Engaged to social casino

The growth of digital platforms has resulted in the global media industry changing irreversibly. Now entertainment experience should be interactive to hold user’s attention for a longer time and tuned for a multiscreen lifestyle. In addition, online users are consuming the content regardless of their geographical presence and time. Following the trend, Netflix has captured over 10 million members from international markets. Gaming mirrors the changes in the media industry and requires cross-platform playability to keep slot enthusiasts engaged and connected wherever they are. Mobile platforms have generated explosive consumer growth in social gaming, with this market sector growing almost 15 percent per quarter. Therefore, branded social casino offering has become the essential part of brick-and-mortar business strategy. Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all plan; however, nowadays it is crucially important to offer a deeper engagement with the content experience itself and provide players with the opportunity to enjoy their favorite brand community on-the-go. Super Data reports that 83 percent of social casino players visit land-based property at least once a year. The meaningful bonus of social casino presence is a new broader younger audience of the generation mobile. Several media companies have acknowledged the increasing importance of social gaming because of the traffic it generates. Just recently USA Today in partnership with OpenWager introduced a free-to-play USA Today Bingo Cruise mobile app. It allows the media organization to present an entirely different type of gaming experience to the current users and serve as an invitation for others to come play game and socialize with their friends. In the era of limitless choice of entertainment, brands are in an epic battle to acquire and retain users. The audience of the casual players is extremely attractive for a number of reasons. Casual gamers are more likely to spend more time on site per visit and repeat their experience in the future. As social media come second in popularity after online gaming, apps with social functionality have the potential to bring new users into the game. If it works in the media world, it will work in the casino world as well. So, here is the intersection for engaging land-based patrons and social casino players with the goal to bring them back to the property as soon as possible: Sense of accomplishment. The alluring achievement-based reward system synched with loyalty club activities helps to build a deeper relationship with patrons on a daily basis and increase their spend at the brick-and-mortar casino in the future. Everything from restaurant and concert promotions to striking jackpots extend the brand reach and keep players connected with the entertainment activities at the property. Compelling content. Storytelling is an area where casual gaming is brought on par with casino-inspired entertainment. Top performing slot games wrapped up in a captivating story arc enthralls the player in a journey of exploration and excitement. As players move from destination to destination, they participate in myriad quests to earn more rewards. It boosts enjoyment and maximizes retention. Social communities. Story is everything, but the social component is hard to ignore: the generation mobile wants to interact more during the game and stay in touch with their friends. The concept of retention is expanding from tunnel-vision of building casino-player relationship toward augmenting the relationships players have with each other. Enhanced social features, including deep integration with social media accounts, in-app private messaging and power-ups, help to gain new players and keep social influences on board. Content is still King, but even established monarchies need new tools to rule in complex and globalized world. Custom branded social casino offering can be the solution to win.