G2E ASIA: The best show in town?

The key to G2E Asia remaining successful isn’t just the calibre of visitors, it’s ensuring the breadth of visitors. It has to be a truly Asian event, not just about Macau, despite its position as the jewel in the region’s gaming crown. So many territories are opening up, legislation is changing, new markets – unique markets – are emerging, and the area needs an event that encompasses all of this, and gets the right people from these regions to attend.
So far, so good. Exhibitor feedback was that the right people attended this year’s iteration, which had both quality and quantity. And product-wise, the field was very strong as many slot suppliers were re-entering the fray having altered their gaming machines to counter the legislative changes in Macau just a couple of years ago.

Alfastreet presented their best and newest products to visitors, who were warmly greeted by the company’s team and were also able to test their products first hand. Alfastreet has been present on the Asian market for many years now. Although the market is known as extremely demanding, their products almost immediately won people over with distinctive design and high quality. For many years they have also been among the most wanted ETG products, and every novelty that the company has presented, encountered a positive feedback. 
Many of Alfastreet’s most beloved and also newest products were presented at this year’s G2E Asia in Macau, like the famous R8 roulette, which was recently renewed, upgraded and offers many additional features. Beside it there were also SL single terminal, WOF and brand new terminal, the Wiky, which is recognizable by its futuristic design, perfect ergonomics and impressive, large screens for players. All the machines were also connected to live and automated games, so visitors were able to test them first hand. Many visitors were also impressed by machine performance and by their perfect ergonomics. The company is passionate about player comfort and it has been one of their guiding principles since they started making gaming equipment. 
This year also marks Alfastreet’s 20th anniversary, which is a great achievement and reflects all the hard work and continuous development that the company has invested in their products. Alfastreet has always been a trendsetter, but to them the most gratifying fact of all is, that the players love to use their products. 
Speaking on attending the show, Sales Director Albert Radman commented: “Our relationship with our clients is what brings us here, gathering and taking some time with them and treating them well, and showing them products we have launched this year like Wiky, which was presented at ICE for the first time.
“WOF is also here in its smaller, 2.5 metre version; people are happy to see our products here and learn more about them but a lot of this event is seeing our existing customers while also enhancing our presence in Asia.
“The show as always has been busy; our clients are happy to visit us here, we don’t feel any difference between previous years and this year.”
Bally’s booth featured some quality licensed slot product, including the highly-recognisable TITANIC video slots, which feature scenes from the film and music from the blockbuster phenomenon. TITANIC integrates many of Bally’s proven play mechanics, four base-game mystery features, and one life-changing top award. The main attraction U-Spin bonus wheel, resembling a ship’s helm, awards credits as well as many bonus features – Heart of the Ocean Free Games, Make It Count Free Games, the Pick Up Feature, and the Safe Bonus.
Pro Wave cabinet was also on show, with its 40-inch concave high-definition monitor. Bally will display three new exciting games developed specifically for the Wave to take full advantage of its advanced features, Fu Dao Le, Super Red Phoenix, and Super Rise of Ra. Also on the Wave was Aztec Dawn, a new title featuring the Reel Blast play mechanic. 
The Equinox cabinet featured Emperor’s Seal, a new three-level linked progressive with two Block Pays-style Asian-themed games. Beijing Opera and Forbidden Beauty feature exciting jackpot celebration animations and stacked symbols to deliver an exceptional play experience. 
Elsewhere on the stand, SHFL’s products could be seen including the new TableMaster FUSION, featuring the Chinese version of Ultimate Texas Hold’em with a Mandarin-speaking dealer. TableMaster FUSION features a high-definition 72” LCD display with attractive virtual dealers, 22” widescreen player terminals with touchscreen betting, enhanced graphics, and multiple side bets. 
A Bally spokesperson told us: “This is the first time we have introduced the Asian dealer on Tablemaster Fusion to this market; it’s been a lot of work to implement this, and the demonstration at the show features Ultimate Texas Hold’em. It’s really the first time we have used specific dealers to target the players in a given region. Feedback has been positive.
“As this is considered a slot device on the casino floor, but it’s playing a table game, it’s a way for an operator to work around a table cap and also helps reduce labour; it can deal 24 hours a day with no break, needs no supervision, no pit boss… There are many benefits.” 

