IGT among top-ranking participants in All-In Diversity Project report

IGT has been recognized by the All-In Diversity Project (AIDP) as one of the highest-ranking participants in AIDP’s 2019 All -Index report, an annually published benchmarking tool that measures the global gaming and betting industry’s progress toward inclusion in the workplace.

Of the 26 entities from around the world that participated in the 2019 survey, IGT received the second-highest score out of 100, with only a five-point difference from the top-ranked participant. IGT’s ranking represents a significant increase compared to its ninth-place results among 25 respondents in the AIDP’s inaugural 2018 report.

“The latest All-Index results demonstrate that IGT has made significant progress advancing our goal of creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace,” said Kim Barker Lee, IGT Vice President, Inclusion and Diversity. “While there’s still much work to do, the success of ongoing initiatives like our internal diversity training for executives, employee Diversity and Inclusion groups, and our regional and global Diversity and Inclusion councils prove that with a holistic, company-wide approach and the support of the highest levels of leadership, it’s possible to foster a more inclusive and equitable culture, which ultimately creates a more competitive and successful organization.”

“We congratulate IGT on their second-place ranking in the 2019 All-Index and commend them for their transparency and eagerness to share best practices and areas for improvement,” said Kelly Kehn, Co-Founder of the All-in Diversity Project.“With two reports completed, we now have a tangible set of data showing what diversity, equality, and inclusion looks like in practice, and IGT’s rapid escalation to a top position in the latest index shows that the Company has already been able to achieve substantial D&I goals in just a year.”

Developed in partnership with the Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice at Oxford Brookes University in the UK, the All-Index Report aims to track year-over-year progress by providing an accurate picture of diversity, equality and inclusion across the global gaming and betting sector by collecting data on people, corporate governance, internal policies, recruitment practices, equal pay, employment legislation, company benefits, and advocacy. Organisations elect to participate and voluntarily share their data directly with AIDP, and participation is open to any organization of any size and in any location serving the gaming and betting industry. While participants are not named in the index, the top four highest-ranking respondents agreed to be identified in the 2019 report, which is available at allindiversityproject.com.

AIDP is the first global not-for-profit dedicated to being the central resource for diversity, inclusion and equality for the global gaming and betting sector, and IGT became a Founding Member in 2018