How the casino industry stacks up in 2020: report

Catena Media has conducted a major piece of research into the casino industry in the years leading up to 2020, and the outlook for the sector remains bullish despite challenges around the globe.

The research – which delves deeply into all aspects of the casino segment but particularly the land-based market – looks at gross gaming yield within casino, revealing a huge rise from $50bn in 2001 to $130bn in 2019.

It also highlights global gambling trends by product, with solid growth in sports betting, casino and lotteries, and compares the land-based casino market with online. The size of the online gambling market is expected to more than double from $45.8bn in 2017 to $94.4bn in 2024.

The analysis goes on to reveal the top land-based casinos in the world, the most popular casino games and gambling wins and losses per country.

Joevrem Curmi, Catena Media SEO Product Specialist, said: “We wanted to take a deep dive into the entire casino industry to look back at how all elements of the sector have grown and changed over the past 20 years, as well as how the landscape might evolve in years to come.

“The results are fascinating and although the world is facing some serious challenges at the moment, the outlook is positive for both land-based and online casino as we progress towards the middle of the 21st century.”