Bingo specialists Zitro also attended what the company describes as “the most important event in the gaming sector on the Asian continent.” The presentation of Zitro Revolution 2014 aroused great interest among the public attending and has generated major business opportunities for Zitro in the Asian market.
Vice President, Sales & Market Development – International, Iain London, said: “Our staging at G2E Asia has positioned us as the leading Video Bingo company in Asia as well and reinforces our steps in accordance with the company’s international expansion strategy.”
The stars of the Zitro show at G2E were the new features in ZR14, notably the new community bonuses and the new functionality, as well as the new games intended for the international market and the latest generation Blackwave platforms.
In short, Zitro’s visit to G2E Asia was a frankly positive experience and bodes extremely well for the company’s future in the Asian market.

Sega Sammy Creation made their debut at G2E Asia with a large, impressive stand and some exciting products for Asia. The Japanese company unveiled Sic Bo Bonus Jackpot, as Shunsuke Nakamura, General Manager, PR explained: “Sic Bo Bonus Jackpots allows the player to bet on a game every 30 seconds. Three dice are suspended in tubes in front of the players by a cushion of air, and when no more bets is signalled on the player terminal, the air cuts out so the dice is rolled as it falls; this is called DFS, or Dice Flotation System. The bets are very simple, and the interface is easy to pick up for players. The system also includes a progressive jackpot, which includes players at different levels depending on their bets – so it is not a side bet, just an added bonus for the player to increase their wager.
“You can play three games on one machine, depending on your choices; the hardware can support different games depending on your choice and the back-office set-up.”
Shunsuke added: “The product is very new and this show is the first time it has been shown in the area; we are a Japanese company but this will work all across Asia.  
“Sega is famous for its video games, and the company would like to put the essence of their video games into casino machines to make players happy.”

Austria’s AMATIC Industries brought their renowned GRAND JEU DOUBLE to Asia, a complete electronic roulette manufactured of the highest quality. It has two built-in roulette wheels that are housed together in a very special design, offering ten seating positions. Only the best has been incorporated including the key components to make sure that players can enjoy long-standing roulette gaming fun. Operators know that with the GRAND JEU DOUBLE from AMATIC Industries, they have everything they need in one unit. It even includes four large-screen monitors to provide all the necessary statistics. Naturally the four screens can be used for advertising purposes as well.
This unique electronic roulette is the perfect eye-catcher for larger casinos, so can be placed in prominent position. Casinos in Macau are just the right types of gaming locations for GRAND JEU DOUBLE.
In addition to this, AMATIC Industries showcases its Multi Game solutions in the latest and extremely attractive cabinet called the ‘Performer’. The Performer has made a strong name for itself in Europe and is now being brought to Asia.
“We have over twenty years of experience in developing and manufacturing gaming solutions”, noted Mr. Thomas Engstberger, sales manager at AMATIC Industries. “Our key to success is the innovation we bring to the market – our customers know they can source products and solutions that will stand out in their operations. Our reputation for quality and machine longevity speaks for itself. We wish to thank all the visitors to our stand at the G2E Asia”.

Gaming Partner International’s Kirsten Clark enthused about the event, saying: “It’s been a very busy event. It seems it has been non-stop with key people coming through. We attend these events to support the industry, we have ongoing meetings with our customers, though it’s partly about new customers of course.”
The focus for the company was on currency products, with security and efficiency at the forefront of their developments. Kirsten added: “Our J3 jeton is a really innovative product we developed in collaboration with a key customer in Macau. It’s very similar to a French jeton but we have innovated to give it a form factor more similar to an American shaped chip. One of the issues with traditional jetons is they are awkward to handle; these now handle better, and stack more cleanly. We’ve also added some unique security features such as LaserTrack in the edges, so they can be easily authenticated in stacks and racks.”
That’s not all: GPI has taken traditional UV security and improved it – then improved is again. Kirsten elaborated: “UV has been around as a security feature for some time, but the longer a feature exists in the market, the less secure it becomes. UV used to be very common and secure, so a couple of years ago we introduced 4C UV which uses the same type of device but is more intricate and much harder to replicate; to date it has not been counterfeit. This year, we are introducing three in one. It doesn’t react under the normal wavelength so it is basically undetectable; but the new wavelength light also detects standard UV, so it can be implemented in a replacement cycle with standard UV which still has some operational value.
“Another feature we are showing here is Secure Film, a semi-transparent hologram, and we are showing standard designs here at G2E to give people an idea of how it looks. It has both visible and invisible security features, for example there is a visual validation point, plus microscopic elements, and different effects as it is rotated. It’s easy for a dealer to validate this kind of chip.
“We’re also showing a full suite of RFID products aimed at adding efficiency as well as security and productivity while eliminating human error.”

