JCM brings iVIZION, GEN5 to new Comanche War Pony Casino

The new Comanche War Pony Casino has installed JCM’s iVIZON bill validator and GEN5 Thermal Printer.

The new casino opened with JCM’s iVIZION and GEN5 in each of the property’s 250 slot machines in Devol, Oklahoma. iVIZION and GEN5 are the first step in JCM’s technology roadmap for Comanche War Pony Casino, and JCM will install its ICB Intelligent Cash Box system this summer.

JCM bill validators and thermal printers will be found in all new slots at each Comanche casino. JCM and the tribe have also developed a long-term technology roadmap for each casino in the Comanche Nation Entertainment umbrella that will roll out over the next six months to support the tribe’s goals of enhancing the guest experience, increasing efficiencies, and boosting security at each property.

JCM SVP of sales, marketing & operations Dave Kubajak, said: “We are grateful for our ongoing and deepening partnership with Comanche Nation Entertainment. As we continue to work together, we have found opportunities to create a roadmap with JCM technology that will lay the groundwork for continuing innovation at each casino, and we are excited to play a role in helping the tribe meet and exceed their high standards of customer service.”