Great interest for CasinoFlex Systems’ solutions at ICE

Very busy show – many more contacts made.

CasinoFlex Systems International enjoyed a very busy ICE. Founded only back in 2015, this systems company proves that if you bring new, value-added benefits to the market, then you can succeed.

The success story began in 2015 when the largest gaming operator in Bulgaria turned to CasinoFlex Systems to create a system they needed – which up to that time no other systems company had been able to provide. CasinoFlex Systems provided exactly what this customer needed and today CasinoFlex Systems is one of the largest systems suppliers to the Bulgarian gaming market.

This approach is being repeated now in the global gaming industry and the ICE was the perfect platform for the team to show and indeed demonstrate the difference they can make to the systems market.

Tim Klok and Bas Baarbe

“It’s about offering the right systems solution each and every time”, explained Tim Klok, Managing Director at CasinoFlex Systems International. “We invest much time to ensure we know exactly what system is required. We often speak to a great number of persons in different departments, including slots and table managers as well as responsible management within marketing and finance. In this way we can get a complete picture”.

The systems management system is extremely customer friendly and is thus simple to use. It includes Slot Systems, Table Systems, Multi-site, Jackpots, Player Tracking and System Preview. CasinoFlex Systems can integrate all modern slot machines and older reel-based slots with full SAS support.

“We have seen that our company philosophy is making a difference. Our customers appreciate the time and effort we take to understand their requirements and then create the system around that. On behalf of our whole team, we ‘d like to say a big thank-you to everyone who came to see us at ICE”.