Everi’s CasinoDirect

Innovation aimed at creating a premium and secure gaming experience.

Security, utility, and efficiency are critical aspects of operating a successful casino floor, one that keeps players entertained and engaged. Yet the ability for operators to create memorable player experiences significantly diminishes if a player isn’t able to withdraw funds quickly and securely. This single event typically takes place within minutes of that player stepping onto the floor. It’s paramount then for the casino to offer intuitive and flexible products and services that meets players’ needs from the very start – that first touch point.

Everi, the industry’s only single source provider of gaming products and financial technology solutions, is no stranger to helping operators increase their performance and efficiency while also delivering steadfast protection and security. The manufacturer has deployed more than 3,500 fully integrated kiosks and ATMs and processed nearly 102 million transactions totaling more than £19 billion in global volume in 2017 with a majority of those monies dropping to casino floors.


Everi continues to demonstrate its commitment to improving cash access services to players and operators in the United Kingdom with the latest version of its cash desk software CasinoDirect. The cloud-based software provides players a simple interface to begin their cash advance transactions right on the gaming floor while cashiers are armed with a single, easy-to-use dashboard that streamlines the retrieval of credit and debit card transactions.

Everi listened to players and operators and integrated a number of enhancements into this latest release of CasinoDirect. While already being Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant, CasinoDirect is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant which reflects the manufacturer’s pledge to safeguarding players’ personal data and privacy. Operators will appreciate the real-time fraud analysis conducted by Everi using live transaction data. The platform’s reporting feature is also robust as it offers an enhanced back-end transaction dashboard that provides casino personnel quick access to comprehensive transaction reports.

Dynamic currency conversion

CasinoDirect has the ability to bring the cash desk directly to the player’s location on the floor as it can integrate with Everi’s Concierge platform. In addition, the software only requires a single card swipe or dip for each transaction, reducing confusion related to the number of times the cardholder needs to insert the card into the kiosk. Players also have the convenience of conducting transactions in their native currency via CasinoDirect’s dynamic currency conversion (DCC) feature. Just as important, Everi is committed to responsible gaming which is reflected in the platform’s self-limited velocity and transaction controls at single and multiple merchant levels.

This latest version of CasinoDirect adds to Everi’s broad portfolio of integrated financial technology solutions aimed at transforming casino operations for the better, and trailblazing player experiences with the ultimate dedication to customer service and operational excellence.