ExteNet partners with MGM

ExteNet Systems has partnered with MGM Resorts International to design, build and operate ExteNet’s advanced in-building signal and connectivity solutions across all MGM properties throughout the US.

ExteNet Systems is a privately held owner of secure 5G and fibre neutral host communications infrastructure solutions. Through this partnership, which represents the largest in-building cellular enhancement project in the United States, MGM properties will offer guests unparalleled mobile connectivity with next-generation wireless infrastructure. Renowned as Las Vegas’ premier casino resort operator, MGM’s expanded 5G service will support connectivity for nearly 200,000 visitors daily while eliminating dead zones and increasing reliable access to apps, maps, and other high-tech capabilities that complement MGM’s exemplary service standards.

“ExteNet is looking toward an aggressive deployment schedule for MGM properties as we embark on the largest neutral host project in the country,” said Rich Coyle, ExteNet Systems CEO. “The addition of greater connectivity will further enhance MGM’s world-class offerings for guests and support upcoming plans and development with future-ready solutions.”

Enhancing carriers’ signals under challenging areas of these vast properties is key to overall guest experience and satisfaction. Greater in-building coverage allows guests to coordinate plans more easily with travel companions, arrange dining and show reservations, access keyless check-in, navigate to their activities, and make online food and beverage orders, as well as utilize social media, text messaging, and calling without interruption.

“We’re committed to elevating every guest experience as the world relies increasingly on mobile devices and applications,” said Jim Kimball, MGM Resorts International executive director of Enterprise Collaboration. “This was at the core of our decision to partner with ExteNet. They delight in the user experience – so our properties can reliably bring better service and enrichment to our guests.”

ExteNet Systems expects to bring a new state-of-the-art distributed wireless network to 25 MGM properties, consisting of 54 million square feet, more than 43,000 guest rooms, and more than 70 million visitors annually. Properties are projected to be completed between fall 2022 through fall 2024 in advance of the Formula One World Championship in November 2023 and Super Bowl LVIII in February 2024. With extensive large-scale events on the horizon throughout the country, the focus on hospitality and commercial real estate solutions are crucial.

“Across our DigitalBridge companies, working with customers is at the heart of what we do, and we are proud to work with a partner who delivers such unique and memorable experiences,” added Marc Ganzi, CEO of DigitalBridge, one of ExteNet’s investors. “Enhanced 5G services are a competitive differentiator for hospitality and gaming companies, and we are confident our outstanding ExteNet team has the expertise to deliver real value for MGM and improved experiences for their countless guests.”