Cash Handling

JCM Global, the world’s leading automatic transactions solutions provider to the gaming industry, is on an unprecedented winning streak. Recently in Europe, JCM was named the preferred vendor to APEX, and JCM will install iVIZION, PayCheck 4® printers and digital display solutions at Casino Strazny, which is owned and operated by APEX in the Czech Republic, and will roll it out to all other APEX casino.
The news came on the heels of tremendous news in the States, where the company finished the most successful quarter in its history, exclusively installing iVIZION 10,150 units and 3,750 PayCheck 4 units in casinos across the country in just 30 days.
The global news reinforced JCM’s position as the premier payment solutions provider to the global gaming industry.
iVIZION continues to set speed records across the global gaming industry, and is the better, smarter, faster bill validation solution. Its validation speed, multiple layers of validation technology and unsurpassed validation and anti-fishing technology make it superior to all other validator products on the market today. JCM will reveal several new apps for iVIZION at this year’s G2E.

iVIZION is a prime example of JCM’s forward-thinking. Another is the new prototype iV8 bulk note table game bill validator, a solution developed for high-volume table game markets, such as Macau. iV8 accepts multiple currencies simultaneously and counts currency at 8 notes per second, dramatically increasing table game speed and the number of games played per hour. Instead of hand-counting, with iV8, the dealer presents a brick of notes into the bezel, where the notes are validated and denominated. Then, the total value of the stack is displayed to the player, the dealer, the pit and the overhead surveillance camera, all at the incredibly fast speed of 8 notes per second. Rejected bills are automatically sent to a separate tray. Its wide bill opening accepts all notes and has capacity of 200 notes into the entry tray.

Cummins Allison
Cummins Allison, the global leader in counting, sorting and authenticating currency and coin technologies has developed a note counter that processes cash and tickets at the same time!

Their latest Dual Pocket Jetscan Model 4391 has an integral bar-code reader that scans the barcode on the ticket. This enables the tickets to be off-sorted and counted into one pocket, whilst the Jetscan continues to count and sort the notes into the other pocket; significantly reducing the time taken to process slot and electronic roulette counts.

It will even integrate with CCTV, producing the breakdown of each batch processed on the TV screen during the count.

Astrosystems Ltd

It’s all about the money…
Based in the UK, Astrosystems Ltd is the European regional office of Astrosys International, which specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of currency handling products under the following brands: Microcoin electronic coin validators and the Global Bill Acceptor range of bank note validators.
Both the Microcoin and GBA acceptors are well established products, with a strong presence in several markets across the globe.  
Having visited several exhibitions over the last few months, Astrosystems have been promoting the GBA GV1 note acceptor in to the gaming market.  
The GBA GV1 is a vault style secure note stacker, designed to fit the gaming industry footprint for note acceptor units.  There are several key features of the product including barcode reading and USB connectivity.  In addition, and for some most significantly, the modularity of the unit, allowing greater ease of servicing. With most parts being removable without the need for tools, maintenance and replacement of parts can be carried out in minutes.  Downtime of the host machine becomes substantially reduced which is always a consideration for machine manufacturers and operators when selecting components.  
As a result of the GBA GV1 promotion, Steve Priest, Sales Manager at Astrosystems said: “Feedback from customers and potential clients has been very encouraging, and we are currently working on a series of trials with key operators and OEM’s. The GBA GV1 has recently passed authentication testing with the European Central Bank alongside the GBA ST2 and ST1. This is a fantastic endorsement. We are confident that those testing the product will be very pleased with the results”.

MEI Delivers Superior Cash Handling Through SC Advance

First launched in 2002, CASHFLOW SC set the standard for superior note acceptance in the Gaming industry, resulting in a global installed base of more than 1.3 million units.   Now MEI is raising the bar again with the evolutionary new SC Advance.
This next generation note acceptor applies the latest technologies and market knowledge to the winning CASHFLOW design, making a great product even better by improving the key performance features responsible for operator profitability and customer satisfaction – acceptance, jam rate, security and cost of operation.   
SC Advance offers enhanced detection technology, faster note-to-note speeds, comprehensive barcode acceptance and the expanded capacity to accept up to 100 different currencies and denominations.  Its unparalleled ability to minimize note jams and maintenance costs while maximizing acceptance and security against fraud leads to a fast return on investment.
Because enhancements are localized to the acceptor head, SC Advance can easily upgrade legacy CASHFLOW SC units, yielding the most value from previous MEI investments.  It can also work hand-in-hand with an existing CASHFLOW SC field base so operators can upgrade incrementally on their own schedule.  Intelligent support tools will be able to sense the product version and run the corresponding software.
MEI product extensions provide operators with even more versatility.  The addition of EASITRAX Soft Count, for example creates a comprehensive software/hardware cash management system designed to improve operational efficiencies and maximize assets.  Four cashbox sizes (SC, SCM, SCL and SCXL) can also be applied to SC Advance – as well as the CASHFLOW BNF (Bunch Note Feeder), which results in a 35% processing speed improvement from the single note feed.

