Insider Tips: The Casino Games With The Biggest Payouts

Online casino games are always expanding their offerings, to the point where there’s so much choice it’s a little difficult to know where to start.

Which can of course be tricky when deciding what to play and building a strategy to make maximum profit.

There are games where you can make bigger profits than others however. Below are some of the more popular games where you’ll find the highest payouts…


Baccarat casino games perhaps aren’t as popular as others but you can enjoy some hefty profits with winning hands.

It’s an excellent game that allows players to bet both on their hand or their opponents hand. It’s particularly popular with high rollers and those looking to earn a profit due to the low house edge of 1.2%, boosting a player’s chance of winning.

The aim of the game is to get to as close to nine as possible and is particularly popular in Asia in the casinos of the likes of Macau and Japan.


Blackjack is a similar card game to baccarat and requires players to get closer to 21 than the dealer.

The game has graced casinos for generations and is one of the more popular to play both online and offline. It’s a simple game which, combined with decent payouts, is why it’s so popular with betting fans all over the world.

By achieving blackjack you’ll generally receive a payout of 3:2 which can prove incredibly profitable.

Payouts for winning are also generally good, which makes it the reason as to why many consider it one of the more profitable to play.

You’ll find it at every online casino worldwide with a range of different variants too, all offering different payouts. They’re well worth checking out and we’d always recommend analysing the game rules to find the most profitable odds.

Slot Machines

You’ll certainly get payouts more regularly when playing online slots, and in some cases, such as progressive slots you can earn millions of dollars.

Players have won tens of millions on slots in the likes of Las Vegas and across the world.

What you can win varies on the slot and what the maximum bet is. Different slots have differing numbers of paylines, although for the most part you’re depending on luck in comparison to the likes of baccarat, poker and blackjack which require a little more skill and candid betting.

You’re always more likely to earn a big win by playing the maximum bet and in the case of a progressive jackpot, you can only win that when you’ve played the maximum bet.

You can win regularly and big with slots though. Before playing any though, check the paylines and the terms of betting you need to adhere to in order to establish how to maximise your profits.