Exceeding expectations – More screens, more pixels, more action …without breaking the bank

Historically, gambling and casinos have been synonymous with bright flashing lights. However, that’s no longer enough to catch a player’s attention. Casino gaming systems have evolved from simple slot machines to an immersive visual experience. This is demonstrated through state-of-the-art gaming systems with eye-catching graphics, high-definition (HD) audio capabilities, and touch panel control systems. People are engaging with HD multimedia in their everyday lives, and the same is expected from a casino gaming experience. Keeping players entertained and engaged is the key to holding their attention and increasing play time, which is why it’s one of the most important revenue investments for casino systems today.

Meet the new AMD Embedded Radeon E9170 series. This high-performance graphic processing unit (GPU) is ideally suited for low-power systems, such as electronic casino gaming machines, to deliver captivating experiences with crisp, seamless 4K resolution. The E9170 series provides higher frames-per-second with reduced latency and significant power savings. While dual-screen games are the norm for high-end casino gaming systems, an additional third screen “topper” is emerging as a popular option. With support for up to five independent 4K displays, the E9170 series enables casino gaming companies to meet consumer demand.

Fortunately, meeting entertainment expectations and delivering high-performance gaming systems doesn’t mean significant cost. AMD’s Embedded Radeon E9170 series is designed to help lower power consumption and therefore reduce the expense of machines that are operating 24/7. It delivers triple the performance-per-watt over previous generations, and is available in an ultra-compact multi-chip module (MCM) form factor for additional energy efficiency. As an added benefit, the MCM form factor is nearly half the size of traditional GPUs, which means slimmer designs for gaming machines. With more floor space, casino owners can bring in additional gaming systems and players.

Casino operators often feel the pressure of keeping up with the short production life of graphic cards, especially with the need to replace these multiple times over the life of a gaming machine design. Investments in the hardware that runs these gaming machines in casinos can directly impact overall revenue, so it’s important to select a product that is designed for high reliability and performance from the start. To support machines that are built to last, AMD’s embedded GPUs are designed for the long haul with availability planned for the next seven years. Continued availability of this hardware is critical to meet current and future demand with electronic slot machines, which helps reduce long-term costs.

To continue engaging players with visually attractive digital casino gaming systems, an embedded processing platform is key to delivering the multimedia processing capabilities expected in casinos today. AMD Embedded processors support highly-engaging gaming experiences that draw in players, hold their interest and boost enjoyment. By investing in the right technology to enhance players’ experiences, casino operators can encourage longer machine play, expanding their revenue opportunities.

Stay tuned for more details as the new AMD Embedded Radeon E9170 series will be available in October 2017.