CashCode Bill-to-Bill Currency Management System

The CashCode Bill-to-Bill recyclers are unique products which validate, recycle and dispense bank notes for change. Designed to optimise cash management and to minimise cash on hand, OEMs no longer require separate bill dispenser and bill acceptor modules.
The Bill-to-Bill Currency Management System is specifically designed to reduce cash handling costs by reducing the volume of banknotes and coins in the cash handling ecosystem, without negatively impacting revenue. With fewer cash-related (coin depletion and cash collection) calls, there is a reduced human exposure to cash, leading to reduced cash shrink, as well as lower overall Cash-In-Transit costs.
Unauthorized access to the in-machine cash is prevented via lockable recycling cassettes, two locks on the drop-proof Cash Box, and locking of Cash Box and recycling cassettes onto the device housing unit.
The CashCode Bill-to-Bill 300 recycler recycles up to 3 denominations using bills paid by previous users to pay back change. The Bill-to Bill 200 and Bill-to-Bill 100 recycle 2 and 1 denominations respectively.  
These next generation bill recyclers provide a step function improvement in reliability and total cost ownership compared to other multi-denomination recyclers in their class.

Money Controls Ardac Elite

Crane Payment Solutions’ product portfolio includes the market leading Money Controls Ardac Elite bill validator. The Ardac Elite is a truly global product – it is the bill validator of choice in casinos, slot halls, gaming machines and VLTs in over 50 countries. Among the innovations found on the Ardac Elite is the first and only field proven imaging technology. If there are any disputes about the last bill entered an image of the last note inserted can be displayed, either on the gaming machine display, or by simply plugging in a PDA via the USB port. The Money Controls Ardac Elite’s state of the art imaging technology and 4-way barcode reader, allows customers to insert barcode tickets in any orientation, increasing acceptance rates and user satisfaction.

The Ardac Elite is now also available with ccTalk DES encryption. ccTalk DES encryption is a further development of the ccTalk protocol – widely accepted as the industry standard. Money Controls DES-encrypted products have been well-received since their launch and offer a significant weapon in combating fraud. Every payment device and machine can potentially have a different DES key, which can be changed by the host machine – not the case with most encryption protocols. In fact, the machine’s software can be programmed to change the key as frequently as every few minutes.

Simply flying!
A Pelican with Exceptional Speed and Phenomenal Accuracy

Exclusively distributed in the UK by Thomas Automatics, the new Pelican+ models from CTcoin are a new generation of table-top coin counting and sorting machines.

This extremely reliable product has alloy sensor technology and features speeds of up to 1100 coins a minute, plus  a lower noise level of over 30% on previous models whilst still maintaining the highest counting accuracy and rejection of foreign coins, counterfeit coins, tokens and other unwanted coins.
Ideal for gaming, vending and retail locations, the Pelican models are able to sort up to nine different coin denominations and count up to twenty individual coin denominations. All models are programmable to halt at a pre-set bag stop by number or weight of coins, have battery back-up, a rail-stop function and a coin tubing and bagging programme to assist with rapid end-of-day cash processing.
Ian Fuller commented “CTcoin are respected internationally for their reliable counting and sorting solutions. Having the exclusive rights in the UK to distribute their entire product range has helped us to enhance and expand our services to clients. These machines are a fantastic addition to the Thomas portfolio of products as they offer fast, reliable and accurate solutions for handling, counting and sorting large amounts of coins and notes. This makes life easier for our clients, saving them time and money in logistics and banking fees.”

