Dream ICE for APEX Gaming

Highlights include the new jackpot island, new games, iDROPs and Shuffle King 6.

Christian Weissengruber, Kubilay Özer and Johannes Weissengruber

The ICE is a key show in the global gaming market and the response to it sets the trend of how the year can continue. The buzz at the show was clear to see and this positivity could be felt very clearly during the three days at the APEX gaming stand.

The Pinnacle Premium Jackpot Island made its debut at last year’s ICE and left visitors astounded on how vivid, imaginative and exciting a complete jackpot island can look. This marked the beginning of a new era for APEX gaming in this field of the industry. The Dragon Egg game fits perfectly here. The complete Pinnacle Premium 8 Jackpot Island (with two banks of 4 slots) and the Pinnacle Premium Curved 4 Jackpot Island (each slot has a 43” curved screen) were joined by a further new jackpot island – the Pinnacle Premium 4 Jackpot Island – that consists of 4 Pinnacle Premium SL slots placed in a space-saving circular design.

“We have created something very special here that has quickly established itself in casinos around the world”, noted Kubilay Özer, Global Sales Director at APEX gaming. “We are placing our focus very strongly on the Jackpot Island solutions and are proud that we truly make a difference here.”

Another product that made a real difference was the iDROPs – that was officially launched at this year’s ICE. This completes the iDROP family (iDROP, iDROPe and iDROPs) and now offers the ideal solution for live gaming tables where high rollers like to play. Dealers are often faced with larger number of notes to handle that can be time-consuming. Not any more thanks to the iDROPs – as it can manage 250 notes (and tickets) at one time at a validation rate of 6 per second. “We have taken the iDROP to the next level here”, added Mr. Özer. “Operators were so pleased to have this option and can now combine the different iDROP products depending on the individual table game requirements.”

A further table game highlight is the Shuffle King 6 that can automatically shuffle up to six different decks of cards – an excellent solution in this market segment with its continuous shuffling ability.

APEX gaming offers complete casino solutions. For electronic roulette – the APEX PLAYER STATION (APS) is the answer – and an entire unit together with 2 electronic roulette wheels was on display on the stand. The APS can be linked to up to four roulette wheels (both live and/or electronic) and operators can include the EVO games on it as well. The wide range of Pinnacle slot machines on display – including the VIP solution and a new 24” upright version with bright LED lighting – underlines the slots strength of APEX gaming. For mobile gaming – the APEX MOBILE SLOTS – is an excellent way for operators to bring mobile gaming to their slots floor as well as players being able to enjoy playing APEX games from the comfort of their own homes.

“On behalf of the whole team at APEX I’d like to send out a very big thank you to everyone who came to see us. You all made this a very special show for us. We are very motivated to ensure that both our existing and new customers can make gaming for their customers an even greater experience by making full use of what we at APEX have to offer”, concluded Mr. Özer.