BetGames’ Lotto Reloaded launch an ‘outstanding success’

BetGames is celebrating the success of its ambitious Lotto Reloaded launch, which revamped its lotto studio and enhanced its flagship product offering.

Revealed in June, Lotto Reloaded epitomised BetGames’ desire to take its lottery offering to the next level. The bold step-forward saw the company re-design and rebuild its studio, as well as enhancing its features, technology and security.

The decision has since proven prudent, as since the launch, BetGames has seen a marked boost in performance compared to the pre-launch period.

Lucky 5 showed an average overall increase in total bets throughout the three months since launch of 33%, while Lucky 6 reported a rise of 41% and Lucky 7 has so far returned 30%.

The success of the launch has also mirrored wider commercial success. 2021 has marked a standout year as the company has seen its footprint enhance in several markets with a string of new partners while it continues to grow internally with the rapid expansion of its Malta Hub, opened earlier this year.

With this in mind, the supplier has its eyes set on expanding further with a variety of markets in Latin America set to be added by the end of the year.

Commenting on Lotto Reloaded’s success, BetGames’ CEO, Andreas Koeberl, said: “We felt that the Lotto Reloaded launch was always going to be the right move for the company, and we were confident we would find success by enhancing our offering, however, the actual response has exceeded our expectations.

“We are immensely proud of what we have achieved. The success of the launch is testament to the hard work and dedication our team commits to ensuring BetGames maintains its position as an industry-leading lottery provider.”