Following its plan for expansion into the international markets, Spanish gaming giant Recreativos Franco showed its highlighted products and novelties adapted to the Asian market, including the SIC-BO game which already revolutionised the London show held last February and the last Madrid show. In addition, and following on the footsteps of this quality line, Recreativos Franco showed the company’s most successful slot machines with TOMBOLA ROULETTE and the spectacular BINGO BOMBO.
In the cabinet innovation arena, RECREATIVOS FRANCO showed a new slant top, plus a new cabinet for TOMBOLA ROULETTE, the exclusive multistation for SIC-BO and BINGO BOMBO, the Constellation series with five reels and additional games in video-video and physical reels versions with the CONFIDENTIAL and TREASURE HUNT games; and the S21 AT cabinet (5 REELS) including GOLDEN EIGHTS and GOLDEN SPHINX. 
R Franco is a company well known for innovating, and it will be to Asian gaming’s benefit in the coming years. 

Giesecke & Devrient, the currency-handling experts, have product that is ideally suited to Macau casinos, considering the amount of notes passing through their count rooms. Jim Goodwin looks after the company’s casino portfolio and they are gaining traction in Asia, with several high-profile installations coming up. Jim spoke highly of the event, saying: “G2E is very important to us, to give exposure to what we bring to the casino market in Asia. As we know, this market is still expanding and we have been concentrating on Asia quite a bit, with some success. Exciting things are happening for us in this sector. 
“If Japan comes to pass it will be interesting to see what Korea does, if they might open their casinos up to locals; and to see what happens elsewhere like Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Sri Lanka. We’re working and watching all of those developments, this will be a very important region for us.
“One property in Asia is talking about accepting six different currencies within a slot machine; it will be really interesting to see how that might work in the count room. With the kind of things we can do because we print money and our experience in banking, we’re looking forward to challenges like that.”

Novomatic exhibited alongside local partner Jade Gaming, with the internationally-renowned Dominator cabinet leading the line. Equipped with a selection of multigame mixes, the cabinet was used to show off two different jackpot concepts. The MAGIC JOKER Jackpot could be seen on the six LCD screens of large double-sided jackpot sign S655 while the hybrid jackpot JEWELS FACTORY Jackpot demonstrated the flexible jackpot display option on the Dominator’s 18” TFT topper.
The company’s NOVO LINE Interactive mixes were shown on the attractive NOVOSTAR VIP slant top, complete with the luxurious Crown V.I.P. chair with integrated sound system and start button located in the arm rest. In combination with the FLIPSCREEN functionality, that transfers the game screen onto the giant 46” LCD screen, this slant top guarantees a unique gaming experience.
Panther Roulette, which follows Novomatic’s Pinball Roulette, could be seen in two iterations. Panther Roulette comes with a new Start button on the right side of the hand rest for increased player comfort. Panther Roulette II additionally features a second 32” full HD screen in a vertical position on top of the machine and in an ideal position for the slot gaming offering. Both versions are available with a comprehensive multi-game offering of 23 HD video slot games. 
As ever with Novomatic, there was a lot more on show for visitors to enjoy at the event.

TCSJOHNHUXLEY had a lot to shout about at G2E Asia, with a huge installation of their Gaming Floor Live product hitting a major Asian gaming venue. Steve Babister, Product Manager, told us: “We’ve been working on Gaming Floor Live for a year or so; we launched it on Roulette and we have been working with a major Asian operator to deploy it imminently.
“We’ve deployed it on nearly 900 tables in Asia with that operator on multiple sites, and by the end of the year it should be over 1100 tables on both Roulette and Sic Bo.
“Gaming Floor Live is scalable to very large sites but fewer tables is also not a problem. The product was already in existence and we have been working with the operator to tailor it to aspects of their operational requirements. For us as an operation, if it works in Macau it will work globally. It will be proving itself in a very demanding market.”
So what does it actually do? Steve explained: “It’s an optimisation tool, and the setup for this operator is about dealer accountability. There are elements of the game that the operator can work out how long it is taking dealers to execute. They’re not working out how much is bet or where, they can now, with Gaming Floor Live, work out time frames inbetween and that’s where they are looking to optimise. Just by knocking off a couple of seconds on one dealer, multiplied by that number of tables, that is a massive turnaround. 
“The operator asked us to help them make their tables more efficient and perform properly; they think the increase in turnover across a year if we can save a second per hand dealt will be huge – with just one second. If you can knock off two seconds, or three… we are seeing increases beyond one second for the operator already. Dealers know they are accountable, and the operator can based reward structures around how well they deal, and supervisors know if their dealers are better, they can be rewarded too, so everyone has a goal and they perform better overall.”
It’s products like this – ones that seek to streamline rather than revolutionise – that will be the key to casino profit growth in the immediate future, and TCS appear to be leading the way.

