Curando Mexico receives support for local resource-limited hospitals

DRGT Mexico in association with AIEJA donate $25,000 to help strengthen Mexico’s medical infrastructure

In support of Curando México’s ongoing efforts to mitigate the infrastructure challenges facing many local Mexican hospitals, DRGT Mexico, in association with local regulator AIEJA and local casino operators donated $25,000 towards the foundation’s logistic and transportation costs during G2E 2019.

The donation was received by Project C.U.R.E. President and CEO, Dr. Douglas Jackson, and was presented by DR Gaming Technology CEO, Jurgen De Munck, DRGT Mexico Managing Director, Alfredo Moreno and Operations and Marketing Manager, Alfonso Rendon along with AIEJA President Miguel Angel Ochoa and a number of local casino operators.

Curando México is a non-profit organization established in 2010; it serves as Project C.U.R.E.’s partner throughout Mexico, under the guidance of Operations Director, Beth Conley. In turn, Project C.U.R.E. is the largest provider of donated medical supplies and equipment to under-resourced countries in the world. Currently, Project C.U.R.E. employs 350 staff, and manages a further 3,500 volunteers, who collect and pack, transport and then distribute everything from wheel-chairs and x-ray machines to hospital beds and catheters across the globe on a daily basis; in October alone, Project C.U.R.E. will ship twenty two 40ft. containers of much needed supplies across the planet. Furthermore in 2019 alone, Project C.U.R.E. will source and donate almost $85 million worth of supplies across the world. Locally, Fundación Curando a México has successfully delivered, since inception, 90 semi-trailers of life-saving medical equipment and supplies valued at more than $43 Million. ‘Our expenses are extremely low, in fact as little as 2% of the value of all cash and supply donations we receive is spent on administrative and fundraising costs’ said Doug Jackson. ‘This contribution from DRGT Mexico in association with AIEJA will pay for the transportation of yet another 40ft container of supplies to Mexico. The value of which, depending on the supplies we manage to secure from our base of international hospital and medical supply donors, could be anything from $500,000 to $1 Million’.

‘I have been president of Curando Mexico since day one, and Alfonso has also been associated with the foundation since inception’, remarked Alfredo, ‘the work that Doug and his global team do is nothing short of miraculous, and the fact that we are able to assist our local hospitals, in just a small way, is extremely humbling. Jurgen and I agreed this year that instead of hosting a supplier and partner event in Las Vegas we would rather make this donation’.

In closing De Munck added: ‘…..our business success is based on the support we receive from the communities in which we operate, and we in turn wish to show our support to them; as the saying goes: “doing good, is good business”. Supporting Curando Mexico is a given, and a cause we will continue to support as best we can for as long as we can.’