Enteractive highlights retention focus for sportsbook operators

According to a new survey from the American Gaming Association (AGA), more than 17% of American adults plan to wager $3.1 billion on this year’s NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament.

However, Enteractive states that retention of these new players will be key to maintaining growth in the current gold rush to build a loyal customer base.

Mikael Hansson, founder and CEO of Enteractive, said: “While iGaming operators like Caesars, FanDuel, DraftKings and more are spending large sums on promotion, marketing, and competitive odds to prompt high-speed growth as they enter these new markets in the US, they must keep a focus on retention of all those hard-won customers.”

Following the successful launch of mobile sports gambling services in New York in January, there is an enormous appetite among US consumers for betting with the growing number of online sportsbooks. In 2022, with more states now offering legalised mobile sports betting, sportsbook operators can expect to see increased registrations from new customers around March Madness. While this increased interest is good for business, successful growth will depend upon those new customers remaining active, rather than ‘churning’ after big events like the Final Four are over.

Hansson added: “There’s currently a gold rush in the US sports betting market and the eventual winners will be those brands that engage with their customers and build relationships for the future. Every brand in this sector must keep a clear focus on all aspects of their offering, ensuring that all the hard work in getting to market, and the expense of customer acquisition is not quickly lost to lapsing relationships.”