Crane Payment Innovations [CPI] exhibited at G2E Asia with its new brand identity, which retains the colour scheme of the MEI brand with the new CPI name. It’s hard to argue against the depth of the company’s offering now that MEI is in the ranks, and the thought of combining MEI’s SC Advance, EASITRAX Soft Count and PPM Advance must be a mouth-watering one for operators.
“G2E Asia provides the ideal stage from which to demonstrate how the robust CPI portfolio can serve such a diverse marketplace while still raising the bar for value and performance expectations on an individual basis,” says Graeme Lewis, CPI vice president Asia Pacific.  “Accordingly, we’ve chosen to highlight the products we know will make the greatest impact on operator profitability and player satisfaction in this region.”
The MEI SC Advance note acceptor is part of a platform that has achieved a field base of nearly one million units across the worldwide Gaming industry.  Equally impressive, nearly 150,000 of those units are coupled with EASITRAX Soft Count, the integrated software/hardware cash management solution that generates operational efficiencies from the slot floor to the back room.  Operators typically receive a return on investment within one year – or faster with the value-added EASITRAX Web feature that enables customized report creation and secure access to that data from anywhere in the world.
“Of the six CPI sub-brands, MEI has achieved the largest ship share across Asia, with major wins across Singapore, the Philippines and Macau,” explains Lewis.  “The CashCode and Money Controls brands also continue to gain momentum in premier gaming jurisdictions.”

One of the most interesting things we saw at G2E Asia was on AMD’s stand, where they presented the benefits of their second-generation AMD Embedded R-Series APU to the industry. The company says the new generation chips can support 3D, 4K, and HD video content, plus support for up to four independent displays. We won’t go into too much technical detail here, but we will be following this up in a future issue with an interview we conducted at the event, with AMD’s team. This could be a genuine game-changer for slot game designers in future. 

Interblock brought their usual enthusiasm to the event, with a larger booth which looked fantastic. The Interblock Hologram Gaming Lounge took pride of place, alongside the new G5 products like like Bubble Generator (with Keno and Pop’n Poker Game), IB-HG Hologram (Baccarat and Multihand BlackJack Game), the award winning MiniStar Roulette (with Single Zero Game and Goal! Roulette Side Bet feature), Wheel Generator (with Big 3 Six Game), Roulette Generator (Single Zero Game), Dice Generator (with Sic Bo Game) and the IB Multidata Terminal, which presents all Interblock products, by teaching the players how to play and use the products with video presentations.
Mr. Tom O’Brien, CEO at Interblock USA, commented on the show: “Another fantastic show for the Interblock team. We wanted to show the Macau market that it is still one of the most important regions to our organization. The customer response was outstanding and they believe we are one of the most innovative vendors in the gaming industry today and for years to come. Job well done by all involved.”
Mr. Quyen Pham, Sales Director Asia at Interblock Asia Pacific, concluded:
“G2E Asia 2014 Macau show has been a great success for Interblock as a global brand. The opportunity to showcase our latest G5 range of innovative multiplayer gaming machines products at this gateway to Asian gaming has shown tremendous potential.”

