German test for mobile payments

Mobile payment and messaging provider DIMOCO is to collaborate with Maik Klotz, head of new business at software firm Buhl Data Service, on a field test for mobile operator payments in the German market. The payment method is used for digital content via the mobile operator’s bill.
Klotz, who will be the author of the report, has already completed a test of the technology in the retail sector and will now focus on the areas of infotainment, entertainment, ticketing, and software and tools. Based on everyday examples, the test aims to examine mobile payment methods to purchase digital content.
To support the test, DIMOCO will offer its expertise in processing payment transactions via mobile operator billing.
“Everyone is talking about mobile payment but how is it actually used in daily life to purchase digital content, and how does mobile operator billing really work? We’ll have the results in a few days,” Klotz said.