Interblock’s games go live at Spirit Mountain Casino

Interblock has installed an Electronic Table Games (ETG) Pit at Spirit Mountain Casino in Grand Ronde, Oregon. Featuring three exhilarating games, the new ETG Pit transports players to the casino floor of the future.

“We are delighted to partner with the Spirit Mountain Casino team to replace one of their Live Pits with our Electronic Table Games Pit,” said Gregg Levine, Interblock Director of Sales – Western Region. “Spirit Mountain Casino will be the first casino in Oregon to feature Interblock’s MiniStar Golden Ball Roulette and Universal Cabinet Blackjack games. The ETG Pit will also include Universal Cabinet Craps.”

MiniStar Golden Ball Roulette offers players a new spin on a fan-favourite. The extra Golden Ball, appearing several times an hour, is an Interblock-exclusive side bet that boosts a player’s winnings by, up to, 350 times if won. Equipped with patented technology and alluring side bets, Golden Ball Roulette amplifies the playing experience.

Universal Cabinet Video BlackjacK features Interblock’s Virtual Dealer which simulates realistic card-dealing to provide players the authenticity of a live table game while driving engagement and excitement. By pressing the, on-screen, “Deal” button or one of three physical buttons on the device, Players start and enjoy the game of Blackjack, at their own pace.

Universal Cabinet Craps, designed with enhanced technological features and an HD touch-sensitive screen, provides players an astounding game of Craps on an individual machine. Players trigger the roll of the dice by using the mechanical button, located front and centre on the PlayStation terminal. The intensity of the roll depends on the player – the more strength the player uses when pressing the mechanical button, the higher the dice jumps.

“We are excited to have this product on our floor,” said Mike Colton, Spirit Mountain Casino slot manager. “Not only is this an opportunity for guests to continue playing when our pit closes for the night, but it also gives players who are not as familiar with table games a chance to learn without live game pressures.”