GLI, whose name is synonymous with compliance, enjoyed another robust exhibition, spending the event meeting with regulators, suppliers and operators to discuss the company’s unsurpassed testing, certification and consulting services. The company’s services go well beyond testing and include lottery testing, gaming device and systems testing, online gaming systems and security testing, rule writing, consultation and professional services. 
GLI representatives were on hand to discuss GLI Link, which recently earned a US patent, and which will serve the Asian market well. It allows device testing against systems from any of GLI’s global locations, saving time and money and speeding time to market. 
GLI also presented its exclusive Point.Click.Transfer service, where suppliers can transfer previously certified products into jurisdictions around the world with the click of a mouse.
IGT has been working hard on its Asian portfolio, developing an overall experience completely tailored to the Asian player, in visual, auditory and mathematical terms.
Visitors to G2E Asia saw the fruits of IGT’s labors, with a consciously-crafted and market-attuned line-up of best-in-class slot machines, which included:
Dragon Fairy, inspired by the IGT classic theme Mystical Mermaid Returns, this high-volatility game theme is available as a video and MLD slot with configurable lines to provide customized games to match players’ preferences.
Extra Chance Jetsetter: features three games; Jetsetter Paris, Jetsetter London and Jetsetter Sydney for world-class fun and excitement as players take chances for big wins on this player-favourite, medium-volatility trio which has been refreshed for the Asian market.
Jade Fortune: players enter a magical world where beauty and excitement collide in a world of emerald green hues. This high-volatility game charms with stacked symbol excitement and chances to win free games during bonus rounds.
Harmony Riches: taking a page from the wildly popular IGT classic theme Treasures of Troy, this high-volatility game theme provides players with 1,024 ways to win, in addition to the chance to win up to 20 free games during the bonus rounds.
Three Heavenly Stars Lucky Dragon: following the successful launch of last year’s Money Frog theme, this medium-volatility game features a fire dragon in the base game who reveals random expanded substitutes to increase the number of awards.
Yin Yang—a high-volatility slot theme that includes new math models for this year, Yin Yang features an auto-rolling bonus game that features a credit multiplier bar. Yin symbols move the indicator bar up, while Yang symbol move the indicator down. The further the indicator is from the centre, the higher the bonus multiplier will be.
Mark Michalko, Sales Director Asia for IGT, is enthused about the company’s future in the region. He told CI: “Macau’s revenue is 95% tables and 4.3% slots, but if you put that in dollar terms it is still a huge amount of money. Of course, that’s just Macau; there is great growth potential across Asia for many years to come. India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and hopefully Japan to name a few. Other countries in the region have figures more like 80-20 or even 50-50 for table games to slot revenue, so Macau is not necessarily indicative of the Asia’s potential overall.”

The Gaming Standards Association [GSA] has a growing global membership, and in fact celebrated adding Sega Sammy to its ranks at G2E Asia. GSA has a long track record of success in Macao and the surrounding region. For example, GSA and the Macao Polytechnic Institute have a working agreement to educate the next generation of engineers, specially trained on GSA protocols. 
“This is a very exciting time for the land-based and online sectors of the gaming industry, and at GSA, we are creating the standards that are driving the industry to even better and more dynamic innovations that attract customers and keep gaming operators competitive in the larger entertainment industry,” said GSA President Peter DeRaedt.
GSA recently announced its Online Gaming Committee made significant progress at its recently held meeting of its international membership. The committee expects to release its first draft standard by the end of this summer.
Visit www.gamingstandards.com to join GSA today, or for more information on its committees.

JCM has a product we cannot wait to see on a Macau casino floor in the iV8, a table game bill validator created specifically for heavy-volume table markets, such as Macao and Singapore. If it can give significant extra play by creating huge time efficiencies, this product could actually be a game-changer for Asian casinos.
JCM has a local office in Macau, fully staffed with sales and support teams that service JCM clients in Macau and the surrounding region; this of course gives them a strong presence at what becomes a local trade event for them with G2E Asia. The company has enjoyed great success in the region with 100 per cent share at the entire City of Dreams and Wynn Casinos, more than 80 percent at Mocha Clubs and 65 percent at SJM.
Also on the JCM stand visitors could see iVIZION, the validator that the company decribes as ‘the foundation of intelligent validation’, the UBA 14 and ICB cash box, a powerful bill validator and cash box option that eliminates several points of potential cash processing error, and much more.

Aristocrat has always enjoyed a strong market share in Macau, and arrived at the show with ‘content depth and portfolio breadth’ for its Asia Pacific customers. Listening closely to customers is the reason for Aristocrat’s success in the Asia Pacific region. Building on famous Asian games such as FA FA FA, 5 Dragons Deluxe, 50 Dragons Deluxe, Aristocrat launched a host of new titles tailored specifically to local markets including SUPER FEATURE and GOOD FORTUNE Link. 
5 Dragons GOLD and 50 Lions Deluxe could be seen on the stand, additions to the LEGENDS portfolio. Incorporating new features, enhanced gameplay and graphics, these titles further strengthen the LEGENDS offer and deliver deluxe versions of some of Asia’s most loved games. 
In addition, Aristocrat’s increased investment behind the Entertainment, On Demand & Jackpot segments means even more choice for players and more flexibility for operators. 
The new E*Series range has been developed by the legendary Dan Marks, with game styles and content tailored specially for Asia Pacific markets. Three breathtaking E*Series product families were on show at G2E Asia, including Sky Rider, Temple of the Tiger and Storm Queens. Aristocrat will also be showing over 15 titles with multi-denominational functionality and the same number again with downloadable dual language functionality. Also available was a new Players’ Choice range, with multiple games for players to enjoy in one box – offering more options for space-constrained venues. 
Elsewhere, the Good Fortune Link is an evolution of linked jackpots building on the market-leading intellectual property of Hyperlink, combined with the company’s strongest Asian game. Based on the character made famous in FA FA FA, the God of Wealth returns to host this new Jackpot product. Good Fortune delivers five levels of jackpots, stacked WILDs on any spin and standout integrated theming between top box, main screen, signage and belly art. 
Trevor Croker, Managing Director of Australia, New Zealand and Asia, said: “Aristocrat is proud to be the leading game provider in Asia, on the strength of our tailored games and performance. 
“We are excited to be offering more choice and flexibility than ever before, with a range of enthralling new titles that are built especially for this region and respond directly to the needs of players and operators.”

