which works hand in hand with the Microcoin QL, providing the market with the first truly high speed multiple sorting option.  Trial samples are available on request.

With the forthcoming launch of the new £1 coin, Astrosystems Ltd is in the process of preparing the updated Microcoin QL and Microcoin SP configuration for the existing field base; it will be available this summer.

Whilst Astrosystems Ltd will remain focused on customer satisfaction, Astrosys International Ltd‘s team of engineers will continue with product development. Our intention is to provide customers, current and future, with an even greater range of products.


Eurocoin now operates seven sales and service offices across Europe. Our regional sales teams are totally focussed on local support for the Casino sector, with payment solutions forming a major part of our commercial activities.

Since 1973 when Eurocoin was founded, payment processing in casino gaming has changed significantly. Our strength, and in particular our value to our clients, is that Eurocoin continues to offer after-sales and support on these more established systems, whilst simultaneously providing good advice and great prices on the very latest technologies. So, Casino operators can still work with us to order a customised gaming token (Yes! This still happens in 2016!), and continue to receive deliveries of coin validators, hoppers, bill acceptors, slot tickets and printers. However, simultaneously we are working with Casino management teams across EMEA to ensure the very latest payment trends are being evaluated, tested and supported – banknote recycling, contactless Smartcards, electronic payments & complete multi- functional redemption kiosks.

We are very grateful to our many casino clients in Europe for the trust they place in us, and continue to work hard to maintain this status. As a multi-product business, here are Eurocoin’s main payment solutions for gaming:

  • Slot Tickets and TITO We are Europe’s leading supplier of licensed, approved slot tickets. We warehouse millions of tickets in our offices across Europe, together with TITO printers and accessories. Overnight delivery or click & collect is our typical standard service
  • Bill Acceptors & Recyclers We supply thousands of bill acceptors to casino and gaming operators every year, individually prepared, tested and under warranty. Our regional offices provide service, spares, repairs and new firmware releases for our busy customers
  • Change Machines and TITO Terminals We offer our gaming customers two world-leading brands of kiosks – Thomas and CashIO. These proven products are high-security, rugged and reliable. Our dedicated ‘Eurocoin Systems’ Call Centre team provide real-time professional support for all our clients across the UK and Europe.
  • Smartcards & Systems Our partnership with USA market-leaders in gaming, CardLogix, allows us to help our casino and gaming clients to develop card-based ecosystems that can manage access control, loyalty systems, as well as cash payments. We also supply software and printers to allow casinos to print personalised cards for their players, right at the Customer Service Desk. 
The Eurocoin team are very experienced and can offer helpful guidance on all these major payment systems and products. We hold large quantities of stock in an office near your casino, helpful service engineers to repair & upgrade your products, and a forward-looking commercial team who will always bring you the very latest trends in payment solutions to compare and consider. 
Eurocoin – proud to be your trusted partner across Europe for payment systems.

For further information, please call +44-1707-280028, email or contact your Eurocoin Ltd Account Director.

Cash Support

The casino Redemption Terminal sector has a new name on the market with Cash Support BV recently set up in The Netherlands to fill the void created by Hess Cash Systems’ decision to focus on its core banking sector.

After cordial negotiations with Hess, Martin Grandia from REAC in the Netherlands has bought the rights to all protocols and technical information to enable a new entrant to appear in the casino voucher/card Redemption Terminal (VRT) market.

Cash Support is developing a new VRT called CTM-ONE fort he global casino market, this time free from any constraints and with no need to fit in with a wider portfolio.

Along with Mr. Grandia, Cash Support boasts a familiar name to the casino sector in Erik de Kat, who was the sales director of Hess Cash Systems’ gaming division for more than ten years. Hess’s main business has always been cash handling, and their voucher/card Redemption Terminal Scorpion can be found all over Europe and the world, helping customers change TITO tickets and Smartcard credits into cash without the need for a visit to a manned cash desk.

Mr. de Kat said: “While Hess is a fantastic operator, there is always the issue of focus. With the casino market being a tiny part of what Hess offers worldwide, I felt that there was a better way to service the casino market and I’m delighted to be able to develop this product specifically targeted at casinos, using our 25 years of specific experience to make sure it ticks all the boxes a casino operator might need.”

Servicing has traditionally been somewhat difficult for the casino VRT machines, again, from a global perspective, the small size of the sector makes it difficult to offer a dedicated servicing solution. However, once again Cash Support will be in a great position to make sure sales are followed up with well tuned servicing arrangements, and Mr. de Kat is in position, with Hess’s blessing, to take over servicing of all existing Hess casino equipment as well as new sales of his CTM-ONE product.

He added: “I’m very excited to be able to offer the CTM-ONE to the casino market, operators can be comfortable in the knowledge that it’s designed by professionals, and made with the end user very much in mind, with a servicing support network that I am happy to stand behind.”