Gary Platt Supplies Chairs for Kentucky Downs Gaming as Part of “Extreme Makeover”

Kentucky Downs is completing, what it has referred to as, an “extreme makeover,” and Gary Platt Manufacturing exclusively supplied chairs for the gaming property as part of the extensive remodel.

On Friday, March 23 Kentucky Downs will celebrate the remodel completion with a large public event at the Racetrack. While there, guests visiting Kentucky Downs will find unsurpassed comfort in Gary Platt chairs, which replaced a competitive product.

“We are excited to welcome guests to the completely remodeled Kentucky Downs. We have worked extremely hard to create a space that truly speaks to what we call America’s most unique horse-racing and gaming venue. Part of that was finding the perfect chairs that would make our guests feel as comfortable as they are in their own homes, and we found the perfect solution with Gary Platt,” said Mike Couch, Senior Director of Gaming for Kentucky Downs Gaming.

Gary Platt’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing Joshua Corrick said, “We were very excited to be chosen to be a part of Kentucky Downs remodel. Working closely with their team, we were able to create a design that is distinctively Kentucky Downs while also delivering the unsurpassed comfort Gary Platt is world- famous for.”

Kentucky Downs chose Gary Platt’s Lido chair, which has a distinctive center stitching on the seat and front with a perfect blend of fashionable, relaxed style and world-class comfort. Like all chairs Gary Platt makes, the Lido is hand-crafted with the highest quality materials, inside and out, including a proprietary injection-molded blend of foam made exclusively for the company.


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