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In the last two years HESS has developed a complete new smartcard system with REAC from Rotterdam. This new system called MagicPay will go live for the very first time in The Netherlands, probably when this issue of Casino International will be distributed. Taking regulatory aspects into consideration and after conducting many tests, MagicPay will now be able to replace all cash handling from the arcade markets in The Netherlands. The system is based on a contactless smartcard and allows players to use slot machines by just holding the card in front of the RFID reader and add money onto the slot machine. Paying out of winnings can be done the same way. The HESS Scorpion terminal is able to redeem, dispense and load MagicPay cards by means of cash, which increases security and efficiency enormously. We are confident that the Dutch arcade market will adopt this system easily and will recognise the financial benefits soon. Important to know is, that MagicPay can easily be integrated into the majority of already-installed machines.

On the casino side HESS has significantly enlarged its customer base and has added many new customers around the world by setting up smartcard and ticket systems. After many installations the reliability of the HESS Scorpion and the easy-to-use handling has proven that this unit has found its way into the industry. “Made in Germany” still makes sense!

Giesecke & Devrient
BPS C4: Banknote Processing by Touchscreen
The new BPS C4 has two striking features: new design and a touchscreen that puts control of the machine at the operator’s fingertips. This next-generation desktop banknote processing system will boost workflow efficiency and push throughput even higher, all within a compact, space-saving design.
The BPS C4 makes it possible for a single operator to carry out banknote recognition, evaluation, counting, and sorting – and all that in one processing step. It is capable of a throughput of up to 40,000 notes an hour.
The system is used around the world and is designed for a wide range of materials – the BPS C4 can process everything.
The BPS C4 is modular and scalable and can therefore adapt perfectly to any processing requirements.
Only one operator and one pass are required for the different sorting procedures. Up to 20 delivery compartments with variable configurations allow a maximum number of processing jobs to be run in parallel at speeds of up to 12 banknotes per second, or 40,000 banknotes per hour. Banknotes can be fed into the singler continuously without any problems.

State-of-the-art sensor system
All basic functions, such as denomination identification and authentication, are covered by a sensor block. Depending on requirements, additional sensors can be added, e.g. a dirt/stain sensor for quality sorting or a US dollar sensor for extremely secure identification of US banknotes.

ICT NBA, the Best Choice for your Gaming Business

ICT (International Currency Technologies), the leading unattended payment solutions developer and manufacturer, is pleased to introduce its next generation bill acceptor – the NBA Bill Acceptor. Equipped with the automatic note centering feature and optical anti-fishing function, the flexible, durable and secure ICT NBA Bill Acceptor has been adopted in a short time and received very positive and highly satisfied feedbacks from our customers. ICT NBA Bill Acceptor has been widely installed in variety of gaming machines, payment machines, kiosk machines and other self-service machines in different countries and areas.
The secure and smart ICT NBA Bill Acceptor provides a lockable and removable cash box with 500-note capacity, as well as allows a broad range of acceptable bill widths. The ICT NBA Bill Acceptor can be enhanced with an optical barcode reader and RFID function offers the extra capability to validate barcode tickets and vouchers as well as to transfer the cash box information to the docking station (optional). The powerful and reliable features offer gaming industry an easy and effective way to manage their machines. Furthermore, the high acceptance rate and high acceptance speed also mean more happy customers, more transactions and more profits.
In addition, the advanced note centering technology makes the ICT NBA Bill Acceptor to accept an extensive variety of different note widths without sacrificing any functionality. With the latest technology and functionalities, the ICT NBA Bill Acceptor not only reduces the cost of manual operational costs for operators, but also provides outstanding quality of services for consumers. ICT NBA Bill Acceptor is surely your best choice for your gaming business.

Innovative Technology
The SMART Payout from Innovative Technology is a true note recycler. An add on for the NV200 high volume, high security bank note validator the SMART Payout can store up to 80 mixed denomination bank notes. A true note recycler the SMART Payout helps to eliminate coin starvation through note payout,  dramatically reducing float levels while maximising operator profitability.  

For ease of collection all notes stored in the SMART Payout unit can be transferred to the NV200’s secure cashbox dramatically reducing operator collection costs.
The SMART Payout is the first payout unit to truly handle multi denomination notes. Unlike most of the recycler units in the market it can accept any multi denomination notes and then recycle any of these mixed denominaton notes. The SMART Payout is designed to bring advanced multi-note
payout technology to any machine. The 80-note capacity of the SMART Payout when combined with the 500 or 1000-note capacity of the NV200 is ideal for high volume applications. Add to this the triple lock security of the NV200 and eSSP (encrypted Smiley Secure Protocol) and operators can be confident in the SMART Payouts’ security.