GTECH has developed some of the most exciting slots of recent years, with a current roster boasting the wonderful Sphinx 3D, the worldwide phenomena that are Plants vs Zombies, Zuma, and Bejewelled. 
Sphinx 3D is quite unique in the world of slots, combining the evergreen thematic appeal of ancient Egypt with the quite superb True3D effect to give players a customisable 3D experience that will genuinely wow them. This is a game that has to be played to be believed.
GTECH’s PopCap titles, Plants vs Zombies, Zuma, and Bejewelled, are excellent pieces of branding, with gameplay that brings all the appeal of three of the world’s most-played online games into the casino. In terms of brand recognition, there is very little in the gaming world that competes with these titles; GTECH has a collection of jewels with these slots.
Of the new developments, our favourite was the Rub4Riches on-screen scratch card product, the newest in the GALAXIS BONUSING module, bringing the thrill of scratch cards to slot machines and providing operators with a novel, interactive bonusing tool that instantly rewards players at the point of play. Once a player reaches a play threshold or meets other criteria predetermined by the casino, Rub4Riches displays a customized scratch card on the CRYSTAL.net touch-screen player interface. Players use the interface to rub areas on the screen for a chance to win promotional credits in real time, directly at the slot machine. 
Rub4Riches helps casinos promote loyalty, encourage longer play and differentiate the casino from other gaming venues. A customized campaign design with Asian-style themed scratch cards is available. 

Abbiati presented the latest in table game products and RFID casino applications at the Venetian Macau. In addition to core products such as casino chips and plaques, gaming tables, table layouts and accessories, Abbiati’s exhibition space also featured a RFID-enabled table with Walker Digital Gaming’s Perfect Pay applications.
Abbiati also showcased a brand-new line of chips, plaques and jetons including a number of innovative security technologies to prevent casino currency counterfeiting. “The innovations we presented this year are the results of extensive R&D projects we carried out both internally with our engineers as well as with our partner suppliers,” declared Giorgio Abbiati, CEO. “Our company has an increasing Asian focus and we have been working hard to meet the demanding needs of Asian customers who require reliable and state-of-the-art products”. The new ranges included an impressive collection of new patterns, design and materials for the plaques as well as the new line of “Tie” chips featuring multiple injections, see-thru inserts and a combination of intricate and innovative rim and edge inserts. All new products are available with security features such as 13.56 MHz RFID, 8-color UV pigments, LaserTracer technology, Optical Variable Ink, and high security holograms.    
The stand also featured Perfect Pay Table Network platform as a table exclusively designed and manufactured for Abbiati’s partner Walker Digital Table Systems. It demonstrated the Italian company’s leading position as a 13.56 MHz RFID technology integrator and supplier. 
Another example of the company’s success at integrating technology into its range of high-end tables was the presence on the booth of a unique black-jack table manufactured with special composite materials. Especially designed to accommodate the progressive game of another of its partner DEQ, the table featured a unique high-end design with elegant and refined finishing.    

DLV had their Diamond Hybrid cabinet on show, their latest innovation in slots as it is a combination of the best aspects of a n upright cabinet, and a slant-top. Their more traditional slant tops were also on display, as well as the DWS cabinet, another upright model. The DWS model was showing off their Dragon Jackpot, created for the Asian market, which the company is justifiably proud of. 
Diamond Hybrid was showing their newest multigame offering, Diamond Games Ultra, which boasts 25 games for players to enjoy, which is ten more than the company previously offered.
Marketing Manager Julia Barbakadze told Casino International: “The Asian market is good for us. We