CPI launches interactive Virtual Showroom at G2E Virtual Trade Show

Crane Payment Innovations has launched an immersive new customer experience platform. This online showroom, designed to support all customers in all global markets, will first launch during the 2020 G2E virtual event. The G2E virtual showroom will provide customers in the casino and distributed gaming markets with interactive demonstrations of CPI hardware and software solutions, including mobile payments, route optimization software, and cash accountability automation software.

CPI created the virtual showroom to address the needs of customers and partners who require solutions, consultation and connection despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform offers interactive product demonstrations, technical information, and a wealth of print and video content that customers can view, download and add to a shopping cart to take with them. Live chat and call functionality enables customers to connect directly with sales and support representatives within the platform.

“At CPI, we have always embraced a customer-first mindset,” says Director of Communications, Molly Dugan. “While we have traditionally focused on solving customer challenges through our vast portfolio of payment and technology solutions, this year has given us the unique opportunity to meet our customer needs through innovative customer service and support technologies. With the landscape of communications, interaction, and networking dramatically changed, we remain steadfast in our commitment to help our customers navigate the challenges they face every day – now, in a virtual space.”

The CPI Virtual Showroom will launch on Oct. 27-28, in conjunction with the 2020 Virtual Global Gaming Expo. While the current showroom will feature the wide breadth of CPI payment solutions for the gaming industry, customers in all CPI markets worldwide will be able to explore virtual solutions directly from the CPI website throughout 2021. Customers can visit the CPI website now for a sneak preview and sign up for VIP early access to the virtual experience.