G2E 2018: DRGT

DRGT’s MD for Latin America and the Caribbean, Alex Stiglich, and MD for Mexico, Alfredo Moreno talk about the G2E experience.

Q: Alex and Alfredo, did DR Gaming Technology’s attendance at G2E Las Vegas 2018 live up to expectations?

Alex: As noted ahead of G2E 2018, our attendance is, and will for the foreseeable future be driven by the fact that as a global supplier, we believe that it, combined with G2E Asia, and ICE, provides us with the best possible spread of global customers, across equally well spread times of the year.

That said, G2E Las Vegas is the key exhibition for Alfredo and me, considering our regions of responsibility within the company.

Alfredo: Exactly! As a relatively new office in the Group, compared to Alex who has been working out of Lima now for five years, my team and I, despite attending G2E 2017, have only been operating for just over 12 months. Mexico was identified as a key market for DRGT, hence the establishment of our office in September last year, and I am really happy to say that we have made some good progress since then.

G2E 2018 has provided us the perfect platform and location to meet new customers and engage with existing partners. I, personally, was very happy with the interest shown in what we are able to offer; and what was extremely encouraging was how interested visitors to our booth were in both our management and jackpot solutions.

Q: So, between you two gentlemen, you have what are a relatively new market for DRGT, in Mexico, and relatively established ones in Latin America and the Caribbean, to look after. Considering that, what were of interest to your customers Alex, and similarly yours Alfredo?

Alex: Absolutely correct! Having been in operation now for some time my Latin American and Caribbean customers are all very familiar with our core systems and jackpot products, and as such what intrugued them most were the newer additions to our portfolio.

What I am referring to here was our new Player Kiosk software and player interface upgrades which afford players the opportunity to perform a number of ‘self help’ tasks directly at their EGM or at a Player Kiosk on the casino floor, tasks like accessing points balances, recent local and wide-area jackpot hits, and the ability to order food and beverages at the touch of the EGM screen.

Of further interest for operators and players alike is the ability for us to now stream live TV or other events like concerts or raffles directly to the EGM screen or our drScreenUltra player interface, in so doing engaging all visitors to a venue, or sharing these events with players at other venues.

Our booth DJ, Sheryl Lynn, was streamed to EGMs on our booth during the show in Vegas, and the ability for visitors to the expo to see this functionality in action was a real draw card.

Alfredo: I concur, Sheryl Lynn added a great vibe to the DRGT booth, and the ability to show exactly how she could be seen across a casino floor, as if she was playing at an on-site club or arena was phenomenal, my Mexican customers loved that too.

As you correctly say, however, the Mexican market is new to DRGT, and as such we had a far wider interest from our customers to the Group’s technology solutions.

Our world-leading jackpot configuration options were a big talking point, as was our player-centric tournament module, player kiosk and member registration software. The integration of a passport scanner, and general ease-of-use of our drSelfRegistration product also received positive reviews, both as a cost saving for operators in terms of the limited staff intervention required, and the value created for players who could register and literally issue themselves a new player card in a matter of minutes.

Then on the Tables side, our Table Management System’s ability to seamlessly integrate into our accounting, cage and reporting modules, as well as the ability to  easily allocate player loyalty points also received a lot of traction, as did our relatively new BlackJack11’s Tables Jackpot game. It is currently the most profitable tables jackpot game in Africa, and I am quite confident that we will soon start to see similar success in Mexico. The general feedback was that the game was quick, easy to learn and easy to play – the very drivers of its current success elsewhere.