The NV200 high secure validator received  ECB approval for its ability to recognise genuine and counterfeit Euro banknotes. Testing took place at De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam in May where the NV200 gained 100% for its ability to recognise genuine Euro bank notes and reject counterfeit Euro banknotes.

Suzo Happ – “the preferred choice”

The Suzo-Happ Group is a key player in the payment solutions sector. Suzo-Happ offers the widest range available of payment solutions, offering the right product mix. As the leading global component and spares supplier to the amusement and gaming industries, Suzo-Happ is the right partner when it comes to payment solutions.

Research & Development
The strong research & development department together with the specialised manufacturing facility Chinatec in China can thus best implement major innovations in this sector. Such achievements mark the fundamental market knowledge and support that Suzo-Happ offers. A classic example of this is in the sector for coin pay-out. The Suzo-Happ Group offers the right choice for each segment – for example, casino slots, street gaming machines / AWPs and naturally for change machines. The long, illustrious list of hoppers underlines this: Flow Hopper, Cube Hopper, Evolution Hopper, Excel Hopper and Escendo Hopper to name just a few. The Escendo Hopper is a perfect example here as this hopper was designed for coin payout in slant-top gaming machines. Here the hopper payout is placed much higher up in the gaming machine then the hopper itself. The ingenious design from Suzo-Happ combines a unique rotor system and brush track to ensure that coins travel up the escalator each one-by-one along the vertical escalator. In the past coins tended to overlap and so block on the elevator – something called shingling. The Escendo Hopper provided the perfect solution on enabling secure coin payout in slant-top machines and highlights why Suzo-Happ is the preferred partner for payment solutions.

The casino market is evolving more and more towards cashless solutions. Here the Suzo-Happ Group provides the industry’s best solutions with banknote readers from MEI and printers from FutureLogic.

The CASHFLOW SC from MEI has proven to be the preferred banknote reader in casinos and gaming halls around the globe. The new SC Advance offers even more security combined with a greater acceptance speed. Thus, the balance between security and acceptance speed have been improved on both sides.

GEN2 Universal
The GEN2 Universal family of printers builds on the technology that has made FutureLogic the leading manufacturer of TITO ticket printers for cashless gaming. Developed with design feedback from global gaming OEMs and casinos, the GEN2 Universal printers are compatible with existing gaming platforms (RS232 and NetPlex) as well as the next generation of downloadable, server-based and USB games. And when combined with a proven track record of reliability, over one million FutureLogic printers are helping operators maximise playtime and reduce operational costs worldwide.

The reasons why companies such as FutureLogic and MEI choose the Suzo-Happ Group are clear: Suzo-Happ continually invests in supporting the industry. For example, the strong EMEA casino team is completely focused on supporting casinos at the casinos in every single country – with added-values services such as specific product training and special warranty agreements. Being very close to the casinos means that the Suzo-Happ team can bring innovations to the slot floor very quickly – this reduces the time to market for new products as the operators can gain an in-depth understanding of such innovations and then welcome these on their slot floors. The training and information flow places Suzo-Happ ideally as the preferred partner for casinos.

This casino team ideally compliments the OEM team. Multi-lingual sales and service personnel at Suzo-Happ who have created long-standing business relations mean that Suzo-Happ is the right supplier for the industry’s major payment systems manufacturers.

Customer Focus
Mr. Harald Wagemaker, Sales Director EMEA at Suzo-Happ, explains, “The Suzo-Happ Group has grown to become the number one in its field due to its focus on the customer – in other words providing the right products for our customers – and that all around the world. That is why we have a strong sales and service team to ensure we have the right knowledge to succeed. Furthermore, our support at the operator / casino level means that the people who are using these payment solutions day-in, day-out are fully aware of the products’ benefits and can service these products as much as possible themselves. We are fully aware that gaming machine uptime is of utmost importance to operators and it is our duty to provide the best payment solutions here. Gaming machines are played with and around money and we ensure that the machines have the correct money-handling components and the operators are well informed and trained on how to make best use of these. This explains why we are the preferred partner in this field”.